10 Best Colleges for Digital Marketing in Vasai – 2024

10 Best Colleges for Digital Marketing in Vasai - 2024

Are you looking for the best colleges for Digital Marketing in Vasai? Want to kickstart your journey in digital marketing but don’t know where to begin? Do not worry! This blog has got you covered. In this blog, we have discussed the best colleges for digital marketing in Vasai and career opportunities for digital marketing graduates. So, without further delay, let’s get started with our blog. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the online promotion of the business and its products and services to attain its goals like increasing brand awareness, lead generation, and others. Digital marketing is also known as internet or online marketing. Digital marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is a universe in itself because there are many strategies, methods, and techniques available that you can adopt to promote your business. This includes email marketing, content writing, social media marketing, display advertising, paid advertising, video marketing, and many others. Therefore, to get graduated in digital marketing is a wise decision because it offers many benefits over the conventional form of jobs. With that, digital marketing skills are the highest paid which means if you cultivate these skills, you may land a high-paying job! Bonus Tip: If digital marketing interests you and you want to take a deep dive into it, you may check out IIDE’s online digital marketing course. This course is taught by industry experts and you’ll be provided with a certificate of completion that you can add to your resume! Now, as we know what digital marketing is about. Let’s have a look at the best colleges for digital marketing in Vasai that will help you find the best college for you. Why Study Digital Marketing?  Why Study Digital Marketing?
But before we dive in, are you still wondering why you must study digital marketing? Well, to solve your dilemmas, here are the top reasons to study digital marketing: 1. Career Opportunities 1. Career Opportunities
Digital marketing offers a wide range of career opportunities. No matter if you’re a good writer, editor, or designer, there are many career options that you may opt for. These include Content Writers, Social Media Managers, SEO Specialists, Paid Media Managers, Web Analysts, Email Marketers, and many others. 2. Highly Paid 2. Highly Paid
As mentioned earlier, digital marketing skills are highly paid and thus, are most in demand. This is because, after the pandemic, businesses have realized the importance of online presence. Thus, businesses and companies are constantly looking for digital marketing enthusiasts who can help them attain their business goals. 3. Job Growth 3. Job Growth
Who doesn’t want to grow in their career? And that’s what digital marketing offers. You can start your career sitting at home by registering on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer, or opt for internships for a better experience. As the digital economy is growing much faster, it creates many job growth opportunities for digital marketing enthusiasts. 4. No Downfall 4. No Downfall
Remember when the lockdown hit some people lost their jobs while others struggled to manage their livelihood.? But we didn’t stop scrolling our smartphones. Whether it was ordering clothes or food, the online purchase was always an option. The best thing about digital marketing is that it faces little or no downfall during the recession. 11 Best Colleges for Digital Marketing in Vasai 11 Best Colleges for Digital Marketing in Vasai
Disclaimer: Since very few colleges offer Digital Marketing in India, we have included colleges in and around Vasai that offer a BBA in Digital Marketing as well. 1. IIDE – The Digital School 1. IIDE – The Digital School
Established in 2016, IIDE is India’s #1 digital marketing institute dedicated to helping students make high-paying digital marketing careers in today’s competitive industry. Known for its future-oriented approach to learning, IIDE has trained more than 2,35,000 students from various countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and more. One of the courses IIDE offers is an Online Digital Marketing Course that comes with 2 certifications, Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM) and Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy (PCDMS). While it is not a traditional degree program, it delves deeper into the digital marketing landscape, equipping students with a comprehensive skill set that often surpasses what’s typically covered in traditional degree programs. Course Syllabus Course Syllabus
The course includes a broad range of digital marketing topics, starting from the basics of SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing, and going all the way to real-world  case studies from Harvard Business Review . Along with that the syllabus also includes a Resume and LinkedIn building with added  AI mock interviews  to make you industry-ready. Course Trainers  Course Trainers
IIDE follows a minimum of 1 teacher, 1 module policy. That means you learn Google ads from someone who has 10+ years of experience in working on Google ads making them the subject matter expert. Some of the teachers at IIDE are: Placements
