What Does Digital Marketing Excellence Look Like?

Marketers today are under pressure to master an ever-increasing variety of brand-new abilities and technologies, however few believe they’re actually succeeding:

With decreasing organic search results page and click-through rates on material, it’s not surprising that digital online marketers are having a more difficult time showing their success. This perceived lack of success has less to do with online marketers’ capabilities, and more to do with a lack of clear criteria for success. How do you understand you’re excellent if you have no idea exactly what great appearances like? We’ve identified 3 markers of excellence for the contemporary digital marketing department.

The New Indicators of Digital Marketing Excellence

In the early years of digital marketing, the goal was digital adoption and scale. This implied transitioning from traditional channels to digital ones, like web, e-mail, social media, search and display screen. In 2018, we’re well past that point, as financial investment in digital marketing channels is outmatching standard channels for the very first time. “Going digital’ is not a marker of success or innovation.

Instead, here are the brand-new essential elements for driving ( a href = https://www.prophet.com/work/solutions/solutions/digital-transformation/) digital strategy!


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