2023 Digital Marketing Trends in Thailand

Current digital marketing campaigns concentrate on social media, when in the past it was more about web rings, banner ads, and web directories like the original Yahoo.com before it also turned into a search engine.

This is because most people—particularly Thai citizens—spend more time on social media than anywhere else, such as Google search or Wikipedia. The netizens of Thailand in particular are engrossed in e-commerce or online shopping in social media.

Social Media Marketing: Even back in the 2010s, Internet marketers were already dipping their toes on social media marketing alongside search engine optimization and email marketing.

As far as Thailand marketing trends are concerned though, businesses with ties to the Thailand market should add focus on social media advertising, marketing, and promotions in 2023 and beyond. Now’s the time to double-down.

Facebook Ads and User Data: More and more people, specifically Thai citizens, who pay attention to these sidebar Facebook ads and click. You can depend on FB to have your ads appear to a specific demographic of Thailand Facebook users to boot.

A Better Push Towards a Buying Decision: You’re more likely to get a conversion or have a passive visitor become a buyer when going to the shoppable social media post or ads because the FB algorithm already disseminated the demographics for you.

These Thai FB users have volunteered their information to be public and searchable, thus making it easier for marketers or their marketing consultancy to only have their ads appear to interested parties.

Facebook Users Benefit from Easy Access: Thai Facebook users benefit from this increased attention to them as a market because mere discussion of their interests among friends as well as their activity (the posts they like and the posts they themselves offer) will have the algorithm figure out the best available products they’re most likely to buy.

No wonder Facebook ad expenditures in Thailand amounted to approximately 6.56 billion Thai baht!

How Can You Take Advantage of This Trend? Marketers change up ads or make seasonal campaigns because audiences from the time of print ads to radio to television to the Internet all don’t like looking at the same ads for months’-on-end.

Therefore, the best way to take advantage of this increase in social media visibility in today’s generation of Thai consumers is to make personalized custom ads via Facebook to ensure conversion and a buying decision.

Give Facebook Users What They Want: FB users, even the ones from Thailand, should be given FB ads that cater to their specific interests in accordance to the personal data they’re freely and publicly revealing by being an FB user.

The Power of Targeted Advertising: What’s usually the hard part when making a campaign—appealing to your target audience with a (for example) Super Bowl commercial that has a general audience of most American viewers—has now been solved by the nature of social media.

As your marketing consultant, we can keep you on top of the trends and help you achieve goals by knowing about specific emerging trends in Thailand and knowing when to target them in 2023.

Messaging Apps: Also pay attention to your FB messaging app and how you can use it for advertising but not in a spammy way like you’d normally see in Instagram with random followers and bot accounts.

We at Marketing Ignite will assist you in making actionable ads on the FB and FB messenger platforms to truly get those conversions going or at least add interactivity as another method of building brand loyalty among your consumer base.

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