Placements IIDE offers assured placement support to everyone who opts for it. Apart from connecting learners with big agencies & global brands, they also provide placement workshops such as AI-based mock interviews, soft skills & agency skills training, etc. to make you corporate-ready. Some of the brands where IIDE alumni have worked are: Here’s what the students who are enrolled in the IIDE’s digital marketing courses have to say about their courses- Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/digital-marketing-courses/ Contact Details Contact Details
Phone No – 096199 58615 Email ID –  [email protected] Website –  iide.co Instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/iideonline/ Girls Education Society, IIDE Campus, AGES, SV Road, near Andheri Station, Andheri West, Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058Address –  2. Thakur College of Science & Commerce  2. Thakur College of Science & Commerce
Thakur College of Science & Commerce is one of the most renowned colleges in Mumbai. It is affiliated with the University of Mumbai & offers undergraduate & postgraduate degrees in science & commerce stream. Thakur is known for their preference for practical knowledge and theoretical. Recently, Thakur College introduced a new degree for commerce students – BCom in Digital Business with a focus on Digital Marketing. Here’s what the students who are enrolled in the Bachelors in Digital Business Program have to say about the degree- The mission is to create industry-ready students who know the trends & technologies of today instead of learning something relevant a decade ago. Since digital & online businesses have rapidly increased, this degree allows students to look at jobs as employees and entrepreneurs. Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-thakur-college/ Contact Details Contact Details
Phone No .- 2887 0627, 2846 2565 Email Addres s- Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai – 400 101 Website – https://www.tcsc.edu.in/ 3. KES Shroff College (Autonomous) 3. KES Shroff College (Autonomous)
KES Shroff College is a NAAC-accredited autonomous college, affiliated with Mumbai University. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees & courses in science, arts & commerce streams. KES prioritizes real learning over theory. Hence, keeping in mind the digital revolution, they have recently launched a new degree for commerce students called BBA in Digital Business .  Instead of teaching subjects that were important ten years ago, the goal is to produce students who are familiar with current trends and technologies. Due to the fast growth of digital and online companies, this degree enables students to consider startups in addition to work. Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-kes-shroff-college/ Contact Details Contact Details
Phone No – 022-28072477 Address – KES Shroff College, Bhulabhai Desai Rd, Kandivli (w), Mumbai 400067 Website – https://kesshroffcollege.com/ 4. Nagindas Khandwala College 4. Nagindas Khandwala College
Founded in 1983, Nagindas Khandwala College in Mumbai is a great choice for students seeking a quality education in Arts or Commerce. They offer a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, ensuring you find the right fit for your interests. They have recently launched a new program, BBA in Digital Marketing so that students with a keen interest in digital marketing can pursue this course. Getting into Nagindas Khandwala is generally based on your academic performance. They offer various scholarships and support programs to help students succeed academically and financially. Additionally, the college boasts well-equipped facilities like a library, Wi-Fi, and dedicated support for placements and student concerns. One of the college’s biggest strengths is its impressive placement record. Over 75% of their students land jobs after graduation, with many being recruited by well-known companies offering an average starting salary of 3 lakhs per year. With its consistent ranking among the top colleges in India, Nagindas Khandwala College stands out as a well-rounded educational institution, providing both academic excellence and career preparation. Contact Details Contact Details
Phone Number: 2228072262 Address: Bhavishya Bharat Campus, Road, No.1, Govindji Shroff Marg, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064 Website: https://www.nkc.ac.in/ 5. KPB Hinduja College 5. KPB Hinduja College
KPB Hinduja College is one of the well-known colleges in Mumbai for its management & marketing degrees. Affiliated with Mumbai University, they offer undergraduate & postgraduate degrees in commerce. KPB Hinduja College has been consistently ranked among the top colleges in Mumbai that focus on skill development rather than outdated knowledge. They have a lot of clubs and co-curricular activities that help students improve their communication & leadership skills. Apart from that, Hinduja has recently introduced a new degree- BBA in Digital Business that is focused on teaching students the latest trends & technologies that are dominating the digital age. This degree not just focuses on improving job opportunities for students but also shapes them to become potential entrepreneurs in the country.  Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-kpb-hinduja-college/ Contact Details Contact Details
Phone No – 022-4098-9000 Address – 315, New Charni Road, Charni Road East, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004 Website – https://hindujacollege.in/ 6. Jai Hind College 6. Jai Hind College
