Why Use Digital Marketing Services

It’s a jungle out there, a thatch-infested wilderness full of bugs and predators. The world of business is a scary one, and it’s not easy for small or new businesses to get a foothold in whatever industry they’ve chosen to pursue. Breaking out is the most difficult part of any venture. How does someone go from having no name, to being a household regular?

The answer lies in marketing. Marketing has always been about promotion, but in today’s digital age, the face of marketing is a very different mask to the one that it was wearing ten or twenty years ago. Whereas before a company could get by on entertaining ads aimed at promoting a product or service, now companies have to sell themselves in order to get by.

Maybe we’re preaching to the choir, and maybe to know that you needed marketing, but you wanted to know why you specifically needed digital marketing services  when you could potentially just do it yourself. It’s a fair enough question, after all the tools available for marketing digitally are available and open to the public, so why use someone else’s digital marketing services?

Digital Marketing and its Uses

Traditional marketing was fine, after all, we’re still using it, but it suffered from several pitfalls that digital marketing improves on exponentially. First of all, it’s indirect. Ads are made and then put into the stratosphere and the only indication on whether or not the ads were successful or not is whether product sales increase. Digital marketing offers so much more. Ads can be made and released several times per day, or they can be deleted and re-posted later in response to criticism. While traditional ads force a reliance on products and services, digital marketing sells a brand identity to people, and if they like the feeling of the brand they’ll likely become a customer or an advocate. Additionally, there are so many more metrics for success when using digital marketing, and because they come straight from the source in real time, they are generally more accurate as well.

As you can see digital marketing is just the standard of marketing today. Not only does it have near limitless outreach, but it allows you to get so much closer to your customers, understand their wants and needs, and be able to target your ads more specifically, decreasing excess expenditure while increasing your ROI.

But why should you use someone else’s digital marketing services?

Let’s think of it like this, when your car breaks down why do you use a mechanic’s services? When you’re sick why do you use a doctor’s services? When you need financial advice why do you go to a financial adviser?

There are experts for everything these days, and most of them will offer their expertise, time, and tools for what they do. Marketing is no different. Theoretically, you could Google countless articles and research and come to understand this digital marketing stuff yourself, how to use it and why it works, but that takes years to learn and years more to master. People with digital marketing agencies have already been to university, they’re qualified, they know what they’re talking about, and they understand the limitations of the tools they use. If you had a plumber working on your sink, you wouldn’t interrupt them every ten minutes with suggestions that they use different tools or techniques, would you?

Digital Marketing Agencies

There are so many platforms that allow businesses to reach out to their audience, and just like tools in a toolbox, everyone has its digital marketing uses. Agencies that offer digital marketing services generally consist of teams of people, each one consisting of people who tend to specialise in one or two select areas of expertise.

When you first engage the services of one of these agencies, you will likely have a consultation with an account manager and/or project coordinator. Account managers create client profiles for you within their company, consisting of the logistical information of what you need. Project coordinators make sure that requests for specific kinds of work get sent through to the right people. These people can include researchers, who  examine your business and discover what keywords would help your business rank well in the results of search engines, as well as other factors to do with your audience and competitors. This information is then used to create a strategy tailor designed to meet your requirements. Once the strategy has been formulated, the appropriate requests for content and copy are handed to the relevant people. Designers will create graphics, writers will draft copy and blogs, and web developers will create websites and landing pages. After which, the result of all this work is then uploaded to the appropriate channels, and before long you should see the results you’ve been looking for.

The agency you hire will likely keep you in the loop during the entire process, and they should monitor how the campaign is doing after it has been launched. They will have access to all the necessary campaign elements and be able to tweak and adjust the settings of certain ads as necessary.

What Digital Marketing Services are Offered?

Some agencies specialise in a single element of digital marketing. Most, however, will offer a range of services designed to offer a full and comprehensive marketing experience. However, there are a few incredibly common digital marketing services that you can generally expect to see in most digital marketing agencies.

SEO: SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and refers to the process of refining your website copy and content to raise your ranking in search engine results pages or “SERPs.” How high you are in the SERPs has been directly proven to be linked to sales, traffic, profits, and overall brand awareness.

Email Marketing: Email marketing utilises customer-given mailing lists in order to establish an email marketing campaign, allowing you to use platforms such as Mail Chimp to automatically send out promotional emails to customers who willingly gave you a means of regularly contacting them. This means that your established audience stays up to date with your specials and promotions, and has a persistent reminder of your presence within their inbox.

PPC: PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” and although it sounds counteractive to generating profits, PPC is one of the most lucrative and well-known advertising methods used in modern digital marketing. The way it works is the company will design ads designed to reach your audience. These ads will rank highly in the SERPs and you get more clicks. Combined with the following marketing method, this can be a hugely valuable form of marketing.

CRO: CRO stands for “Conversion Rate Optimisation” and refers to customers seeing through a desired action such as making a purchase or signing up to a mailing list. Combined with other digital marketing services you can expect to reap good profits against the investment you put in with methods like PPC.

Social Media Marketing: Using social media as a marketing tool is incredibly common and extremely powerful. There are millions of active social media accounts globally, and it’s more than likely that a vast majority of your audience is on there too. Using social media allows you to target these members of your audience very specifically and is perfect for building brand awareness.

These are some typical digital marketing services that you will see. These services and more are offered by Traffic Radius, a Melbourne-based digital marketing company with international reach. We have decades of experience in getting results for our huge list of clients reaching in the hundreds. If you enjoyed this blog and would like something like it for your company simply contact us here or call us on 1300 870 901.

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