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Digital marketing is undeniably more efficient and cost friendly compared to traditional marketing techniques. That’s why you’re here, to learn new and inventive ways in digital marketing technology.

A key point
to understand is that digital marketing strategy, a good one no less, will
allow you to widen your target market. The wider the area you cast your net
means more sales. But is it that simple? 

you’re going international or your current market consists of multilingual
speakers, it’s important to get as much professional help as you can. Your
marketing strategy should involve consulting an agency that provides
professional translation and localization services in order for you to properly
communicate and connect with a multilingual audience. Take a quick look at this
article to know a little bit more about the costs of providing poor translation work.

catering to a multilingual audience is an opportunity that a digital marketing
strategy will naturally bring to you, so it’s best to seize it. Here’s an
extremely helpful article on digital marketing strategies to help you boost
your sales and ensuring a sustainable yet profitable business strategy;
domestic and abroad.

1. A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

SEO is
actually a specialization on its own. There are people in the industry that
actually specialize in SEO. It’s an umbrella term for employed tactics serving
to increase a website’s search engine rankings. Why should SEO matter? There
are billions of pages available on the internet right now, and the total number of websites goes up as you read this article.

strategy is an assortment of tactics with each having their own purpose.
There’s no particular order that you have to do it. Rather, it’s highly
recommended to incorporate diverse SEO tactics asthey all share a symbiotic relationship in helping each other out.

articles will not only drive other audiences to your website but also lead to
greater organic brand recognition. Also, since Google’s algorithm is detecting
that numerous websites are citing your website, it will eventually raise your
website’s SEO ranking.

2. Offering Multilingual Content & Support

This is
crucial to any international sales strategy as argued in the beginning of this
article. People naturally prefer content that is written in their native
language. Thus it is important to provide quality and accurate translations,
especially for contextually sensitive and highly technical text. Try not to
rely on automated translation software such as Google Translate.

Although they
are good enough for short phrases and single word translation, you should
instead hire a professional translation agency. Since they employ native
speakers, they can do contextually accurate translations that automated
translation can’t even come close to performing.

Another thing
to consider is to ensure that your sales and support team have bilingual or
even multilingual language skills. This way, you’ll have the capacity to answer
inquiries in real time and improve your brand’s reputation in customer service
quality and flexibility.

3. Localization

involves transcreating, or simply put, molding your content that is appropriate
for your target audience. This is especially important in an international
sales strategy. Not only does localization involve translations, but it also
involves adjusting your content that resonates well with your target audience.

Connect with
a translation agency that also offers localization services. They’ll assist you
in examining your customer’s market culture and social niches in order for you
to create appropriate sales strategies.

cultural and social niches can be broken down even further to aesthetic
preference and other prevailing norms at the time that you have to pay
attention to. It’s also a proactive tactic in terms of unintentionally committing
cultural faux pas that can cause more damage than expected.

4. Stellar Web Design

Websites are
the crux of an SEO strategy. We touched upon this earlier about backlinks,
guest posting, blog posting, and SEO ranking. But this section is more about
web design. A website is the focal point a brand where professionalism is
demanded and credibility is earned.

A good
website should do what a website is expected to do; display relevant
information such as product inventory, services, pricing, location, history,
and much more as long as it relates to your brand and enriches customer
familiarity and user experience. 

A website is
a platform where you will establish the creative image of your brand. It should
not only look good but feel good. An effective sales strategy is undeniably
linked with user experience on your website. A potential customer won’t be that
interested in a brand in which its website is so cluttered and frustrating to
navigate on.

Another thing
to consider is that due to the prevalence of mobile devices, your website
should exhibit responsive web design features. This means incorporating coding
wizardry that allows your website to be compatible and navigable in mobile
devices of all aspect ratios. It’ll increase your website’s traffic to include
mobile users and not exclusively for the web audience.

5. A Diversified Social Media Content Marketing

Based on this latest global social media
research summary, although you may already know this by now, there are billions of
social media users. From Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, there are
definitely diverse platforms to choose in which case it’s a good strategy to
have a presence in as many social media platforms. 

This means you have
multiple channels to engage in customer interaction. Yes, you can upload a chat
feature in your website, although since social media platforms already have
that feature, it’ll save you less time and some people actually prefer to
communicate through social media chat since they’re more familiar with it.

As significant websites
are to an SEO strategy, they also cannot replace social media accounts. Rather,
a good sales strategy ought to include a quality website and a diversified
social media content marketing strategy.

Since social media is a
personalized form of interaction between its users, take advantage of that
opportunity to create a more approachable face for your brand. You can do this
by sharing social media posts that actually encourage user-engagement. You can
consider this as a modified call-to-action strategy, but one that is
strengthens brand perception and appreciation.

6. Crafty Landing Page Strategies

This is a
supplementary strategy under SEO – but one that too has its own specialization.
We touched upon this earlier though backlinks. Backlinks might be confused with
ads since they also link users back to your website. The difference is that
creating backlinks is organic.

