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Balances and recaps are every new year’s classics! As a , we understand the value blog posts and content have not only for our clients but also for ourselves! So today we want to share with you a list of our most popular articles in 2020; those blogs that were read the most and that for one reason or another were especially valuable for our readers.

As you probably imagine, many of those blog posts were related to the Coronavirus and its impact on our industry and businesses in general. Staying current with what’s going on in the historical moment is important, and so is to give personal insight on it. Just like with any other topic, we strive to contribute with something out of the box as well as useful. 

That’s why 2020 was also rich in collaborations and contact with the community. WEBITMD’s CEO and owner actively participated in webinars, podcasts, and provided guidance and insights not only on how businesses could go through the pandemic but also on the digital marketing industry in general.

So if you follow our blog page, here’s a chance for you to go back on those articles that you very likely enjoyed. And if you don’t… well, here’s what you’ve been missing!

A little bit of history of Search Engine Optimization, blended with nostalgia and memes! What changed in the last 10 years of SEO? What were you able to do back then, and what is a big no-no nowadays? Plus, a list of all the major Google algorithm updates between 2010 and 2020.

WEBITMD’s Content Strategist gave a personal insight on digital marketing pre-Coronavirus (the article was written in July 2020); the role of empathy and solidarity then and now, as well as the role of digital marketing technologies in the ‘new normal’ (hopefully to be overcomed in 2021 – fingers crossed!).

March 2020 was probably one of the months of most uncertainty about the pandemic (little did we know what the following months had come for us!). In this context, this article intended to put some light on how businesses can seize crises to reflect on themselves, rethink their strategies, and clean house in order to succeed.

By May 2020 America was going through a ! Amid such chaos businesses kept on trying to stay afloat and WEBITMD published this article about how changing your content strategy, keeping a continuing communication with your audience, and investing in domestic consumption were pretty good ideas to keep in mind.

What to Expect from Digital Marketing in 2021

Hell, if we know! Or better said, that’s another topic that a million other sites covered already (gotcha!). We may cover it or not. But if we do, be sure that WEBITMD will do it our way; which is trying to contribute with an original, useful, insightful style. We’re positive that 2021 is bringing good things, that the “new normal” will blend with the old one and that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Whether we’re wrong or right about that, we will be here to help you with boutique digital marketing services, ethical guidance, and crystal-clear strategy and reporting. We’re excited to start 2021 with you! 

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