Established in 1948, Jai Hind College in Mumbai is a top choice for students seeking a well-rounded education. The college emphasises academic excellence through merit-based admissions, offering diverse programs in Science, Commerce, and Arts. BBA in Digital Marketing has been recently launched for students who have a keen interest in exploring the digital marketing realm. Their strong industry connections, with over 90 companies including MNCs like Ernst & Young, translate to excellent placement opportunities for graduates. Beyond academics, Jai Hind College boasts a rich history and an impressive alumni network. The college actively fosters innovation and leadership through initiatives like the “Leadership Series” and collaborations with organisations like the Wadhwani Foundation. Additionally, the Student Council ensures a smooth learning environment by bridging the gap between students and the administration. Jai Hind College demonstrates its commitment to student growth through various initiatives. Their thriving start-up ecosystem allows students to translate their ideas into reality, while collaborative programs like the M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics offered with TCS provide them with cutting-edge knowledge and practical experience. Overall, Jai Hind College stands out as a well-rounded institution that empowers graduates to succeed through academic excellence, industry readiness, and leadership skills. Contact Details: Contact Details:
Phone Number: 022-2204 0256 Address: WRMG+R34, A Rd, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020 Website: https://www.jaihindcollege.com/ 7. Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science ( Autonomous) 7. Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science ( Autonomous)
Affiliated with Mumbai University, Pillai College is the top college for students from Navi Mumbai, Panvel & Thane. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate & doctoral degrees in arts, commerce & science disciplines. The best colleges in Navi Mumbai that emphasize developing skills over rote information include Pillai College. There are global immersion and extracurricular activities available to students that help them develop their leadership and communication skills. In addition, Pillai recently launched the BBA in Digital Business, a new degree program aimed at educating students on the most recent trends and innovations that are defining the digital era. With this degree, students are not only given better employment possibilities but are also given the tools to become future entrepreneurs in the nation. Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-pillai-college/  Contact Details Contact Details
Phone No – 022-2745 1700 Address – Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, Plot No. 10, Sector 16, New Panvel – 410 206, MH, India Website – https://pcacs.ac.in/ 8. School of Digital Marketing 8. School of Digital Marketing
School of Digital Marketing is a platform that helps you to build your dream. It puts together the best development and training strategy to help individuals gain the best knowledge. It not only provides career-ready but also market-ready courses. School of Digital Marketing’s Digital Marketing course focuses on skills such as PPC, content, data analysis, social media marketing, and more. With an understanding of how digital marketing tools work, this course will help you become a digital marketing expert. This course is for a duration of 2.5 months. Contact Details Contact Details
Phone: +91-869860666 Email Id: [email protected] Address: 1st Floor, Above IDBI Bank, Well Worth Sc, Bodke Bldng Comp., N.S. road, M/CDonald, Mulund West 9. Indian Institute of Knowledge & Development Gurucul 9. Indian Institute of Knowledge & Development Gurucul
Indian Institute of Knowledge & Development Gurucul strives to develop the full potential of the students. It mainly focuses on providing practical education and making the students career ready. With that, it offers job assistance as well. It has the vision to develop talented minds into knowledgeable professionals. Indian Institute of Knowledge & Development Gurucul’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course will help you improve and analyze your digital marketing skills. It gives you the opportunity to work on live projects and thus build your marketing career. Contact Details Contact Details
Phone: +91-7888161904 Email Id: [email protected] Address: 278 – 279 Vira Apartment, Anand Nagar, Near Platform No 1, Vasai West 10. VEDA VASAI 10. VEDA VASAI
VEDA VASAI is the leading animation and VFX academy. It offers job-ready courses. It provides world-class facilities and is trusted by some of the biggest brands. It offers courses like video editing, 3D animation, graphic design, web design, and more. VEDA VASAI’s Digital Marketing course covers the concepts of the digital marketing industry in a comprehensive way. It gives an opportunity to learn from industry experts with access to the workshops. This course will help you find and garb career opportunities and build a successful future. Contact Details Contact Details
Phone: +91 9356032252 Address: Marc-7, 3rd Floor, Ambadi Rd, Vasai-Virar 11. Ediify 11. Ediify
Ediify offers the best digital marketing with live projects. Its course is fully practical and will lead you to a bright career. It has experience of more than 10 years in the industry and has a faculty of highly skilled people. With Ediify’s digital marketing course, you’ll become a complete digital marketer. It will help you gain expertise in the domains like SEO, digital analytics, PPC, content, email marketing, and others. With that, it also provides excellent placement opportunities. Contact Details Contact Details
