West Palm Beach Digital Marketing | Why Relevance Score is Critical

Facebook is a great platform to promote ads to your targeted audience. In fact, Facebook is equipped with a relevance score that determines how well your ads impact with your audience. These scores help your company understand what your customers want, based on a scale of 1 to 10. Let’s take a look at relevance score components from your West Palm Beach digital marketing techniques near you!

What Makes Up a Relevance Score?

1. Quality

In the first place, quality rankings determine how your audience perceives your ad in comparison to other competitors’ ads at the same time. This ranking is calculated by ads that have been intentionally hidden by the user.

Also, Facebook tests the quality ranking by creating poor landing pages or posting clickbait, which negatively impact your quality score.

2. Engagement

Moreover, your engagement ranking analyzes the level of your audience’s ability to comment, like, and share your ad on their feed. The overall design of the ad needs to speak for itself. Every single ad must be targeted toward a specific demographic that is sure to enhance your engagement ranking.

For instance, keep narrowing down your audience until it is specific enough to carry the message across. Filter by age, location, and even interests to narrow the engagement field.

3. Conversions

Lastly, your conversion rate is determined by the number of people who actually complete the purpose of your ad based on your set conversion goals. As such, this information will be tailored toward a specific industry and can vary depending on a luxury item or budget items that must be centered around your specific goals that the ad was set out to do.

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