Walgreens doubles down on health care positioning with regional digital market

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  • Find Care Now will help customers browse for local and digital healthcare services, including clinics, urgent care, telehealth, lab tests, physician second opinions, house calls and optical and hearing services, as options to emergency situation room visits. The services include doctors or nurse professionals at urgent care centers situated at Walgreens places or shops with Healthcare Center, and other retail clinic services. Behavioral health therapists, optometrists, skin doctors, hearing care professionals and diagnostic lab services are also offered in certain areas.Users can access Find Care Now by means of the Walgreens app or online through the”Health Solutions”section. Schedule of choices depends upon a user’s area and health status, and customers can see prices information, schedule visits and take part in virtual assessments. Dive Insight: As the U.S. healthcare system continues to become more intricate and pricey, Walgreens is placing itself as a one-stop purchase customers’healthcare needs, helping them take control of their health and improve the process of accessing care in their communities. Discover Care Now will likely also help Walgreens grow its mobile user base, which now consists of 5 million active month-to-month users and more than 50 million downloads, inning accordance with the press release. Discover Care Now remains in line with the new marketing technique that Walgreens unveiled in December to”promote”health and wellness and emphasize care, ease of access and trust. The pharmacy chain has been moving far from its”Corner of Pleased and Healthy “branding to a new tagline focusing on its history and durability,”Walgreens. Relied on since 1901.”Consumers are often on-the-go, spending approximately five hours each day on their mobile phones, inning accordance with research by Flurry, pointed out by TechCrunch. Mobile is also significantly where customers carry out their day-to-dayfunctions, including interactions and shopping. Walgreens is taking advantage of consumers ‘growing interest in telemedicine and attempting to reach younger customers with its tech-forward technique. A 2016 study by the American Telemedicine Association and Wego Health found that just 22%of consumers had used telehealth to satisfy with a provider, but 78%wished to use telehealth however didn’t have access to it. Other health-focused brands are accepting technology to assist notify customers’health decisions.

    WebMD revealed a partnership with Reckitt Beckiser in November to launch a chatbot that consists of inquiries from cough medication brand name Mucinex. The chatbot will prompt WebMD users who search for cold and influenza signs to ask concerns about their illness.Recommended Reading:

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