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Expansion should be the no.1 goal for any business, but you need the best, most relevant digital marketing experts’ strategies to grow.

Our aim at Office Hub has always been to assist companies in locating suitable tenants for their vacant offices, new business centres and enterprise spaces. Now, we’re extending our hand further as your entrusted digital marketing experts.

What does this mean? We’ve built bespoke marketing solutions based on what has worked for us that we know can work for you.

Connect with customers, boost enquiries and add to your bottom line with us!

Why Your Company Needs A Dynamic Marketing Strategy

To build your business, you need a plan outlining how to achieve your marketing goals utilising a combination of online channels and engaging content.

There’s a lot of misinformation and poorly executed strategies online. Without the skills, knowledge and expertise, it’s challenging to successfully run campaigns that deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

Partner with industry digital marketing experts, Office Hub, if you want to maximise your online impact with value-for-money campaigns that captivate audiences and boost brand awareness from day one.

– Says Office Hub’s CEO, Grant Philipp.

Here’s What To Expect

Looking to fill bums and seats in your new business centre, but not sure how to grow your audience or influence their behaviour? Want to relaunch your revamped coworking setup but can’t reach your desired target market? Feel that your brands need a much-needed boost?

In the diverse landscape of digital marketing experts, it’s difficult to define what works exactly, but Office Hub has cracked the code. We’ll take your workplace to the next level with stellar digital strategies.

Invest in your business with our pre-built digital marketing packages, carefully formulated by our onsite digital marketing experts.

Empty Centre Package:

Best suited to fill up half-empty spaces, this basic package will drive fresh leads to your listings using mediums like AdWords and sponsored blog posts.

Monthly price: $750 USD

New Centre Package:

New on the scene and desperately needing publicity? Our New Centre Package puts you in front of your target audience. From Adwords and display advertising to email marketing and social media, we use all the channels in our arsenal to drive leads and build up brand awareness.

Monthly price: $1500 USD

Enterprise Package:

Needing to fill entire floors of space or a building? Our enterprise package has your needs covered, combining various channels with persuasive creative content that get your enterprise space noticed.

Monthly price: $2550 USD

These strategically devised packages are optimised to reach more prospective customers, drive traffic, increase inquiries and convert leads into sales!

Alternatively, we can create a customised plan specifically tailored to your budget and objectives that combines your choice of advertising channels.

Our Marketing Campaigns Are Flexible

Understanding that no two offices are the same, we’re flexible with our marketing solutions.

“We want to boost your online presence with a campaign that’s as unique as your space is. We can’t achieve this without input and feedback from those who know their workplace best”, comments Rebecca Philipp.

The key for launching a successful campaign is to work closely together with our workspace partners to understand their goals and integrate content and channels to showcase a workspace to a targeted audience.

Not just flexible, we like to keep things transparent and involve our partners in every step using our secret weapon, MyOfficeHub.

MyOfficeHub is an exclusive portal designed for workspace partners. They can keep a close eye on listings, leads and deals while handing them complete control over space availability and pricing on this platform.

– Rebecca Philipp.

Our digital marketing experts Include Essential Channels Into Your Marketing Strategy

We’ve mastered various channels that we’re ready to put into practice as a team. Together we can help you reach your target audience.
We’ve incorporated the following core elements into our versatile packages.

Featured Listings and Partners

Paid and Organic Search that drives thousands of visitors to the website weekly.

Your listing, which we’ll feature on our homepage and relevant location pages as an Office Hub workspace partner, will be seen by everyone on Office Hub. Your logo is also placed front and centre and linked to a personalised landing page.

With the opportunity to list a total of 9 desks or offices at any point, your workspace on Office Hub won’t just be for a limited time only but will continue to feature for as long as you require the publicity.

Our digital marketing experts team will help you achieve Adword success by ensuring your campaign stays on top of all search engine ads to users searching Google for your select keywords.
Luke Rowntree says, “when it comes to AdWords, we know what we’re doing. Since 2013, we’ve used this powerful tool to build our brand and generate more leads than any other service provider in Australia with our eye on making a significant impact as globally recognised flex space operators.”
Combining industry knowledge with extensive SEM insights, Office Hub digital marketing experts have the skills and expertise to grow your businesses online in three steps.
1. Brainstorming and strategising: we’ll discuss your goals and expectations and craft ad copy and a persuasive call to action with your input and approval.
2. Building A Campaign: using a customised keyword strategy in your location, our team tailor-makes your workspace campaign.
3. CPC optimisation: Our digital marketing experts will optimise CPC and monitor search volumes daily to maximise your return on investment.

– Luke Rowntree – Digital Marketing Specialist

Display Advertising

Once the finished creative is polished, ad copy crafted, and a target audience created, our digital marketing experts team determines appropriate ad placement spots.
Says Rebecca Philipp, “You could have an impactful offering but might struggle to reach people without display advertising. This medium puts you in front of potential customers. These consumers might never have found your listing on their own on relevant websites they’re visiting.

