What is Digital Marketing? The Step by Step Guide

As technology develops and companies innovate, the domain of what we call “digital marketing” expands. Companies new to the field will be mesmerised by the sheer volume of data and jargon on the subject. 

The realm of digital marketing is expanding in two main areas: data and channels. Every 18 months or so, the volume of data created (and recorded) by humanity doubles. Companies know that those data are valuable for their digital marketing efforts, but they often fail to capture them, and when they do, they don’t know how to use them effectively. Today’s digital marketing is the application of data science technologies to marketing method using data from a range of disparate sources, such as location data, website traffic data, and data from social media activity. 

Digital marketing is also becoming multi-channel, as we discussed above. It’s not just about marketing through these channels, but connecting them together in a way that enhances the customer experience. Customers don’t want a fragmented experience when they switch from customer support on the phone to web chat: they want the company to have a profile on them which allows them to move seamlessly between channels.

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