What were our favourite digital marketing blogs in March 2019? – Bulldog

Have you read any epic pieces of content recently? We know we have, and just like the beginning of every other month, it’s time to share everything with you. It seems that the digital marketing industry never sleeps, but we aren’t complaining, as the amount of content we have discovered through March has been incredible. I’ll stop the chitchat and get right to it; here are our favourite reads from March 2019.

Chosen by: Tom Dodkin, PPC Account Manager

We recently came across Opteo; an epic tool for paid search specialists which is made to make account management smarter and more productive. We were pretty intrigued by Opteo, so started doing some further research on the tool. While conducting this research, we came across this epic blog on Search Engine Journal which takes you through the process of Opteo and how it helps to automate routine tasks.

The team at Opteo are great, and so is their software. If you’re looking to make your paid account management more pleasant, we’d recommend checking out the article.

Chosen by: Andre Pierrie, Senior Relationship Manager

Google have announced that they are going to get rid of their ‘average position’ metric later in the year. Although this isn’t too much of a drastic change, it does mean that new ‘prominence metrics’ are going to be introduced. Due to this, it’s worth brushing up your knowledge on the new metrics before they go live so that you’re not mind-boggled when it does happen! So, if you’re an advertiser who wants to stay in the loop with all these changes, take a look at Marin Software’s article on 3 things you need to know about Google’s new prominence metrics.

Chosen by: Ryan Toomey, Head of Design

UX design is important, and for most users, it has a huge impact on their purchase decisions. There are a lot of things to take into account when it comes to UX design, but something which sometimes gets overlooked is ethics. We all know that our users need to have the most honest and straightforward experience on our sites; but how do we make this possible? Well, Michael J. Fordham decided to dive deep into this, and he’s got some pretty great tips to share with us all.

We love honesty. Not a single working person on this planet has plain-sailed through their job, and it’s from our mistakes that we learn our greatest lessons. This was no different with Wil Reynolds from Seer Interactive, who openly admits that he made a $200,000 mistake. Now, it’s safe to say that this is anyone’s idea of a nightmare, but Wil flips the situation on its head and teaches us how to look at the situation with a glass half full. A favourite quote of ours from this article is “the people who caused the issue to happen are probably the most dedicated to helping you fix it”. Think about that for a moment.

Chosen by: Emily Wilson, Digital Marketing Executive

International Women’s Day was on Friday 8th March, so Emily decided that it was time to chat with several female marketers about their views on gender bias in the industry. This ended up being an extremely insightful blog, exploring the views of many female marketers who have had somewhat similar experiences in the industry. From the highs to the lows, this blog covers it all. Take a read and get to know some incredible women doing awesome things in the industry.

Chosen by: Buzz Carter, Head of Outreach

We’re ending this months roundup with a fun one. Buzz recently discovered the ‘Google Graveyard’; a site full of dead Google projects. If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, then check out this list and see if you can remember any of the now-dead products and services. To be honest, we didn’t even know some of these existed…

Until next time!

There you have it – our roundup of blogs from the month of March. See you in a month’s time for more epic content!