Web Design Mistakes That Affect Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Are your ardent efforts to market your business digitally simply not working out? Wait! You don’t need to rush to change your digital marketing strategies. As every good will tell you, you can lose customers due to several factors, even when you are doing digital marketing right.

So, what is going wrong with your business? It might be the official website itself. Often we become so engrossed in getting our ad designs right that we forget to update our website from which the actual sales are happening. This also happens because nowadays, almost all businesses also parallelly sell their goods through major online platforms like Amazon.

But, having a great website of your own is extremely important. This is because your website is where you generate leads and increase your sales. An Amazon customer may forget your product, but a customer who is buying from your site is less likely to do so because they will be subscribed to you as well. Any reputable digital marketing agency in Dallas will advise you to build a marketable website first.

So, what common mistakes should you avoid while designing your website? Read on to find out!

Too Slow

Page Loading Speed is of immense importance. Did you know that after 3 seconds of page loading time, you start losing out on customers exponentially? Google itself is going to remove you from the top spots of the search results page if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load regularly.

Page Loading Speed decreases because of several reasons. All commercial websites have a high number of photos and videos on their landing page. Unless the web designer skillfully compresses this multimedia content, your website will undoubtedly be super slow. Remember, compressing a photo can be done without making significant changes to its quality.

How to find out if the page loading time of your website is fine? Just head over to PageSpeed Insights and drop your website link for a detailed report.

Too Congested

Have you ever visited government websites or even some university websites? Since they aren’t actively trying to cater to people or make anyone’s job even a slight bit easier, they tend to have the stereotypical old-school jam-packed sites.

These sites have tons of written content with extremely small fonts that no one can read at a glance. Moreover, it takes about an hour to find the option you were looking for because it’s impossible to concentrate on any one option in that whole mess.

Needless to say, you must steer clear of this if you want people to buy your stuff.

Too Many Options

This seems similar to the last point, but there are certain differences. The thing is- your landing page should never have more than one Call-To-Action (CTA) button. A CTA button tells the user what to do. This can be “Subscribe Now”, “Buy Now” or even “Follow.”

It is extremely tempting to litter your landing page with CTA buttons. After all, you have several things to sell, and you possibly also have multiple sales going on at the same time. But the professionals at Dallas digital marketing agency will tell you that contrary to popular belief, providing the customer with too many options doesn’t help.

You might have heard of the psychological phenomenon “Analysis Paralysis.” This is exactly what happens when a customer sees too many CTA buttons at once. They simply log out or wander off to other sites because they cannot reach a decision instinctively.

Too Many Pop-Ups

Yes, this is tempting too. Pop-ups serve several reasons. You might ask the user to sign in first or submit their email id or mobile number at the very least. Or you might even ask the visitor to subscribe to your weekly content.

You might think that the more pop-ups we add, the more the customer is likely to follow the instructions in the pop-up.

Not really. Do any of us like to be told what to do continuously?

Continuous pop-ups are annoying, and frankly, they ruin the entire experience of browsing through the site.

Do you know which pop-ups work the best? Exit pop-ups.

If you add pop-ups at the very end, you aren’t disrupting the shopping journey of the visitor. Or, in case they are reading a blog on your site, they will be more likely to subscribe after they have been assured that your content is worth subscribing to. It makes no sense to ask someone to do so at the very beginning.

Bad Product Photos

The thing about product photos is that you cannot understand their quality till they have been uploaded to the site. Also, as mentioned before, you cannot upload huge image files just for the sake of quality. Compression is necessary.

There’s one thing that a lot of sellers don’t understand, however. Whether the photos are good or bad also depends on whether there is parity between them. If the product sizes in the images are different or they are positioned differently, the customer can very well think that there is a defect in the products.

Also, the product photos have to be accurate. If you are selling a jar of canned tomatoes, don’t just add a photo of tomatoes. That’s not what you are selling. If you are selling cuts of meat or fish, make sure that particular cut is obvious in the photos.

Make sure you consult a graphic designer before actually uploading the photos. You can always get in touch with the best designers at any  and get your job done.

Broken Links

The landing page has a lot of links that navigate away from the main page. This is okay since the customer will explore your site before making their purchase.

However, having broken links on your website is extremely unprofessional. If you have removed that particular content, make sure you remove the corresponding link from the landing page as well.

Wrong Call-To-Action Button

We have spoken about the folly of having too many CTA buttons. But what about having the right CTA button? What does the ‘right CTA button’ even mean?

The right CTA button is positioned exactly where the customer lingers the most. How do you understand something so subjective? Check the heatmap of your website. The red regions are where your CTA button should ideally be placed. If your CTA button is off to one corner or the very bottom of the page, you need to move it to an accessible region soon.

Also, make sure the color of your CTA button is right. Thousands of color studies have been conducted to find out the ideal color of a CTA button. However, it also majorly depends on the overall color scheme of your site. Don’t just blindly add a red or green CTA button because they are the most popular choices. Make sure you conduct thorough A/B testing before implementing any changes to your CTA button.

No Security

Unless your site has an SSL certificate, people are not going to make monetary transactions on that site. This means that they are not going to buy anything from you unless you can ensure that your site URL starts with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP.”

New sites are harder to trust in general, which is why most people opt for the COD option. But customers cannot even trust an HTTP site with their info like email id, mobile number, address, etc. So, make sure you get an SSL certificate to secure your customers’ data.

Concluding Note

Last but not least, your site should be mobile-friendly. As the Dallas digital marketing company of your choice must have already told you, most online purchases are made through mobiles now. Therefore, you have to optimize your site for mobile usage. According to every digital marketing company in Dallas, you will lose out on a significant portion of your sales unless people can browse through your site on their mobiles with ease. Just do the Mobile-Friendly Test to reassure yourself.

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