What To Look For In A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

We need to be clear about one thing before we can answer this question: What are digital marketing services?

Digital marketing can be described as a broad term that covers all activities done online to promote your brand or drive sales. A digital presence is essential for any company looking to reach a wider audience.

The world is digital and traditional marketing methods no longer work as well as they used to. This becomes even more apparent as time goes by.

Today, everyone is on their phone, thanks to the constant improvement and introduction of smartphones. Just a few years back, a lot of online activity was done through laptops or standalone computers.

It’s all about being capable of typing two words into a search engine and getting an immediate answer.

All you need is a click away

Are you just a click away for people to find you? It all depends on your online presence, which is not limited to one factor.

Your website’s quality and ranking, your social media game, and your control over your spending on paid advertising are all important.

There are two options for handling all of these channels.

* You have two options: either you can hire a full-service digital marketing agency or. 

* It is possible to hire multiple niche agencies.

The question is: Which option is better?

This question can be answered by looking at the differences between these two methods.

Hiring Multiple Niche Agencies

What’s a Niche Agency?

A niche agency, as the name implies, is one that focuses on a single area.

One agency can handle your website design and construction, while another agency can manage your search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Another agency can also handle your content writing, and the social media aspect which can be even more complex.

Some niche agencies will only focus on one platform and not social media in general. You can have one agency for your Twitter account, and another that focuses on your Instagram account. Another agency will handle your Facebook account.

It is important to specify, however, when a company has multiple needs, it will be more difficult to do so. It would be necessary to keep in touch with all digital marketing agencies.

One agency might manage an Instagram account for a business, while another agency would handle the Facebook page. This might be a good thing in terms of personalisation and specification, but it could also lead to inconsistency and lack of continuation.

What does this mean?

Easy! It’s easy!

However, niche digital marketing agencies may limit sharing to one channel. It is your responsibility to ensure consistency and advise every company on how to post about the event or product.

One post is not enough. However, if your company requires constant communication with its agency, whether it’s providing content or asking for specific work, managing multiple agencies may not be an option.

It is important to ensure that your brand voice is consistent across all channels. Although niche agencies are well-versed on how to address a specific social media audience, there is a chance that your brand voice may differ from one channel.

Social media aside, think about having your website designed by one agency and the content writing and search engine optimization done by another agency.

Your website is accessible by far too many people. This is not ideal. What if something happened? Website design and development play a critical role in SEO. Therefore, any changes to the website could either aid or hinder SEO.

This would not be a problem in a full-service digital marketing agency. The departments are already in good communication with one another. However, cross-agency collaboration is a different story. This would require several employees to keep in touch with them and maintain communication.

Bottom line: Unless your business relies on a particular aspect of digital presence, you might consider hiring full-service digital agencies.

Hiring a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

What’s a full-service digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency that provides full-service management of all aspects of an organization’s online presence is called a full service digital agency. This agency might have several departments that specialize in one area. For example, a department for website design, content writing, SEO, and SEM.

The agency’s goal is to create a comprehensive strategy for a company. They will define their KPI and assess how each department can contribute towards this end goal.

A start-up company might need a visually appealing, mobile-friendly website design. This would be done by the UX/design team. The website then would go into development while preparations are being made in the SEO and content writing department.

The strategy was then implemented in coordination with other departments.

The “full-service” is precisely what it means. These sub-strategies are part of a holistic strategy. This would be a great benefit to your company:

* UX/design strategy 

* A content strategy 

* An SEO strategy 

* An SEM strategy 

* A Social Media strategy

You get all digital marketing agency services at one place. It’s simple. No stress.

Niche or Full Service Digital Agency?

You are the only one who can decide what is best for your business. The first step to making this decision is to reflect on your company’s goals.

Which is your highest priority? What type of business are yours? What kind of digital presence would your business need?

Niche agencies are great because they specialize in a specific field. A niche agency may be a good option if 90% of your audience is on Facebook.

A full-service digital agency is the best choice if you want your brand to be viral and be accessible on multiple channels simultaneously, including through paid or organic search, email marketing, or other social media platforms.

This will ensure a large online presence and smooth operation of your digital agency.

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