Where To Begin Your Digital Marketing Strategy as an Entrepreneur

Where To Begin Your Digital Marketing Strategy as an Entrepreneur

Guest Contributor: Beth Casey

Starting your own business is never easy. Among the plethora of other decisions, you must also consider how best to market yourself. Today, the name of the marketing game is digital. Statista reported that there were over last year in America, and that number is expected to grow. That means having and maintaining an online presence to connect with these consumers is vital for business growth and profit.

Deciding which marketing strategy will work best for your business or campaign is like walking through a labyrinth, as there is no shortage of digital marketing tools and integrations to choose from. The choice you make depends on many factors, including how much time you’re willing to spend, your marketing budget, and your business goals.

Plan your digital marketing strategy

Getting your digital marketing strategy right is important and Entrepreneur guest writer, , reiterates it well when he suggests marketing to customers to lead engagement, not the other way around. The problem with leading the engagement yourself is that too often, the conversation turns one-sided and remains that way. Successful digital marketing strategies avoid this by turning the tables and allowing customers to lead the conversation instead. So, how do you do this? Here are a few easy steps to get you started.

Go mobile

In 2016, Facebook visitors using a mobile device to access the social platform topped more than . That’s a lot of mobile devices browsing social media! Ensuring that your digital marketing plan is in line with mobile device technologies will help you capture the attention of some of this market. Investing in building a website will fall short of its value if you don’t ensure that it will stand up to mobile technology. With many shoppers using smartphones and tablets to shop online these days, it’s vital that your website easily converts to mobile technology.

Create value with great content

Content is still king and very much a part of a great digital strategy. Hiring a content specialist is the optimal way to create original, quality content, but when you’re first starting out, this may not be an option. Instead, consider curating valuable content from the web until you can. Just remember to make sure that the content you share speaks to your audience and your brand. With digital content marketing tools like or , you can easily create or curate value-driven content for your website.

Social media management

Where would your digital marketing strategy be without the inclusion of social media? With alone, social media is no longer an option, but a necessity. If you’re planning on starting with one or two social media platforms, you may be able to use the free publishing tools offered by each platform to post your content. Yet, if you decide to cross-post to multiple social platforms, a third-party publishing tool like or will come in handy and allow you to cross-post simultaneously across the different platforms. Just make sure that the social media management tool you choose supports the different social platforms you plan to use.

While these tools are far from the only digital marketing tools available, they are some of the best tools on the market according to trusted reviewers; while finding the right digital marketing tools is vital to any entrepreneur, knowing which tools businesses like most is one step in the right direction.

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