Web Design Trends 2020 | Digital Marketing Company in Chennai India

A trend is a style that’s hot now in a web site design. Using the right trends will give an edge to the product by making it look fresh and much ‘sought after’ aiming at the same web experience on all devices namely mobiles, laptops, desktops, etc…!

Web Design Trends:

Bigger size letters catch the user’s attention. Having a part or whole of the text bold or oversized, eases readability. Users can easily understand what the site is all about when huge letters are in the main web page! Large letters look great on any screen!

Asymmetric layouts:

The placement of elements on a grid in a chaotic fashion is a creative idea that’s well received by the users. This engages the users and encourages them to stay for a longer time on the website. The grid can be broken or exposed which divides the content into sections.


This is done by placing a background video which is in all ways better than a static image. The users stay more on the page to watch the video and when the video is captivating, the user’s attention span increases!

3D design:

The use of 3D images will make a stunning impact and make the brand more interesting. This is to give the user an amazing experience scrolling through our website.

There are 2 ways: 3D Immersive and Non-immersive

3D immersive – This takes up the whole screen. Interactive 3D design will make users stay longer in the website. Virtual reality headsets (VR) experience will give an edge over the other competitors where the user is completely immersed in simulation.

Non-immersive is when the user is still aware of his physical surroundings. An example is a floor plan of an apartment when mouse over, zooms in, zooms out. The user can experience the design though not fully immersed into it.

Custom Images/Hand drawings:

The hand drawn images or icons will have a personal touch to the brand and the users will be able to connect to it even when they see it elsewhere. Imperfect images drawn by hand will have an edge over the perfected graphic images. This helps to improve popularity!

Split content:

The page is split into text, images and video to make the page interesting. This split makes the page more organized and we can show more than one important message simultaneously.

Hidden Navigation:

This helps to make the web page look clearer. The menu options are visible only when you ‘mouse over’ the top left or the top right corners. This also saves a lot of space on the page and gives it a clean and minimal look.

Full screen forms:

Online forms are an important aspect for user interaction. Expanding it to the whole page makes it simple, easy and focused for the user. Feedback messages help in form completion!

Parallax web design:

This is basically an idea from the video games, where the background keeps changing at different speeds. This is very interesting for the user to navigate through the web page as optical illusion is captivating!

Voice user interface:

This is mainly to help people with physical challenges. They can navigate through the website with ease through their voice commands. Others can do multitasking while navigating through voice on a !

White space:

Lots of white space in between web elements makes the page spacious. Spacing increases legibility and the overall presentation is pleasing to the eyes.

Dark mode:

Dark mode is easy on the eye and makes the web page elements stand out. This is also called night mode and saves energy and reduces the screen brightness. This works great when white text is limited on dark background. Dark mode makes the look elegant and unique.

Soft shadows and floating elements:

This is better than flat design and the effect can be used for text and images too. This gives an appearance that elements are floating over one another as layers.

Glowing luminous color schemes:

This gives a glow feel to the web page and the visuals look stunning! When 3D is combined with luminous, neon colored schemes, it gives a whole new feel to the web page!

Minimal navigation:

The text on the page is reduced with a large presence of images and videos. These attract the users and they tend to spend more time on the web page as it simplifies navigation.

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