Who Do You Need on Your Digital Marketing Team?

With more consumers going online to find products, services, or answers to a problem, businesses have had to really amp up their digital presence and start taking their digital marketing strategy seriously. There are many moving parts to a solid digital marketing strategy, and it takes a team of skilled individuals to execute it. So who are these individuals and what do they do? Let’s take a look:

Marketing Strategy Coordinator

There are a lot of elements that go into forming an ongoing digital marketing strategy, therefore it is essential to have someone coordinating. This person will have a good grasp on the brand, and how each element can work together to execute a successful marketing initiative.

The strategy coordinator, or Account Manager, will be working directly with each of the roles listed below, and acting as a liaison between them and the rest of the company in which they are doing work for, whether it be internal or external. The strategy coordinator will be able to keep the team on task as well as ensure they don’t lose sight of the main goal.

Web Designer/Developer

Your website… the hub of your online presence. Truthfully, none of the other elements of digital marketing really matter if you don’t have a good website to which to direct your audience. A lot goes into creating and maintaining an effective website, from the design and flow to the tone and content on the site. This is definitely not an area you want to skimp on, as it is a reflection of your brand as a whole.

Website development should also not be a “set it and forget it” task. It’s not a one time job, so it would benefit you to have someone on staff or readily available to make continuous updates to your site. The last thing you want is for the information to be stagnant, outdated, or even wrong, given any business changes or updates.

Content Creator

Blogs, website pages, social media, emails…a brand’s content needs are virtually endless. Not only is quantity a factor here, but this absolutely needs to be quality content. First, it’s important to understand the brand and remain consistent with tone throughout all channels. Second, you have to be able to deliver engaging content based on the current needs of your audience.

Content creation involves a lot of strategy to determine those needs and figure out how to deliver content that remains consistent and engaging. This takes creativity, and definitely time. Whether in-house or outsourced, it is very important that this individual understands the tone/personality of the brand, their goals, and the brand’s audience.

Digital Ads Expert

Advertising and content promotion are critical to the success of your marketing campaigns. With accounts on platforms such as Google Ads, you are able to reach a larger, yet more targeted audience.

These platforms require a lot of strategy, monitoring, optimization, and testing, which is why you should have a dedicated, experienced person in this role. This individual will be continuously reviewing the performance of various advertisements, and will make adjustments as necessary to ensure a strong ad performance. These adjustments include optimizing the targeted keywords, shifting budget allocations, updating aspects of the target audience, and more. They are also responsible for analyzing the success of campaigns upon completion, and utilizing that data to form a strategy for future campaigns.

Graphic Designer

Attention-grabbing visual elements are essential for your brand, and play a large role in helping your audience recognize and understand your messaging. To be most effective, each piece of content should have custom graphics as opposed to stock images when possible to help set your brand apart. In this regard, quality graphics are just as important as your written content, and that’s why it is crucial to have a graphic designer on your team.

While SIOD does not currently have a full-time graphic designer on our team, we do partner with three excellent designers ranging in capabilities and services. Whenever we have a client that is looking for a graphic designer, we know who to call!

Our Team Is Here To Help

It’s no coincidence that you can find all of these key roles on our Shout It Out Design team. Partnering with Shout It Out Design means you have access to the knowledge and unique skill sets each of these individuals possess, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about hiring new employees! We understand that for small businesses, it may not be practical to hire (potentially 5+!) full-time staff for specialized roles such as the ones above, and that’s where we come in.

Shout It Out Design is here to help in any way needed to meet your goals, whether you need some help building a website, managing social media, or a little bit of everything. Give us a shout today to discuss your project needs.

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