Why Digital Marketing is Essential for your Business?

Looking to boost your sales, promote your business or promote a new service? The digital marketing can help you do this by increasing the traffic on your website. Visitors to your website are all potential customers! The more visits your site receives, the more likely you are to reach your goals. But it is still necessary that these visitors arrive on your website. To lead them to you, and distinguish yourself from your competitors, you need to increase your visibility on search engines. For this, there are several levers that you can put in place.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Also called natural referencing (or organic), means a set of methods to optimize your positioning in the research results related to your activity. SEO is based on several points:

Ergonomics and responsive design : you have to make sure that the navigation on your website is smooth and pleasant. When you know that the average time spent on a website is about two minutes, you must give a good impression to your visitor from the outset, and above all, make him want to stay there. And even if the computer remains the most used way to search the web in France, mobile accounts for a third of connections, so make sure your site is “mobile friendly”.
The loading time of pages : a page that is too slow to load can quickly discourage a user. To avoid this, reduce the weight of your images.
The choice of keywords : beyond the design and navigation aspects, the choice of key words and phrases you use for your content, as well as their positioning in strategic tags (Title, H1, H2) will also be important in your SEO marketing strategy.
Netlinking : remember to insert outgoing links redirecting to quality websites, and make sure to have some inbound links on websites related to your business: your SEO will be improved!
Succeeding an SEO project is a long-term job, you have to do it regularly and conscientiously if you want to achieve results in the long run. But the advantage lies in its cost: it is “free”! ( You do not need to invest an advertising budget ).

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
This lever can complement an organic SEO strategy . The effects of an SEO strategy can be a bit long to be felt on the positioning of the website; SEA will help boost the visibility of your website quickly thanks to advertisements. These ads are usually placed at the top of natural search results.

How it works ?
First of all, you will define keywords corresponding to your activity. These are terms that people are likely to type in the search bar to find the service or product you offer. Once these keywords are identified, you will set a maximum bid amount that you are willing to pay to appear at the top of the search results.

To see your ad appear at the top of the search results, you’ll have to win the auction . To do so, it is necessary not only that the amount of your auction is sufficient, but also that the keyword you chose is relevant to the search of the user. Each of your ads has a Quality Score, the latter takes into account 3 elements:

The expected clickthrough rate : The chance that your ads will get clicks when they appear for this keyword.
The relevance of the ad : the relevance of your keyword to the message in your ads.
The friendliness of the landing page : is your site relevant, useful and original? Is navigation easy? Do users stay on your site?
Once the quality score is obtained, the search engine will calculate your Ad-rank thanks to this formula: Maximum bid x Quality Score = Ad-rank

So even if one of your competitors has set a bid amount higher than yours and his quality score is worse than yours, you will have a chance to win the auction. Finally, to optimize your strategy, regularly analyze your number of visits, new customers and their acquisition cost.

Adopt a Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategy to develop your presence on social networks
The social networks have now become essential for a company that wants to increase its visibility on the web. With more than 3 billion users worldwide, including nearly 40 million in France, social networks represent a significant source of potential traffic; they must be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By creating qualitative content to generate commitment, that is to say interactions on the part of Internet users (sharing, “I like”, comment). It is important to track the performance of your publications by analyzing your results according to the performance indicators that you have previously predefined.

Content marketing
The content marketing will allow, at the same time to contribute to a better referencing of the web site , but also to bring you a certain credibility. However, to obtain results with this method, it is necessary to be able to create quality content regularly , and in sufficient quantity, which requires to spend time.

To build your content marketing strategy, you will need to follow a few steps :

Take stock of your resources , then define your goals both global (your ultimate goal) and tactics (how you will achieve).
Identify your target : the better you know it, the more likely you are to offer relevant content. The best way to define your target is to create personas, that is, fictitious profiles that will represent your potential customers.
Set up an editorial line adapted to this target . Start by choosing the types of content and formats: compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of content according to your target and your objectives.
Choose the appropriate tone and language to touch your personas while being in tune with your company’s identity.
The editorial calendar is one of the keys to the success of your content marketing strategy . This calendar will allow you to follow and plan the publication of your content.

Emailing to solicit clients and prospects
Emailing will allow you to solicit your customer database or your prospects by sending a newsletter . Your goal will depend on your target. So, if you’re looking to build customer loyalty, you can send them a regular newsletter to keep them informed about your news and your promotions or exclusives.

However, if you are looking to turn your prospects into new customers, you can send them an automated and personalized email , offering them quality content that may interest them. Customizing your mails will increase the interest of your recipient.

To measure the effectiveness of your newsletters, be sure to follow the indicators of opening rates of mail , click rate in the mail and conversions generated following the mail. Be careful, however, the frequency of sending your newsletters, too frequent, your recipients could get bored and no longer open them.

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