Watch: This Bizarre Tuna Ad Is Truly A Can Of Nightmares – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Philippines-based creative agency Gigil has released another bizarre advertisement, this time promoting the canned food brand Mega Tuna.

Previously, the agency made waves after unveiling an unsettling cola advertisement. This commercial is just as odd, as it claims that Mega Tuna’s canned food is so delicious that even a house gecko would want to steal it from you.

The video starts out with a woman eating out of a tuna can. She savors the rich flavor of Mega Tuna’s big tuna flakes with her eyes closed. “Mega Tuna Spanish Style,” the voiceover says. “Big flakes, no extenders, rich flavor!” it continues, with shots of tuna chunks smothered all over a bowl of rice.

As the woman continues eating from the can, the camera pans out to reveal a lizard staring at the woman from the kitchen ceiling. It seems like the gecko is having a bit of tuna envy, as its tongue darts out at the can of Mega Tuna, which is reflected in its eyeballs.

Halfway through the ad, the ad goes into rewind and the commercial turns into a role reversal between the human and animal, while the male voiceover recites his dialog backward.

At the end, the line in Tagalog, “Maiinggit sila sa sarap,” presents itself, which loosely translates to, “Everyone wants to have it.”

While nobody seems to be sure how this whimsical video came about, its bizarre comedy is entertaining nonetheless.


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