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On September 9, 2022, Google announced that the rollout of its update to Google’s Helpful Content was completed. Google’s algorithm change aims to improve user experience by highlighting high-quality content. This blog explains the helpful content update, how it is measured, its impact on SEO, and what to do if your website is flagged.

What is Helpful Content?

Helpful content is content that creates a great user experience. Google’s ‘Helpful Content Update’ is a welcome change for those who produce quality content that helps users. This update will help improve articles’ visibility, making it easier for users to find the information they need.

In turn, this should help to improve the overall user experience with Google. This is a positive change for both users and content producers, and we can expect to see more of this type of content appearing in Google’s search results in the future.

How Does Google Measure Helpful Content?

Google’s recent ‘Helpful Content Update’ is designed to crack down on low-quality content that doesn’t provide real value to users. The update will see Google algorithmically downgrading pages that it deems unhelpful to improve the overall quality of its search results.

To determine what is considered ‘helpful content,’ Google uses AI to measure the overall quality of the content itself. This update is designed to help improve the quality of search results for users. This update is a positive step forward for SEO, as it will help to ensure that only the most relevant and valuable content is being surfaced in search results.

What is the Impact on SEO?

What is the impact of the August 2022 update to Google’s Helpful Content Algorithm on SEO? Unfortunately, Google provided limited information about the actual impact or scope of the update. But looking at some of the early results, what can we expect?

We believe that this update is one of the most positive developments for SEO in recent years. It represents a significant boost for SEO efforts and a major win for web publishers who consistently produce high-quality, helpful content.

Publishers who write with people-first intent will be rewarded for their efforts. Here are a few tips:

When writing content, it’s essential to avoid a few things if you want your content to be successful. A complete list is covered in Google’s SEO Guide, but here’s what you need to know:

What Should You Do if Your Account is Flagged?

Google’s systems are designed to identify content that may be of low value or not helpful to users. As a result, Google’s algorithms may impact any content on sites with high amounts of this type of content.

If you find yourself having unhelpful content on your website, you should remove it. Take some time to review your website and remove any content that isn’t helpful or relevant to your visitors. Doing so will improve your SEO and help you rank higher in search results. Here are a few tips:

Ultimately, the Google Helpful Content Update is an update that can significantly affect how search engines see your website. If you’re not already optimizing your website for the update, you may not be seen as “helpful” to your target audience and lose visitors (and potential customers!) as a result. However, by ensuring that your content is high quality and relevant, you can still improve your SEO and find success on the internet.

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