Zeroing in on two ASX-listed digital marketing companies: RXP, CM8


At a time when most ASX-listed companies are incorporating better online visibility in their businesses strategies, why should the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) stay behind? ASX, operated by ASX Limited (ASX: ASX), recently unveiled a new brand identity for its assets.

Announcing the rebranding, ASX said that it has undergone a makeover from its previous conservative, traditional securities exchange look to a smoother, user-friendly interface. The transformation was engineered by digital design and innovation studio North. The redesigned look also provides the viewers with add-on interactive segments and analysis tools.  The ASX website has about two million monthly users.

Digital Marketing, the new gateway to virtual world presence

While businesses continue to crumble under the effects of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, digital marketing has come to the rescue of not just small but big businesses as well. COVID-19 crisis-related restrictions had forced many operations on the ground to close temporarily. But the virtual world surprisingly remained relatively unaffected by the real-world happenings.

Digital marketplaces were seen not just surviving but thriving during challenging times. Digital marketing, therefore, provided exciting opportunities for businesses to promote their businesses online, where most people spend most of their time these days. Sectors such as health, retail, automobile, retail, technology sectors saw exploiting a perfect mix of digital marketing strategies, that too, in a crisp budget. 

In this backdrop, let us explore three ASX-listed companies which offer digital marketing services in Australia. 

RXP Services Limited 

Technology and digital marketing firm RXP Services Limited (ASX: RXP) is set to be acquired by Capgemini, a multinational business that provides consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services. RXP Services is a creative agency specialising in creativity, design, insights, and technology. 

The company had made quite a buzz when it acquired a leading creative agency, The Works, in 2017. RXP Services and Capgemini Australia have entered into a collaboration where Capgemini Australia acquires 100% of RXP shares.

This scheme implementation deed is subjected to shareholder and court approval. The Board of Directors of RXP Services have endorsed the deal and recommended the shareholders to vote in favour of the takeover offer.

RXP has over 500 professionals in its Australia offices. The company has a robust partnership network that includes leading technology providers and platforms delivering and managing its digital solutions.

Now with the acquisition, Capgemini’s capabilities in digital, data and cloud technology would strengthen significantly. It will also support Capgemini’s ambition to build a strong foothold in the Asia-Pacific region. 

RXP closed at AU$0.530 on 19 November 2020, with a market capitalisation of AU$92.61 million. 

Read in detail: Capgemini Australia to Acquire RXP Services (ASX:RXP)

Crowd Media Holdings Limited

Social commerce company Crowd Media Holdings Limited (ASX: CM8) offers cutting-edge digital marketing technology. The company recently announced the launch of a “talking head” platform for its client, a professional skin care company. Crowd Media said that it released the beta version 12 months ahead of schedule. The technology will provide “conversational commerce” to customers. 

A visual chatbot will offer them a selection of a variety of products. As technology has progressed exponentially over time, Crowd’s market-leading interactive solution will provide a significant advantage to the e-commerce sector. 

Commenting on the launch, Crowd CEO Domenic Carosa labelled the new conversational commerce technology as the “future of e-commerce”.

CM8 closed at AU$0.050 on 19 November 2020, with a market capitalisation of AU$20.93 million. 

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