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With the growing popularity of Facebook nowadays, it is no surprise that many businesses utilize this platform for online advertising. If you’re one of those people who are planning to invest in social media advertising specifically in Facebook Ads but don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place! 

In this blog, we listed various types of Facebook Ads to help you decide what’s perfect for your business! Read to know more.

Types of Facebook ads

Stories ads are a type of digital marketing that shows up when users are watching stories rather than scrolling through their news feed. Since stories are trending right now, this is actually a great way to promote your products. To make it effective, your image or videos must appear in a vertical format so that they can work properly.

Messenger ads

Messenger ads are a great option for businesses that want to add a personal touch to their products and services. They usually appear in users’ chat tabs as well as in between messenger stories. When using this type of ad, you can edit the messenger chat and redirect them to their preferred destination. It can either redirect to your website, app, or a direct message with your Facebook page.

Augmented reality ads

If you want something different and want to give a unique experience to your audience, then Augmented reality ads are definitely a great option to use. In this ad, users have the ability to view your products from new angles and virtually explore the products. Overall, this gives your audience a realistic shopping experience.

Image ads

As the name suggests, image ads use photos to advertise products and services. It allow marketers to use boosted posts or create dedicated ads for Facebook image ads and a call to action.  Take note that Facebook recommends keeping the words to less than 20% of the image. Too many words may be distracting for users. As a result, it could lead to the rejection of your ad.

Video ads

Video ads are one of the most popular Facebook ads that are used today as it tends to be more engaging and informative. This is perfect for start-up businesses to use since it is highly engaging and effective to use. Currently, more than 1.25 billion people consume video on the platform each month. To make this type of ad effective, all you need to do is follow your video requirements, including Facebook ad sizes, aspect ratio, and video length.

Instant Experience ads

This is another type of ad that gives users a unique experience. Basically, Instant Experience Ads feature a full-screen, multimedia ad that delivers rich content experiences to audiences. Compared to other social media ads in this list, it has a lot of capabilities that allow users to view images, watch videos, swipe through carousels, click through to tagged products, and even tilt to pan for unique angles. Overall, this is a highly engaging Facebook ad type and leverages a combination of assets to give your audience an immersive user experience.

Poll ads

If you’re a start-up business or planning to launch a new campaign and want to know the interests of your audience, Poll ads are the way to go! This type of ad gives marketers the ability to survey their targeted audience with a question, offering them two answers to choose from. This is an effective ad for boosting engagement with your existing audience, as well as generating brand awareness among new potential customers.

Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads are a great option to use if your team is simply looking to repurpose ad assets you already have. What happens here is Facebook takes your image ads and puts the files together in a slideshow video format. This can help you leverage the power of video without needing an extra budget for videos, which can be costly.

Collection ads

If you have a commerce platform for your business and want to turn Facebook users into online buyers, then collection ads might work for you. It features a main image or video, as well as three smaller images that showcase your other products underneath. Moreover, once they click this ad, it can redirect them to the actual commerce website to purchase the product.

Carousel ads

Similar to collection ads, it lets marketers feature images to advertise their products. The only difference is that carousel ads can feature up to 10 images or videos. What’s great about this is that every image or video can have a unique link, so this is a great Facebook ad type if you’re promoting a product collection.

Lead ads

Lead ads are beneficial for business owners who are looking to grow their email database and potential customers. With this social media ad, digital marketers can create a survey form that the audience can fill out and submit a form. Moreover, lead ads auto-populate most of the fields in the survey so people can fill it out easily. As a result, it reduces friction, which makes them more likely to complete the signup form.

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads is a type of social media marketing strategy that connects your store’s product catalog with your Facebook. Compared to other ads here in this list, the ads they see are personalized and relevant to their personal interests. With this ad, you can create carousel ads for different categories and show them to users who’ve visited pages within the corresponding category.

Now that you know all the options, invest in a digital marketing agency now, and let us help you achieve your facebook advertising goals!

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