What are the Topmost Digital Marketing Skills?

Digital marketing is the fastest growing as well as most trending profession in India.

It pays well too. If you wish to excel at this career, there are some topmost digital marketing skills you’ll require.

An excellent digital marketing course will enable you to master all these skills. And on-hands practice at home will make you an expert of sorts.

Versatility of Digital Marketing

Furthermore, online marketing is also very versatile.

Since digital marketing is a collection of various processes, you can also specialize in one or more skills for employment, freelancing or starting own business.

What are the topmost digital marketing skills?

Here’re the skills that any excellent digital marketing institute will train you on. And these are skills you need to acquire too.

Topmost Digital Marketing Skills

Ideally, you should learn all these topmost digital marketing skills.

Later, you can opt for fine tuning one or more of these skills, if necessary.

1. Content Writing

For every aspiring digital marketing, content writing is the topmost skill to learn and fine-tune for an excellent career.

Content is the king or any website or blog, podcast or video.

Unless you know how to present a topic in an excellent, reader friendly and interesting manner, all other digital marketing skills are useless.

You may have the best digital marketing skills.

However, you cannot perform them unless you have content.

Additionally, excellent digital marketing of poor content won’t fetch results you’re looking for.

Other than superb content writing skills, you’ll also need skills on how to judge content quality.

Poor content from third parties that render your digital marketing efforts useless.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is yet another topmost digital marketing skill.

It is also very important. The reason is simple. The topmost search engine in the world Google and its closest rivals, Bing and Yahoo.

These search engines frequently change something known as algorithms to ensure that Internet users get best search results.

Some Good & some Bad tricks use online for SEO.

Google algorithms are responsible for your website to display on top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

The higher your website ranks, better the chances of people visiting it. This is particularly important for business websites and blogs since they need to drive traffic.

Therefore, SEO is one of the topmost skills to learn as part of digital marketing training.

3. Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in people’s lives.

For example, Facebook has over 270 million users in India which is the highest in the world.

Similarly, we have Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

You’ll find most businesses nowadays also have a Facebook page.

They promote their products and services, brand and other relevant information through social media platforms.

Therefore, you’ll also require excellent knowledge in social media marketing, which is one of the major drivers of traffic to your website.

Social media enables you to provide information quickly.

It also helps engage customers through feedback.

This helps in innovating a product or service as well as troubleshooting when needed.

4. Video Marketing

Everyone loves watching videos. In fact, video marketing is one of the fastest growing segments of digital marketing.

There’re several reasons for this. Firstly, YouTube allows you to open a free channel.

Upon getting a specific number of subscribers for a YouTube channel, it’s also possible to monetize it with Google AdSense.

Secondly, most Internet users access videos on their mobiles during commutes.

Hence, videos have a larger audience.

Thirdly, videos render it possible to provide engaging, real life experiences or insights into a product or service.

Video marketing is also one of the topmost digital marketing skills you’ll need to become a successful professional.

It’s possible to popularize videos through Facebook and other social media channels. Other popular video platforms include Instagram and Pinterest.

5. Email Marketing

Anyone from a blogger to a large multinational corporation loves to engage readers and clients.

This is possible with email marketing. However, email marketing is much more complex than sending mere emails.

It should contain information that the recipient finds interesting and relevant for their needs or purposes.

Therefore, email marketing is a science in itself and a topmost digital marketing skill.

There’re several reasons why companies use email marketing.

It allows them to reach a broader range of audiences at fraction of cost. Most people read emails while on the move such as daily commutes.

Hence, chances of conversion as customers or readers is very high. However, to covert email marketing to leads that translate as business needs astute digital marketing knowledge.

Else, the email can end up as spam and without fulfilling the purpose.

6. Data Analytics

In this competitive world of ecommerce, it’s imperative that businesses know what type of traffic their website is attracting.

It’s also important to understand from where the traffic comes and how many visitors actually convert as business.

These metrics are easily available from any website. However, decoding and analyzing them requires special digital marketing skills.

Data analytics is serious business for any business serious about staying in business.

It enables them to know the cost of their marketing campaigns and expenses. It also helps understand whether their campaigns are reaching the target audience or missing the mark altogether.

And data analytics, to some extent, helps keep tabs on competitors too.

7. Influencer Marketing

The Internet has given rise to a genre of people known as ‘influencers’. Basically, an influencer has wide following.

They stand somewhere between that fine line of obscurity and celebrity.

Utilizing influencer marketing can make or break a brand. Hence, it has to be used with extreme caution and judgment.

At the same time, influencer marketing fetches excellent and rather quick results for any company or brand or even an individual.

They help boost reputation and create a following for your brand as well.

Therefore, every digital marketer requires adequate knowledge on using influencer marketing where it merits.

8. Website Monetization Techniques

There’re several ways to monetize a website or blog.

Google AdSense isn’t the only resource in town or the world. Therefore, topmost digital marketing skills also include website monetization techniques.

A website, regardless whether it’s a blog written by that neighborhood kid or a giant corporation, can prove a money spinner if a digital marketer knows proper monetization techniques.

There are other ways to monetize a website too.

One is by accepting advertisements from companies that do not have conflicting interests of your brand. The third is by accepting paid posts on a website.

Utilizing all three serve to provide some income from the website even as the company strives to get customers. Hence, a website becomes somewhat self-supporting.

There’re also more digital marketing skills that could rank as topmost in specific markets.

One is Search Engine Marketing or SEM. The other is Instant Messenger Marketing- a field that’s fast gaining ground in India.

Acquiring these digital marketing skills enhances your career and earning prospects exponentially.

Therefore, also learn these vital skills to become a digital marketing professional.

You can acquire these digital marketing skills from either by watching YouTube videos or by joining a digital marketing course.

Therefore, learn all skills and decide on which ones you’d like to specialize. However, acquiring isn’t enough: you need to continually upgrade them as well.

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