25 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business | Sender

25 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business | Sender

Today’s dynamic and hyper-competitive markets mean that most businesses have specific if not complex, online marketing needs. Your well-planned digital marketing strategy includes everything from SEO and social media to landing pages and email marketing automation. However, without the right set of digital marketing tools to execute these plans, your marketing campaigns will be rendered ineffective and inefficient. Choosing the best-fit digital marketing tool for your specific requirements can be confusing, if not overwhelming. This is why we decided to curate the best digital marketing tools & platforms to help you make smart choices for your marketing needs. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them. Benefits of Digital Marketing Tools Here are some of the top ways your business will benefit from the strategic use of digital marketing tools: Enhanced reach across a specific, global audience; Cost-effective digital marketing campaigns vis-a-vis traditional methods; A high-ROI data-driven approach thanks to real-time analytics; Better conversions through personalization of messaging; Better SEO visibility across search engine results; Low-cost yet high-impact lead generation; High-quality branding representation across the web; Enhanced engagement and conversion rates across emails; Resource-efficient content distribution; Scalability through the use of automation; Omnichannel social media marketing campaign optimization. The right digital marketing tool can not only make it all happen fast, but you’ll be able to automate a lot of your previously manual marketing processes, saving time and money. Let’s look at these top digital marketing tools we promised you. Email Marketing Tools Worldwide email marketing revenue is poised to reach $10 billion by the end of 2023. Not surprisingly, every online business wants a piece of this pie. Let’s look at a few email marketing platforms that could help you get more sales, revenue, and profit regardless of industry or niche. 1. Sender — Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Automation Solution Sender is the most affordable option for ecommerce businesses seeking powerful yet user-friendly email marketing & automation platforms to capture, nurture, and monetize leads online. Sender’s Key Features Email & SMS automation; Smart email segmentation; User-friendly drag-and-drop email builder; Ready-to-send, responsive HTML email templates; 24/7 customer support. It is easy to start designing your first email campaign using Sender’s built-in library of eye-catching, mobile-friendly, ready-to-edit email templates. Use the drag-and-drop editor to create custom designs in no time — it’s a breeze even for beginners. Collect leads easily using popups and sign-up forms while letting powerful email automation workflows nurture and convert these visitors into paying customers. If you’re looking for omnichannel marketing automation, Sender also supports sending, scheduling, and automating SMS messages to your opted-in subscribers. Sender Plans & Pricing Free Forever: 2,500 subscribers, 15,000 emails/mo; unlimited email segmentation and automation; Standard: Starts from $15/mo for up to 30,000 emails and 2,500 subscribers; Professional: Starts from $29/mo for up to 60,000 emails and 2,500 subscribers; Enterprise: Contact for pricing. If your marketing teams are looking for an email marketing tool that’s as easy to set up as it is to operate and scale while being extremely affordable, Sender’s generous free forever plan is something you must try. 2. Tidio Tidio is a customer communication software aimed at improving customer support and experience for businesses. Tidio’s Key Features AI-powered NLP chatbot Lyro Email marketing automation tool Chatbot builder with 35+ predesigned templates Helpdesk ticketing system Integrations with all major online store solutions and social media The tool combines AI chatbots, a live chat, ticketing systems, multichannel support, and email marketing automation. It can help businesses increase conversions, improve efficiency, and automate customer service while offering fast and efficient support. Tidio Plans & Pricing Freemium plan available with 50 conversations included; Starter ($29/month) with 100 conversations; Growth ($59/month) with 250-1000 conversations; Tidio+ (from $398/month) with custom conversations. It’s made to be affordable to SMBs, including micro businesses, which makes it stand out from most AI-powered support tools on the market. 3. Mailercloud Mailercloud is an intuitive and affordable email marketing tool designed to streamline and optimize your marketing efforts. Mailercloud’s Key Features AMP emails; Email marketing automation; Customizable templates; Powerful analytics. With advanced automation features, customizable templates, and seamless integration options, Mailercloud empowers businesses to effortlessly create engaging and personalized email campaigns. It is a user-friendly email marketing and automation platform that is specifically crafted to help businesses ensure maximum customer retention through timely, targeted emails. Mailercloud Plans & Pricing Free: up to 12,000 emails and 1,000 contacts per month; Premium : paid plans start at $10 per month; Enterprise: custom pricing. 