What Makes Gigs Marketplace a Strong Ecommerce Organisation Design?

Online gigs market to book artists and entertainers is the next big thing on the planet of ecommerce. Occasion planners, party hosts and performers had a tough time finding each other, and this specific niche resolves the problem in an effective method. The idea was easy, bring entertainers and hunters together and arrange the marketplace, creating level playing fields for both the involved parties. Ecommerce market has actually always been all about openness, whether in operations or in transactions, so online gigs marketplace also led to better and much faster bookings in comparison to the conventional, offline approaches.

The online gigs industry is reasonably new, and the success of market gamers such as GigSalad and GigStart reveals that these companies have found the pulse and comprehended how to tap it the proper way.

Let’s have a look at the number they’re crunching.


  • Founded In: 2007
  • Creators: Mark Steiner, Steve Tetrault
  • Profits: $7.3 Million
  • Twitter Followers: 6956
  • Facebook Followers: 29170

When Mark put his dream into movement, it began with well-established artists and big numbers, $5000 or above per gig and 10% of its commission was what Mark aimed as a minimum. However it was meant to be more than this.

Quickly, he began getting signups from local artists, bands and entertainers asking if he could find a gig or an occasion for them. And they were prepared to pay commissions for the gigs they had the ability to grab (50% of something is better than 100% of nothing– Han). 11 years later, GigSalad today is a $7.3 million strong company with more than 25% profit margin.

A company that grows within its own methods, GigSalad never ever asked for equity capital from anyone. The business is constantly growing and has helped lots of event coordinators find a performing artist that fits their requirement.


  • Established In: 2013
  • Creators: Atit Jain, Madhulika Pandey
  • Income: $4.4 Million
  • Twitter Followers: 481
  • Facebook Followers: 20621

GigStart is an outcome of an awareness. While looking for venues, occasion coordinators and artists, Atit and Madhulika needed to make and receive a limitless variety of calls. Entertainers market was disorderly and the duo chose to streamline the process, and hence the roadway to GigStart started shaping up.

3 years after its beginning, GigStart’s bulk shares (85%) were bought by Mumbai based Kwan Home entertainment and Marketing Solutions, a Mumbai based celeb management firm.

GigStart advises the artists to follow an easy, 3-step technique, which, in their own words, is:

  1. Get Found
  2. Look Appealing
  3. Get Scheduled

With more than 400 artists in 17 categories, GigStart has actually made a strong existence in India’s National Capital Region. The creators aim to make it a substantial name in the Asian and African continent.

What Made GigSalad and GigStart a Success

While GigSalad and GigStart have actually inspired lots of other start-ups of the kind, merely following business model is insufficient. There are other lessons too that a person can gain from the founders of these top shots.

Mark Steiner worked as a craft service provider before becoming an agent. With prominent bands and artists in his portfolio, the day he released GigSalad, he currently had major entertainers ready to deal with him. The connections and relations he developed over a period of 24 years assisted him make a smooth start. His service partner, Steve Tetrault, is a designer. The GigSalad site that you see is all Steve.

Moreover, the exact same connections likewise helped him grow through possibly the oldest marketing strategy: word of mouth.

At the very same time, Madhulika and Atit made sure their contrasting backgrounds become their strong match. Atit is an engineer while Madhulika has an arts background, and their varied skills match each other really well.

That’s the importance of teaming up with somebody who has a skill different from yours. If you and your service partner(s) come from the very same background and have the exact same skill and skillset, bringing something brand-new on the table ends up being hard. The creators of GigSalad and GigStart understood how to master the company design to the core and likewise relied greatly on marketing, while their diverse skills helped them match each other.

Obstacles Resolved by Online Gigs Industry

Madhulika Pandey of GigStart stated that the significant challenge she and Atit dealt with was the spread market of artists. There was no order and things seemed to run in a haphazard manner.

The difficulty was to bring the optimum possible variety of artists and entertainers on board and enhance the interaction. The latter was a major challenge because artists weren’t listed on yellow pages and many of them utilized to go off the radar whenever they felt like.

