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In this video tutorial I will walk you through setting up Varnish caching service on a Bitnami based WordPress website within the Lightsail platform.

Tutorial Commands and Steps: https://www.webhostingforbeginners.net/


00:00 – Intro and Varnish Explanation
02:42 – Setup and Backup (Backup before continuing)
04:46 – Load Test before Varnish
06:35 – SSH & Disable PageSpeed
08:00 – Enable Varnish
08:53 – Optimize Varnish for WordPress
11:43 – Test Varnish, Varnishlog, Varnishstat usage
14:50 – Configure Varnish with SSL Termination
16:10 – Modify wp-config.php file
16:50 – Restart Apache and Test
18:48 – Load Test after Varnish
20:56 – Install Purge Plugin for WordPress
23:10 – Flush cache using command line
23:50 – Wrap Up

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PS: Some of the links above are affiliate links that I get a kickback from so use them if you can!. Your price does not change.


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