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World Cup 2022 is fast approaching and due to the intense heat during summers in Qatar for the very first time in its history, the tournament will take place between mid-November and mid-December – lasting around 28 days. 

Drawing on our global sports and gaming expertise, ICS-digital has created special packages of targeted SEO, content and marketing services aimed at global audiences.

These integrated digital packages have been designed specifically for companies looking to engage sport fans and bettors before, during and after the tournament – and can be delivered in multiple languages.

The FIFA World Cup creates the perfect market opportunity for sports betting businesses in particular – according to FIFA in 2018 the “total global betting turnover for the tournament was an estimated €136 billion…”

However, as with all major events, there is a need to cost-effectively tap into the opportunity at the right time with the right strategy to get ahead of competitors – especially in terms of rankings, traffic, and relevant content.

More than this, due to the extended start date sports betting companies have more time in 2022 to prepare for the intense period of fierce competition for football enthusiasts. 

Our specially priced service packages aim to prepare sports bettors for the tournament, overcome barriers and close gaps with competitors through high-impact digital strategies.

All of the packages aim to:

In addition to our packages, there is also an opportunity to make a selection of specific services and have a chat with us about possible mix-and-match services. 

To find out more about our packages get in touch with us or speak to Martin, Luke, Tom, or Matteo.

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