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If you own or run one of the nearly 31 million small businesses in the US, you know you’re up against a lot of competition. That’s just from domestic companies operating in the same industry. For creatives and freelancers, you must often compete against foreign businesses as well.

How do you maintain an edge in this digital era? While you might see advice about building an online presence, how much actionable information do you ever really see? In the face of the lack of information, many business owners enlist the help of a digital marketing business.

Not sure it’s the right fit for you? Keep reading for five reasons why it matters.

1.Expert Help

No matter how much time you pour into learning about marketing, it’s not the main thrust of your business. For a digital marketing company, it’s what they do every day. More importantly, these companies will hire a digital marketing specialist in specific areas, such as:

That’s a level of expertise you’ll likely never attain on your own.


When you handle your own marketing, it’s very easy to say that you’ll deal with it tomorrow. Since you’re the boss, you can keep saying it until six months pass and you still lack a digital marketing strategy. With a digital marketing company, you’ll likely get a digital marketing director who will keep people on track and on schedule.


You can learn solid digital marketing through trial and error. Unfortunately, it’s time-consuming and you’ll burn through a lot of money in the process. Hiring digital marketing experts lets you skip past the expensive learning process.

Instead, you’ll get well-designed digital marketing campaigns that will typically generate leads, sales, or traffic, depending on your needs.

4.They Know the Tools

Marketing is as much about technology these days as it is about clever copy and sharp ads. A good marketing agency will know which tools will serve your purposes best. Beyond that, they will know how best to use those tools.

5.Frees Up Your Time

As a business owner, you can learn about marketing and spend time on it. In fact, you should do enough of that to understand the broad strokes. However, there are a lot of tasks for which no one else in your entire company can take responsibility.

Bringing on digital marketing experts gives you more time for those tasks that only the owner can manage.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Business

Hiring a digital marketing business can feel like giving up and saying you can’t handle the work. In reality, though, it’s no different than hiring any other kind of expert. You don’t think of hiring an electrician or a mechanic as giving up.

Hiring marketing experts just means that you put the work into the hands of the people best equipped for success. That leaves you free for the work only you can do.

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