Phone: +917400364632 Address: Haware Infotech Park, EDIFYY, 902, Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai Career Opportunities For Digital Marketing Graduates Career Opportunities For Digital Marketing Graduates
1. Content Manager 1. Content Manager
Business of any kind revolves around the content whether it’s blogs, social media posts, newsletters, emails, and others. The Content Manager is the one who creates content for every platform a brand carries its business on. But the responsibility of a Content Manager is not limited only to that strategizing the content but also distributing it to the online platform by measuring its success to know which content works better. To know more about a content manager and his job, check out the online content marketing course. 2. Social Media Manager 2. Social Media Manager
Just like social media is important for people, in the same way, it is important for businesses. It provides a platform for brands and businesses to connect with the users and resonates with them. Social Media Manager helps businesses grab the attention of users. The job of a Social Media Manager is to plan and create posts or content for various social media platforms with managing and distributing it. For this, he must be up-to-date with the latest updates and trends. Want to dive deeper? Have a look at the online social media marketing course. 3. Email Marketing Manager 3. Email Marketing Manager
Email Marketing is a channel of marketing that focuses on promoting a brand’s products or services through emails. Email Marketing Managers are those who carry the responsibility for lead generation and promotional activities. He works with the copywriting team to make compelling copies. An Email Marketing Manager uploads the customer database and sends personalized emails consisting of coupons, discounts, and offers. For more details about the email marketing manager, you may opt for an online email marketing course. 4. PPC Specialist 4. PPC Specialist
As every website wants to rank at the top of a search engine, the competition becomes cut-throat That’s when PPC Specialist comes into the picture. A PPC Specialist runs various paid campaigns to improve business performance and yield better results. PPC Specialist carries the responsibilities like selecting relevant keywords, planning and managing search strategies, setting budgets, and analyzing performance. To know more, check out the online Google ads course. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Which is the best college for digital marketing in Vasai ? Ans. As mentioned above, Thakur College of Science & Commerce is the best college for digital marketing in Vasai. Its digital marketing curriculum focuses on the latest business concept and industry skills. With that, it has collaborated with 5 international universities for better placements. Q. Can a 12th pass do a digital marketing course? Ans. Yes, a 12th pass can opt for a digital marketing course. Students who have completed 10+2 from any stream can opt for this course. With that, the students must have scored not less than 40% in academics. Q. Is digital marketing difficult to study? Ans. No, digital marketing is not difficult to study. It is a very interesting niche that included many varied concepts like SEO, PPC, Content Writing, Data Analysis, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Editing, Web Development, and others. If a particular niche doesn’t interest you in digital marketing, you can opt for another. Q. What is the salary of a digital marketer? Ans. The salary of a digital marketing executive on average ranges between 2 LPA – 6 LPA. As it is a growing industry, the more experience, and skills you have, the more salary you may expect for your efforts. Conclusion Conclusion
Digital marketing is a growing industry. The market size value of the digital marketing industry is worth USD 65.33 billion. No matter if you’re looking for a fresh career start or a transition, digital marketing has everything to offer whether it’s a good salary or your overall personal and professional development. If you graduated from a reputed university and possess various relevant skills in today’s world, you’re on the way to getting your dream job! As digital marketing skills are most in demand, there is no better time than this to learn and cultivate them. Looking for a BCom in Digital Marketing colleges in other suburban areas of Mumbai? Here are some blogs that can help you: Best Colleges for digital marketing in Andheri Best Colleges for digital marketing in Bandra Best Colleges for digital marketing in Borivali Best Colleges for digital marketing in Churchgate Best Colleges for digital marketing in Dadar Best Colleges for digital marketing in Mumbai Best Colleges for digital marketing in Thane Best Colleges for digital marketing in Kalyan Best Colleges for digital marketing in Lower Parel If after graduation, you want to level up your knowledge about digital marketing, you may opt for Post Graduation in Digital Marketing which is an MBA program that will help you learn the nuances of this industry. We hope this blog has helped you with the best colleges for digital marketing in Vasai. If you’ve any doubts or any query at your end, please let us know in the comments below.

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