Why you need to know more about digital marketing

Working on my renovation project has given me a huge appreciation for the collective knowledge of the world wide web.

The internet is an amazing thing. You often forget, day to day, how much this has added to our lives and changed our behaviour but I wonder, how would I have done this project without Google Search, Pinterest, Houzz or even Instagram? It’s hard to imagine.

Need to know what the hell an architrave is without looking stupid? Whip out your phone and google it. Want to compare prices on copper taps? Google it.

There are downsides to this of course, our obsession with social media, addiction to instant knowledge, the pressure to keep up with the Jones, exposing yourself to trolls, the negative nancies and bad advice.  But I have to believe that as we learn to evolve and adapt to this new “norm” we will see more of the good than bad.

I think I’m evolving. I am able to put down the phone and walk away. I can have a conversation, a meal, a catch-up without constantly checking my phone. I no longer answer to the bing.

But a big part of my evolution has been learning more about the digital media landscape. Working on Balance by Deborah Hutton with my business partner, Sonya Keenan, has opened my eyes to how people and businesses are using and manipulating digital communication to their advantage.

Websites, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google… – they are all tools, run by businesses. When you shift your perspective and begin to understand these tools from a business view, you shift your expectations.

Using these tools for building community, targeting customers, automating tasks and influencing; may sound complicated but it’s something we all experience if we participate in the online world.

If you’re in business, you definitely need to get up to speed on the available tools and the tactics to help get your product or service in front of the right people.

But where do you start?

A local business group (most of them have events on this topic), the internet and the help section of social media accounts are all fantastic resources.

Last year, I hosted some events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for a company called Digital Marketer. They have systematised the learning process for digital marketing (from beginner to advanced) and have tried and tested all the tools so you don’t have to.

This year, my business partner Sonya has joined forces with Digital Marketer again to create a bigger and better event.

Digital Marketer Down Under is now a two-day conference on the Gold Coast, August 10-11 and will be a great place to learn about the new tools, strategies and tactics being used in digital marketing. You can find out more about the event on the Balance website but whether you go to this event, a different event or just Google “how to do digital marketing”, I urge you find out more about the platforms and tools you’re using because we are all in the business of being people and people drive the internet.

Don’t let the internet control you – learn how to control the internet!

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