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Technology enables people to interact with devices using their voices. Voice-controlled assistants have become a vital part of everyday life. Imagine not having to get up to turn off the lights or close the doors from the comfort of your home. You just speak your command with voice-controlled assistants like Alexa and Siri, and you get your wish. Voice commands can quickly replace typing, which can be tedious.

By simply speaking the voice, it is possible to achieve more productivity than by manually communicating with your phones. You will find that, especially among search engines, there is quite a bit of voice usage. WordPress is also beginning to enjoy the benefits, and we will look at how you can optimize the same for voice search.

Why voice search is Important for SEO?

Voice search dramatically improves user experience–thus, half of all online searches will be performed by voice search by the year 2020.

Search engines like Google place a higher emphasis on voice search optimization due to its prolific use.

After all, SEO aims to rank websites correctly so that users can find as quickly as possible the best information for their search query. Ultimately, user experience is at the forefront of optimizing the search engine.

But remembering that SEO voice search and traditional are different is relevant. Consequently, other factors affecting website rankings may or may not have the same impact on voice searching–and vice versa.

Here are some tips on how you can optimize for SEO

Long-tail keywords 

It is already proven that are the best for . The advantage of voice search is that you can add in a more conversational tone while allowing it to be quite specific about what you are looking for.

You will find fantastic tools online that will help you come up with the relevant phrases. Even as you focus on the right use of phrases, it should not make it difficult for the reader to understand.

Your Content should be readable 

Visitors to the website and not just people, we now have virtual assistants to stalk websites in search of relevant information. Anyone doing a voice or manual search will also be read back the material by the same resistance. Take your time to look for a reader-friendly way to present content.

Paying close attention to how you deliver your content is crucial. You want content that is scannable, easy-to-understand and well-presented. You’ll find that people spend more time on the website, making it more likely to respond positively.

Local SEO 

Another common phrase that people are looking for a lot is’ things to do next to me.’ Incorporate this into your content, helping you push your product or brand. If you are an example of running a food shop, a direct response to’ things to do near me’ could be’ trying local cuisine at the XX food shop.’ You should structure your data in such a way that it is easy for the visitor to get as much information as possible.

Using words like the nearest, best, and best hours will help search engines find you. Make sure you add your contact details and the opening hours of your office. It will make it easy to process the data, making it very likely that people will find you.

Position Zero Optimization

Getting to zero is difficult because there are so many people fighting for that little space. You, therefore, need to focus on approaches that will improve the chances of being in that coveted position. You can do this by:

Google My Business 

Google My Business listing is an essential tool that you should sign up for. It will make it easy for your customers to find you, particularly in the local area. You also get the opportunity to share your business information, making it easier for search engines to locate you.

By using location or unique phrases like’ near me’ you increase the chances of success in search engines. Be careful with the information you have on your listing page. Include your name, your physical address and your phone number. Use the introduction paragraph to provide a proper description of your services and products.

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