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It’s called digital marketing or “online” marketing, but really it has become the main form of marketing in general. If you’re not reaching people online, it can be hard to consistently generate new leads.

Marketing and lead generation are one of those activities that every business needs to do on a regular basis, but how do you know which types of digital marketing are the best for a local IT business? Are you missing something that could generate more leads?

Most MSP business owners are dealing with so much at once, and may not have a dedicated marketing person on their team. This often leads to marketing efforts being sporadic or done “when we have time.” It’s often paid attention to when sales are down, and at that point you might be in a place of desperation.

Only  surveyed business owners are satisfied with their lead conversion rates.

The good news is, you can incorporate several forms of digital and content marketing into your monthly mix and work to automate lead generation activities through tools like Syncro, our combined RMM & PSA platform, with marketing email automation.

What types of marketing activities are important for an IT business owner to fulfill? Here are several you’ll want to consider.

Google My Business Optimization

Where do people go to look for products and services? Google. The search engine is also the top place people look for local businesses. Its Google My Business listings can make it easier for you to get calls without someone even leaving the search page.

5% of the views of a Google My Business listing result in a website visit, call, or directions request.

Claiming and filling out your Google My Business listing has multiple benefits:

Business blogs give you a great way to keep reaching out to new leads as well as existing customers. You provide relevant and helpful information and people naturally will keep coming back to your website where you can convert them to sales.

Blogs are also great because they provide a foundation for all your other content marketing. One blog can branch out into multiple other “touches,” including:

Blogs also have a cumulative impact on your site SEO, helping boost your pages in the search rankings, meaning your business is found by more of the searchers you want.

Companies that have blogs average  per month than those without blogs.

Email Newsletter

Email has one of the best ROIs of any form of marketing. That’s because it’s fairly inexpensive and can convert both new and repeat sales. 59% of B2B marketers say email is their top marketing method for revenue generation. 

Setting up email generation through a drip campaign, which is designed to automatically send out messages based upon certain criteria (such as website visit or click on a certain email link) can be very effective and time efficient.

Syncro offers automated email and integration with popular email marketing tools, like MailChimp. 

Social Media Marketing

There are approximately 3.7 billion social media users worldwide. Social has become the place that people connect with friends, colleagues, and brands they use. 

Remember how 15 years ago, people looked at businesses funny if they didn’t have a website? It’s that way now for social media presence.

It’s important to connect via social with your target audiences and put out helpful content regularly.

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have evolved with the times and added multiple marketing-related features to their platforms to help small businesses generate more leads. 

Video Marketing on YouTube

Video has become one of the major ways to get your name out there and generate interest for your business. 84% of people say they’ve purchased a product or service after watching a company’s video.

Using YouTube to post videos gives you the opportunity to use keywords to have your content found. It’s also another SEO booster that can help your search optimization strategy all around.

Video content also gives you multiple opportunities to communicate in a more comprehensive way. A person can often pick up a concept much faster by watching video than by reading paragraphs of text.

Types of videos to consider:

Improve Your Email Marketing Results Through Automation

Syncro connects your marketing, customer support, and administrative tasks in one platform. This means your email marketing not only can be automated, but also targeted for more effective messaging.

Contact us today to schedule a free demo and 30-day free trial. Call 856-579-6276 or start your trial online.

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