Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing? | Viratel

Entrepreneurship began at a very early stage of civilisation. Most stories, however, were small scale businesses. Something as basic as selling spirit was a popular profession back then. However, given that these businesses were merely a way of making a livelihood and not a passionate venture (in terms of small scale businesses), the whole approach was a plain and non competitive one. This does not in any way mean that these businesses were strategized. Word of Mouth was their ultimate marketing and quality service was their business strategy. Even then, people would know how to know and please their audience. For instance, a farmer who also sells his vegetables would know which location will have most number of customers and what the right time to fall under their notice would be.

These strategies improvised overtime to adapt to the lifestyle of the ever changing world, making it much compatible to the current population.  One of the biggest breakthroughs, however, was the introduction of Digital Marketing in the field of business.  Digital Marketing was the one convenient yet effective medium to market a business or a notion. The digital presence of a company can not only reach the global audience within the same time frame but also allows you to widen your audience base by targeting and analysing your work.

This is the push most ventures need. Regardless of how well the business functions, unless the population is made aware of the venture’s exclusivity and popularity, it does not reach to its maximum potential. Digital Marketing gives the brand an identity and the team that works behind it, curate content that is relevant and relatable to the audience. This way more number of people engage with the post, making it ‘talked about’ name. Thus, the name travels, allowing popularising of the brand via word of mouth. But it matters that the content strikes the right chord with the audience, otherwise the message might not ‘stick on’. Companies spend lakhs of rupees create a pleasant image of the brand. Also note that the mode does not only assess a rough estimate of the outcome based on the reception of ‘content’ but also has several digital tools to analyse the behaviour of their audience and push some content on feeds of people to ensure the message is received.

The Era of Digital Living is all about the relevance of your product on the media. Make the best out of it!