Indeed, it’s
easier to pay for promotions as opposed to doing the hard work of guest posting
and blog posting. However, Google ranks organic backlinks much higher than paid
listings. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use ads. In fact, you should adopt
both organic and paid listings.

While ads
will generate awareness of your brand, organic listings is what will create
longer-lasting brand recognition. Create all possible avenues for a wide
audience. Diversify your landing pages in a variety of platforms and not just
websites. These include social media pages, social media ads, and in your email
marketing materials.

7. Enticing Email Marketing Content

marketing is one of those areas in digital marketing that are here to stay for
a long time. Even though emails are a relatively old digital channel, it’s
still a critical area in the marketing industry. Personal emails are like your
personal backyard. You want it clean and clutter free. You want only essential
things in there and nothing else.

Even though
signing up to an email subscription is free, people are uncompromising when it
comes to managing their email inventory. When planning your email marketing
materials, make sure it is content that your audience actually wants to read.
This involves an almost obsessive attention to detail. A good place to put your
focus are subject lines.

People do judge the
entire worth of incoming emails by the subject line alone. You probably done so
yourself. If the subject line is too short and vague, or even long and exhibits
hints of spam, then it’s straight to the trash bin. There’s definitely a lot
more to email marketing than subject lines, but it’s one of those minute
details that is enough to impact your entire email marketing strategy.

8. Employing Call-To-Action Strategies

is a specialized form of marketing involving direct customer action. We can
employ call-to-action strategies in a variety of our marketing strategies. A
good call-to-action strategy is specifically targeted to your customer’s
interests. This is to ensure relevance to their needs and generate interest,
enough to consider falling for your call-to-action tactic.

Let’s make
this clearer by giving you an example. Take email marketing. In this case, it
might be counter-intuitive but try to avoid content that is predominantly sales
pitches. Of course, you have to do your job of promoting your brand and can’t
do away with sales promotion altogether.

What I mean
in this situation are non-targeted sales pitches. Rather, carefully craft your
email marketing materials that is targeted to your customer’s specific
interests. Work closely with your data analytics team and find out what are you
customer’s relevant interests that you can work with.

With that,
you can integrate calls-to-action tactics such as attractive promos, upcoming
sales, and exclusive content available only to email subscribers. You can adopt
this strategy to website and social media platforms. 

9. Imaginative Digital Media Design

Digital media
is one of those essentials in your entire digital marketing strategy in the
areas of sales promotion and content promotion in social media and website.
Examples of digital media include infographics, digital posters,
advertisements, and even logo design.

universally understandable illustrations to convey meaning to a multilingual
audience. Instead of embedding texts in your digital media, use pictograms
instead. This will also streamline your digital media creation process so that
you don’t have to translate each one.

However, the
goal is not only to create aesthetically pleasing and informative digital
media. This is where you can improve your digital media creation process. If
you’re catering to a multilingual market, then incorporate localization

as discussed earlier in the article, involves transcreating your brand’s
message in your digital media that resonates with the cultural norms and
aesthetic preferences of your market.

Try to take
note of what makes your market ‘tick’ and what can make them coddle to your
brand. It’s also important to consider what you can’t put on your digital
media. Avoid cultural blunders and faulty creative design that can disturb,
upset, or even enrage your target market.

10. Creating Quality Video Content

content is a specialized form of digital media that warrants its own
specialization. You can indeed share video content in all of your platforms be
it websites, social media accounts, and popular video-sharing platforms—Youtube
being the most popular. Creating quality videos is a lot more than click and

When planning
your videos, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. How long
should it be? 2 minutes or even 10 minutes? Which platform is it appropriate
for? Should it be promotional? Informative? Engaging?

It pays to
know your video marketing goal so that you can create consistent and trackable
results from specific videos. For example, if you notice that a particular
video attracted more views than the rest, then try to replicate what you did
and go from there.

Also, when
reaching out to a multilingual market, it’s a good idea to add multilingual
subtitles. That way, your video content can really reach far and wide. However,
if you’re looking for accurate multilingual subtitles, try not to rely on
translation software provided in video-sharing platforms as they are still
highly unreliable. It’s best to have a professional translation agency to
create contextually accurate translations.

Final Takeaway

I know that
this is a lot to take in and you probably might be overwhelmed at this point.
Don’t worry since you take your time and focus on specific digital marketing
tactics one at a time. Once you have a proper foothold in one, you can then
proceed to the next.

Take note
that some strategies and tactics listed here are only meant for indirect
influence, specifically directing traffic. However, increased traffic will
inevitably lead to more brand awareness, and eventually, revenue.

Another point
to never forget is that digital marketing is always evolving. If this article
was made 15 years ago, then a number of things on this list would not have
existed such as social media and video production.

Who knows
what kind of innovative digital marketing tactics might pop up a few years from
now or even tomorrow! The important thing is that you should always be on the
lookout for digital marketing trends and finding out which ones you can
capitalize to stay ahead of your competition.

Author Bio:

Mamane is an SEO and content marketing specialist. He is currently the head of
Digital Marketing at Tomedes, a language service provider. Tomedes offers niche
services to the marketing industry such as marketing translation,
transcription, localization services, and marketing content writing services.