WebinarNinja at Click Engage Convert Digital Marketing Conference – WebinarNinja

We’re actually co-sponsors of Click Engage Convert, because like our fellow speakers and sponsors, we love helping budding entrepreneurs learn how to get real-world results. This conference is all about the strategies and practices you can use to do the one thing that matters: build a convertible audience.

We’re pumped!

From brand awareness to engagement to sales to lifetime value, Click Engage Convert has something for every level of marketer. Naturally, Omar will be talking webinars, with a presentation on how to maximize the impact of webinar marketing (including the use of automated webinars). He’ll discuss what works, what doesn’t, and what to expect if you’re just getting into audience-building via webinar.

Nicole will address our other favorite medium, podcasting! She’ll tell the story of how we built from its humble beginnings as a (terrible) interview podcast to a “Best of iTunes” winner and all-around marketing gold mine. Nicole will explain how podcasts work, why they work, and how the revenue generated by The $100 MBA Show isn’t the most valuable thing about it — the marketing opportunities are.  

And it gets better…

Even more fun, Omar will join a panel discussion on a cutting-edge concept in digital marketing: AI. Artificial Intelligence is changing marketing, and Omar and his fellow panelists are ready to get ahead of this fascinating development. There’s sure to be some feisty-but-friendly debate; Omar will argue that bots and the like are fantastic for wide outreach, but terrible for building real relationships with audience members.

Of course, great, real, meaningful, valuable content is the way to “go deep” with your audience, which is why webinars are so important. 

Incredible things are coming from WebinarNinja, including software updates and a new focus on automated webinars that can have an even greater reach than the strictly live version. We can’t wait to share our expertise with everyone at Click Engage Convert, and to share what we learn with our readers, listeners, and Webinar Ninjas. 

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