Email Marketing

Looking to turn potential or one-time purchasers into loyal patrons?
Although email marketing has been around forever, it’s still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies around.
Slide into the inbox of prospective clients with us. We send out quarterly EDMS to our subscribers and personalised emails using our profiling of 60 000 client base, determined by location, desk, industry type, enquiry age and other attributes.
Our digital marketing experts also track how the campaign’s going, keeping count of how many people open the email and take action, along with where they view it, when they viewed it and on what device.

Social Media

Our digital marketing experts remarket and advertise to new and previous Office Hub customers with social media campaigns that include Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
These campaigns, which rely on paid and organic social, integrate any combination of listings, photography, virtual tours and advertorials to drive customer engagement, influence consumer behaviour, drive traffic to the OH website and hopefully, generate sales.
Our digital marketing experts also work with our clients to establish correct messaging, preferred budget, ideal target marketing and metrics like location, search and high intent to optimise the campaign’s success.

Sponsored Blog Post

Why not be a special feature on our blog? If you have something exciting you want to share with our readers – soon-to-be-launched business centres, a new fit-out or a compelling story to tell, our content team will promote it on our blog and socials.
Our digital marketing experts publish hundreds of different “Best of… workspaces” as part of our content strategy that lists the best flex spaces in various cities and suburbs across the globe.
Topics like “The Best Of Coworking in London Bridge” or “The Top Seven Coworking Spaces in London” rank well in Google’s organic search.
That’s because they gauge people’s interest and satisfy their need to find the best value for money spaces in iconic locations without having to put a whole lot of effort into scrolling through listings.
The purpose of these blogs is to make the search for space easier for office locators by connecting them with their dream business homes while providing publicity to featured workspaces.

Free Office Hub Top Tips To Enhance Your Listing

Give your workspace its best opportunity to stand out against competitors by implementing these changes.

1.) Make your listing look professional by uploading high-quality photos and videos.

2.) Use our secret weapon, MyOfficeHub, to keep your pricing and space availability up-to-date.

3.) Adding a virtual tour and floor plan gives viewers a better sense of your space.

4.) Run strategic promotions throughout the year

Here’s How To Get Started

Raising brand awareness and expanding can be ridiculously easy with an effective digital marketing campaign. Start the process today following these steps.

Package Selection

Hop onto MyOfficeHub and choose a model that best aligns with your objectives. Give us a shout, and we’ll come up with something more bespoke that better meets your criteria if you’re not happy with what we have to offer.

Strategic Brainstorming

We’re in this together, so let’s meet up to talk strategy and iron out the details and goals of this campaign.

Campaign Sign-off

We’ll design a slick campaign around our discussions. We’ll send the final product to you before pushing it live for your approval and final edits.

We go live… watch this space!

At your say-so, your campaign goes live for an agreed-upon time. We’ll monitor and nurture your campaign, ensuring that it’s working its magic and delivering new leads to your doorstep!

Meet The Team

As CEO and the old bull of the team, Grant Philipp knows the flexible workspace industry backwards.

His extensive knowledge and marketplace mastery accumulated in ten years of global experience make him a valuable team asset.

He applies his insights to the overall marketing campaign strategy, ensuring we achieve lead excellence and great value for money.

Greg Oddy

With a professional like Greg Oddy onboard, your campaign is geared for maximum success and outcome.

With several years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Online Advertising, Greg successfully bridges the gap between sales and marketing, ensuring that your campaign is front of mind across all departments.

Luke Rowntree

Luke Rowntree is the analytical and strategic mastermind overseeing Office Hub’s paid and organic search.

Hailing from an agency background, Luke easily identify client objectives, builds unique campaigns for the right audience, and delivers maximised results and optimised spend.

Rebecca Philipp

Award-winning Graphic designer, Rebecca Philipp uses her passion for branding and impressive marketing experience for successful campaign building.
Armed with a passion for branding and 15 years of marketing experience, Rebecca utilises your key message within the framework of the Office Hub brand to deliver an outstanding co-branded creative.

Let’s build a campaign that showcases your unique workspace to the world with the expertise of our digital marketing experts. 

Whether you want to take advantage of our digital marketing experts or need a new office space for your business, Office Hub is here to assist. At Office Hub, we specialize in providing modern and stylish coworking office spaces and offer a diverse range of office space options, including private offices, shared workspaces, and virtual offices. We offer our services in various cities in Australia including Melbourne, Canberra, and more, ensuring that we have a space that suits your requirements.

Moreover, if you have a coworking space that you want to advertise to get clients, Office Hub digital marketing team can help advertise your place so more people can see your place. For more, visit our website or contact us at: 1300 770 200 or send an email at [email protected]

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