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No. We can start crafting your marketing campaign if you have a functional WordPress website with a good design and structure. We always recommend WordPress to our clients because it’s easy to use, highly customizable, has a well-designed backend, and is SEO-friendly. Otherwise, we may have to deal with optimization challenges and not reach your campaign’s full potential.

If your website could be better designed and structured, our talented will help transfer your website to WordPress from any platform or even make a brand-new site from scratch. We can guarantee a professional-looking website that loads quickly, has strong SEO foundations, and works perfectly on both desktop and mobile.

Furthermore, your veterinary website will contain all the necessary information that visitors need and be gently guided toward your conversion funnels–this means higher conversion rates and more kitties and puppies to care for.

We always set performance-based goals for all our clients every three months. To help ensure transparency, we provide , KPIs, dashboards, and strategy roadmaps you can always access.

Your current digital marketing campaign may not drive more qualified leads to your website, so it’s undoubtedly a conversion rate issue. Fortunately, conversion rate optimization, or , is one of our core services.

For starters, we’ll evaluate if there’s a mismatch between your ad messaging and landing pages or if you’re using the wrong set of keywords. There’s a good chance you’re still linking your PPC ads to your home page or generic service pages, which is a common mistake. One step to correct this is to create conversion-focused landing pages that align with your ads.

If people don’t find what they’re looking for after clicking one of your ads, they’ll quickly bounce. Cardinal will help optimize conversions by developing landing pages that match your ad messaging and search intent.

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