Why Outsource Interactive Content from a White Label Digital Marketing Agency?

Why Outsource Interactive Content from a White Label Digital Marketing Agency?

Attracting an audience to your client’s website and social media is a necessary first step in your marketing strategy, and you may have already turned to a white label digital marketing agency for assistance.

Hours have likely been spent crafting compelling content for your clients that targets their ideal audience and covers current strategies and trendsBut as content creation trends continuously evolve and audiences seek new experiences, engaging your client’s audience and convincing visitors to keep coming back for more requires taking an additional step. 

Audiences nowadays expect content with an extra edge. As a savvy marketer and even as a white label digital marketing agency, taking things a step further and including content that is interactive is a must. 

Because this new approach to content creation can be a lot to think about and implement on top of the numerous other tasks agencies deal with on a daily basis, many opt for outsourcing white-label digital marketing companies to take care of putting new and effective strategies into action. 

Let’s take a closer look at what interactive content is and why your agency should implement it into your clients’ strategies today. 

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What Is Interactive Content, and Why Outsource a White Label Digital Marketing Agency?

Interactive content is content that raises the bar from static content with engaging quizzes, giveaways, calculators, and virtual reality experiences – to name only a few!

With interactive content, the user is everything and two-way communication with them is key. Unlike regular content, interactive formats encourage active participation to entertain, educate, and leave a lasting impression on the user to foster brand loyalty and encourage conversions.

Interactive content sees 52.6% more engagement than static content, making it crucial for boosting engagement on your client’s social media or website.

Crafting compelling interactive material requires expertise in both design and technology along with time to spend. However, some agencies don’t have this spare time to focus on implementing new strategies, with the pressing demand to nurture clients and develop ideas to scale. That’s where outsourcing to white label digital marketing agencies can be a viable and critical resource.

Leveraging a white label digital marketing agency as an agency resource can open the doors to valuable skills and knowledge, helping your agency remain up to speed with the latest best practices. In turn, this does wonders for client satisfaction and retention, helping you grow your agency sustainably. 

The white label digital marketing agency partner will handle every step of the process from brainstorming ideas to execution so you can include interactive content in your clients’ marketing strategies without needing to hire extra staff or learn new software.

52.6% more engagement than static content, making it crucial for boosting engagement on your client’s social media or website. For help, opt to outsource to a white label digital marketing agency to leverage this trend without additional staff or new software. #DigitalMarketingTrends #WhiteLabelDigitalAgency  Click to Tweet

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Why Implement Interactive Content Into Your Clients’ Strategies?

The digital world provides users with infinite distractions, and as a result, attention has become the currency of success when it comes to offering successful digital marketing services. For this reason alone, leveraging interactive content into your client’s strategy is crucial to boost engagement, generate leads, and drive conversions. 

The content addresses the audience directly, encouraging conversation and creating personalized and memorable interactions. 

1. Boosts Engagement

Engagement is the first and primary benefit of including interactive content in a client’s content strategy. 

When users interact with content, they’re more likely to remember and engage with the brand than they would a static content type. Remember, interactive content sees 52.6% more engagement than static – the proof is in the numbers.

2. Improved Data Collection

Some interactive tools, such as quizzes or polls, can assist you with collecting valuable data about customers’ preferences or behaviors without them feeling surveyed. Questions and votes are a fun and imaginative way to intrigue them into participating while opening up Pandora’s box of valuable data points you can use to deliver effective digital marketing services.

3. Promotes Sharing

Users love to share valuable content with their followers. Creating shareable content is vital for boosting engagement and spreading awareness about your client’s offerings. Regarding shareability, interactive content types take the lead with 38% while static content sits at only 17%. 

While these benefits don’t mean you should discard static content from your strategies, they do put emphasis on the importance of including content that the audience can engage with in your digital marketing services. 

Now that you’ve got a firm grip on the benefits of interactive content and how outsourcing a white label digital marketing agency can assist in implementing it into your future strategies, let’s explore several effective forms of this content type.

1. QR Codes

It seems that  QR codes have become a normal addition to everyday life overnight, popping up anywhere from restaurant menus to concert posters. 

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes designed to store information like websites, downloads, videos, and sound files – to name just a few. Because these tools are on the low-cost end, they have rapidly gained popularity among marketers and white label digital marketing agency partners to drive audience engagement.

QR codes have also unveiled themselves as a great way to turn static media into an interactive experience. QR codes on various media types allow users to immediately visit your client’s website, buy their products, or follow their social pages simply by scanning the code with their smartphones. 

For example, the restaurant industry has been quick to adopt QR technologies to save money and paper while reducing contact by providing codes that customers can scan to view menus, place orders, and pay for meals. The versatility and practicality of QR codes mean they’re ideal for any industry, so finding ways to implement them into your strategies could help boost your client’s engagement rates exponentially. 

2. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos allow users to influence the story by making decisions and actively participating in the storytelling process. 

When implementing an interactive element into a video, it allows the user to click, drag, scroll, hover, and complete other digital actions to interact with the content.

Many forms of interactive video elements exist including, quizzes, gamified content, clickable menus, and interactive storylines where the viewer can steer their video journey. As the creator, you can also give them control over the viewing perspective.

A study by Spiel Creative showed that 87.7% of brands noted growth in their online sales after incorporating interactive video into their sales strategy. This study proves that interactive video holds the power to enhance viewer engagement and encourage longer watch times with users being involved in the outcome of the narrative.

