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The digital marketing industry is constantly growing and evolving, with new trends and innovations being introduced all the time. The sector is fast-paced and challenging, but offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities, both for those just beginning their career path and those looking to find a new calling.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing, it’s worth understanding the experience you’ll need to attract the attention of potential employers. The marketing industry can be competitive, so it’s essential to gain as much knowledge and experience as you can, to help you stand out among other applicants. Here, we outline the experience you will need to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Having a passion for all things digital

It’s likely you’ll already have an interest in the digital world if you’re considering a career in this field. However, having a passion for all things digital will make you more likely to succeed in landing that digital marketing role and thrive once you’re working in the industry.

Take some time to research the industry and understand the purpose of each role, from marketing assistant to marketing director. It will also be beneficial to have knowledge and awareness of digital marketing trends. Find out which sources are most trusted and up to date, then follow those publications on LinkedIn or social media to ensure you stay in the loop.

Taking a course

There are a wide range of digital marketing courses available which will help you gain the skills and knowledge to apply for a role in this sector. You can choose what level of training you would like to do to best suit your experience and current needs.

Long-term study such as a university degree is an option, but you can also choose to take a short foundation course and build your knowledge up later with additional courses. For example, you might want to gain understanding of how PPC works. Keep in mind that the more you learn the more it will help you on your way to your chosen career path.

Gaining experience

Having experience working in digital marketing, even if it’s just for a short length of time, will give you a better understanding of how a marketing team works and what your future career might entail. This could help you decide whether digital marketing is the right career path for you.

Work experience will also look good to prospective employers when you start applying for jobs in the industry. It will show you’re committed to working in digital marketing and give you examples to use when you are asked about your experience in the field.

Shopping around

Once you’ve gained some basic experience and have an understanding of how digital marketing works, as well as knowledge of PPC, CRO, social media marketing and other useful tools, it’s time to start looking for your first marketing role.

Ensure your CV and LinkedIn profile are tidy, professional and up to date with all of your qualifications, experience and recent achievements. If you’re struggling to find suitable vacancies to apply for, consider speaking to a recruitment agent who specialises in marketing roles.

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