Another obstacle was the high price due to involved firms, supervisors and other middlemen. A marketplace is not for talent firms. The core concept is to bring freelancers near to event coordinators and celebration organizers. Intermediaries simply make things complicated and needlessly costly. Mark stopped being a representative and became a linking dot, charging a small cost (commission) for each successful deal.

Get In-depth Marketing Research on Online Gigs Marketplace from Market Professionals

Consult Us Today Growth Potential Customers of Online Gig Marketplace

The industry paints a brilliant photo with big scope for success. Apart from the essential market players we discussed above, Event Peppers, GigMasters and Gigmor are a few of the other names that are doing excellent.

Image Credit: Bizzabo The energy and popularity of occasions point to the growing requirement of entertainers and artists in the show business. Business like GigSalad and GigStart are tapping on this need and making substantial earnings while assisting occasion coordinators and performers find an arranged market to earn.

Computer systems stay the preferred device for people to purchase tickets, the numbers of smartphones based ticket shoppers are increasing consistently. A research study by Google & Ipsos Media CT shows a 50% increase in smart device usage for ticket buy from 2012 to 2014.

Do You Truly Required a Mobile App to Run a Gigs Market for Event Planners & & Artists?

Not if you do not want your company to grow and maximize its reach. In any other case, an app is an useful addition to your toolbox. From offering movement to immediate access to better retargeting, mobile app loads a wide variety of benefits. The concern is not whether you require an app, the concern is, what sort of app you need to choose.

Take a decision based upon 3 primary factors: your budget plan, the phase of your organisation and your traction in the market. You can choose the right app from:

Native Apps

Established for a particular mobile os, native apps provide amazing speed and reliability. Press notifications further make connecting to your market users simple.

Creating specific apps for various operating systems will cost you a great quantity, and also as numerous codebase as the operating systems you are looking at. Go for it only when you have a big audience and are absolutely sure about your apps’ success.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are constructed for multiple platforms, are easier to handle, and can be scaled for any OS.

Hybrid apps don’t do so well on the efficiency front. They are perfect alternative when you don’t understand how your app will be received by your audience. It’s great as a trial run, but not as practical as a long-term feasible solution. Do a native v/s hybrid app comparison to see which one matches your budget and requires the finest before settling on either of them.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

A web development approach that offers a website the exact same user interface an app would have, PWA can be accessed through any browser from any smart device. Thought about to be the future of mobile apps, PWAs are acquiring appeal among company owners along with the end users.

Developing a Practical and Merchandisable App

All apps require to have a light, fast and easily accessible design. Apart from the important nuts and bolts such as online reservation and ticket purchasing features, the online entertainers reserving app should also have the ability to develop an artist’s credibility. Don’t forget:

  • The app must be able to handle video content easily.
  • Yes, examines help a good deal in establishing an artist’s credibility, but things run even better when individuals can see their performances.

Entertainers publish their videos on different channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Visual content is the essential element here that drives hosts and event organizers to discover the right artists for their events.

  • Enable users to embed links to the videos so that service applicants can make a notified choice. Doing so will also help you keep your app light and rapid.

Developing an online gigs market might be your finest decision offered the research and analysis is not restricted to simply getting business model right. Choose what all features your marketplace and app must have.

Fortunately is that there’s always a fast and efficient method to do things. VivoGigs is one such turnkey system that can assist you introduce your online gigs marketplace with all the necessary features. Readily available in prepared to introduce and fully customizable versions, VivoGigs helps you create a market as per your requirements.

The system is totally customizable and responsive to fit any business requirement. A highly sophisticated search alternative guarantees that a customer can search for the artists and can also take an appearance at their public pages. VivoGigs also consists of functions such as power search and area mapping that not just makes it easy to discover an artist, however likewise enables event organizers to tag the place so that artists can reach their location in a comfy and timely way. Speak with our innovation professionals to know more about the function requirements of this business design.