What Type Of Content Gets Seen On Facebook – Digital Marketing News 12th November 2021

What type of Content Gets Seen on Facebook?

What type of content on Facebook will get you the most reach? Is it even worth posting to your Facebook business page?

A new study released by Facebook, based on US users tells us that the majority of content seen on Facebook is from friends with 17.8% coming from groups and 14.9% pages.

It also says that 86.5% of posts seen have no links but around 1/2 of link posts seen are from pages.

Twitter’s paid service is getting rolled out. Previously available only in Canada and Australia, now you can get it in the US and New Zealand.

And with the rollout comes some of the rumoured featured updates. Ad-free news articles from partner sites. Top articles from followers, 10-minute video updates, access to Twitter labs and pinned conversations in direct messages.

Now we can see what it looks like, if they added better analytics this is definitely something that I’d subscribe to for business.

Choose if people can embed your Instagram posts

Not everyone is happy that websites are able to embed their Instagram posts on their site. Maybe they are a photographer and they feel like this infringes their copyright. Or maybe they don’t want sites they don’t like using their content.

It looks like Instagram will soon give you the choice to allow embedding or not. This is great for giving users control but will it mean a whole lot of blog posts and articles with existing embedded images will suddenly go blank?

#Instagram is working on an option to allow you to choose whether to allow people to embed your posts or profile on other websites 👀 pic.twitter.com/7tiYUEkdyF

— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a)

Clubhouse replays 

In the last few weeks, we saw Twitter roll out recorded spaces, now Clubhouse has done the same.

Except you can download Clubhouse recordings, something I’ve not been able to do on Twitter. You can also quickly skip to the speaker you want to hear.

That final feature is amazing, but how soon until Twitter steals it?

the best of live ✨ but later!

Replays are here and they’re so much more than just a recording. Creators can download audio, and when you listen on Clubhouse, you’ll see all the dynamics of the stage, PTRs, *and* hop from speaker to speaker.

live now on iOS & Android 💖 pic.twitter.com/zDtenNy60c

— Clubhouse (@Clubhouse)

Instagram tips for relationship building

Instagram shared its tips on building better relationships on the platform. And of course, relationships are an important part of business marketing.

Tip 1 is to Share your journey as your business grows.

Tip 2 is to create a series and use hashtags that your customers can use to be part of the conversation. Not clear what they mean by series but it could be a simple weekly post, Reels or other video series.  

Create Gifs or filters that your audience can use, share and engage with. 

Bookmark your Reels on Instagram

Reels are amazing but like all social media content, they are fleeting. But it looks like Instagram is working on a feature that could give Reels extra life.

‘Playlists’ will be bookmark folders similar to collections where users can save their favourite Reels. 

Maybe you have a happy folder where you save uplifting videos, a cat folder for… cats. A shopping folder where you save things you want to buy, a tips folder where you save tips you want to try.

As businesses, we need to consider how we can encourage bookmarking. Do we ask for a bookmark? Add a discount code? Or just be super brilliant?

#Instagram is working on private user-created #reels playlists 👀

ℹ️ When you save reels in a collection it will become a playlist. Opening it from the “Saved” section will open the Reels player.
ℹ️ These are NOT public playlists created by creators, like #TikTok (for now). pic.twitter.com/fcubaZmMpN

— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a)

It’s easier to claim your business on Google

Things have changed, it used to be a cumbersome process to register your ownership of a business on Google. But it’s become much easier.

And now it’s become easier again. You can now claim your business from search results or maps. Verify your ownership and then you’re in.

Google My Business is becoming a vital part of getting found on digital and Google are keen to get everyone registered so that their search engine remains relevant. 

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