You can implement this content type on websites and also social platforms like Facebook and Instagram where the primary goal for agencies is increasing user interaction. These platforms offer tools to create simple yet engaging videos and prove highly effective in increasing audience participation.

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3. Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics highlight specific data that viewers can interact with.

They differ from static infographics in that the user can click, drag, or hover over to reveal more information, which makes the visual content more dynamic and engaging. With posts that include images and graphics receiving up to 650% higher engagement, this type of content has become invaluable to content marketers seeking to drive engagement on their clients’ websites.

These stats refer to static graphics so imagine the power when adding interactive elements. Whether you’re sitting with piles of data or you’re looking to tell a story effectively, interactive infographics are a powerful tool for evoking interest and engagement.

Including this tool in your clients’ strategies will help give them a competitive edge while driving higher conversion rates. An expert white label digital marketing agency can assist your agency with any part of the process, ensuring your client’s interactive video content is put into action seamlessly.

4. Quizzes & Polls

People love quizzes and polls. They’re not just fun for the user to engage with; they’re also a goldmine for customer data for the marketer. 

Quizzes help you know your client’s audience better, while polls offer insights into their preferences. Therefore, it’s no mystery why Interactive content like this is used widely by marketers to engage users and receive valuable feedback.

Simply put, quizzes and polls are quick, engaging, and provide instant gratification. Marketers and white label partners use these tools the most on social media platforms, such as in the Stories feature, as they make sharing easy, which helps increase reach organically.

  • Polls give real-time results, making it exciting for participants to see how their answers stack up against others.
  • The versatility of quizzes means they can fit any topic or industry.
  • Data collected through these mediums help shape future strategies, making them invaluable in today’s data-driven world.
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5. Surveys

Surveys offer an effective way to engage audiences, gather valuable data, and build stronger relationships with your client’s customers. They’re easy to implement, cost-effective, and can be utilized on different digital channels such as social media or emails.

Incorporating surveys into your client’s content marketing strategies can yield numerous benefits. 

  • User Engagement: Surveys provide a platform for users to voice their opinions or experiences. This interaction boosts engagement levels significantly.
  • Data Collection: The responses from these surveys give you invaluable insights about user preferences and behaviors that can inform future marketing strategies.
  • Credibility Boost: Sharing survey results publicly demonstrates transparency, which enhances brand credibility and trustworthiness among consumers.

If you’re considering adding surveys to your arsenal, here are some tips on how to implement them for the best results:

  1. Create Clear Objectives:Before creating any survey, it’s essential first to define what information you aim to gather from respondents. Having clear objectives will guide the design process and ensure relevant questions are asked.
  2. Simplicity is Key:Avoid complex language or jargon in your survey questions; keep them simple so everyone can understand.
  3. Use a Mix of Question Types:Mixing up question types, such as multiple-choice and open-ended questions, can keep the survey engaging while also providing different kinds of data.
  4. Promote Your Survey:A well-promoted survey will attract more responses. Use social media channels or email marketing to reach out to your audience.

If you need assistance,  you could always outsource a white-label digital marketing agency to implement this tool into your strategies; they have the expertise needed to research, build, manage, and report on your client’s interactive content. 

6. Gamification

Gamification has emerged as one of the most effective ways to engage audiences with content in today’s digital landscape. The concept involves the integration of game mechanics into non-game contexts, such as a website or an online marketing campaign, with the aim of increasing user engagement and retention.

Implementing gamification involves several steps. Firstly, you need to understand your client’s target audience and what motivates them. Next, you can decide what type of game elements you want to use. 

For example, these could range from quizzes and augmented reality (AR) experiences to puzzles and challenges. You are then set to design your game mechanics around these elements and integrate them into your client’s content strategy.

Integrating gamification into your client’s content strategy offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Increase User Engagement: Users are more likely to interact with and share gamified content because it’s fun and engaging.
  • Boost Customer Loyalty: By rewarding users for their participation (e.g., through points or badges), you foster loyalty towards your brand.
  • Elevate Brand Awareness: Well-executed gamified campaigns have viral potential which helps raise awareness about your business.

7. Giveaways

A giveaway that is properly implemented can be a real game-changer. 

Giveaways are a form of interactive content that allows users to participate for the chance to win a prize of your choosing. Freebies will always attract attention, especially if the user is already interested in your client’s brand. 

Marketers and white label partners implement giveaways across various platforms like social media or websites, with most engagement coming from these channels.

The benefits are significant. A study by Tailwind showed that accounts hosting contests grew 70% faster on average compared to those who didn’t over three months. This statistic demonstrates how giveaways can skyrocket growth and audience interaction quickly when used strategically – another reason to implement giveaways into your interactive content strategies and why outsourcing this need to a white-label digital marketing company can be beneficial.


Interactive content is a game-changer when added to your clients’ content marketing strategies. It can boost engagement, help you gather valuable data and insights, and help your client stand out in a competitive online world.

If you need help implementing these tools and digital services into your strategies, no longer worry; any agencies opt for outsourcing to white-label SEO companies as a viable solution to providing new services they couldn’t before, becoming a full-service digital agency, enhancing client satisfaction, and scaling their business.

White label digital experts can support your agency on this journey. Our digital marketing team focuses on helping clients by mastering and implementing the latest digital marketing trends.

Try these quality services risk-free – no strings attached – after booking a quick and free consultation with our white label digital marketing agency team, helping us learn more about your agency and goals to develop customized strategies. You’ll then receive your services voucher valued at $1000. Start scaling now by mastering and implementing solutions tailored to enhance your content strategies!

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