4. GetProspect GetProspect is a software with a database of millions of contacts and companies with email addresses and business phone numbers. GetProspect’s Key Features B2B database with 200M contacts; Email finder with 17+ filters; Segmenting email lists CRM cloud solution; Single and bulk email verifier. With this email lookup tool, users can not only find leads with their emails, but also get a lot of additional data about them, segment email lists, and personalize communication. GetProspect Plans & Pricing Free Forever : with 50 valid emails and the ability to verify up to 100 emails per month; Starter: $49 monthly with 1,000 credits for finding valid emails, and 2,000 credits for verifications; Growth: has 3 separate packages with different amounts of credits for lead prospecting and email verification. The price starts at $99 for 5,000 valid emails and 10,000 verifications. Marketing Automation Tools Marketing automation platforms help you tie marketing activities and processes into smooth workflows that are not only time-saving but also far less prone to leads or conversions falling through the cracks. 1. LeadSquared LeadSquared is a complete marketing automation & CRM suite aimed to help businesses manage their entire lead lifecycle from capture to sale and analytics from one easy-to-use dashboard. LeadSquared’s Key Features Responsive landing pages; Web forms; Multi-channel engagement & tracking; Marketing automation; Visual workflow builder. Capture high-quality leads from a number of different channels, including landing pages, PPC (pay-per-click) ads, and social media, and set up fully automated nurture sequences. Segment your overall list based on their engagement, demographics, interests, and more into smarter segments easily for more targeted, higher-converting messaging. LeadSquared can also help you automate subscription, renewal, appointment reminders, and many more to engage both prospects and customers for recurring events automatically and at scale. You can also integrate this platform with your existing marketing and sales SaaS stack to sync data across applications and automate processes even involving third-party apps. LeadSquared Plans & Pricing Free: No Free plan. Only a sales-led demo; Basic: Starts from $300/mo for up to 10,000 contacts; Standard : Starts from $900/mo for up to 50,000 contacts; Enterprise : Starts from $1800/mo for up to 200,000 contacts. If you’re looking for a CRM and marketing automation suite that does a whole lot with very little fuss, then LeadSquared is right up your alley and something you must try out. 2. Systeme.io Systeme.io is an online marketing and automation platform that helps businesses build web sales funnels, leverage email autoresponders, set up online courses & membership sites, manage affiliate programs for your products, and much more. Systeme.io’s Key Features Sales funnels & website builder; Email marketing; Marketing automation; Online courses; Evergreen webinars. Systeme.io’s powerful marketing automation capabilities allow you to run your business on 100% autopilot by automating everything from lead capture to lead nurturing quickly and easily. You can also add automation rules to any element of your website and funnel, customizing and fine-tuning the entire customer buying experience. Set up automated email flows to nurture and convert prospects interested in your online products and courses. Additionally, you can send your contacts as many emails as you like, both automations and broadcasts. Systeme.io Plans & Pricing Free : Up to 2,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, and limited access to all features; Startup: $27/mo for up to 5,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, 10 automation rules and 5 workflows; Webinar : $47/mo for up to 10,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, 100 automation rules, and 20 workflows; Unlimited : $97/mo for unlimited contacts, email sends, automation rules, workflows, and more. Systeme.io is a great choice of marketing automation platform if you’re in the business of providing information products and courses. It presents you with a complete package of everything you’ll likely need, from webinars and video hosting to email marketing & automation. So, give it a go if that sounds like you. 3. Wishpond Wishpond is an online lead generation and marketing automation SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that helps businesses get more leads and sales using their easy-to-use yet powerful platform. Wishpond’s Key Features Segmented email campaigns; Email marketing automation; Personalized messaging; Support for SMS, Slack & more; Advanced reporting. Wishpond offers a variety of functionalities, including but not limited to the creation of landing pages, popups, contests, emails, and marketing automation to both enhance your lead generation and improve their conversion rate. Send personalized emails to laser-targeted audience segments based on demographics and behavior at near-perfect times to effect positive business outcomes. Use the power of marketing automation to filter out hot leads and then forward them to your sales teams to maximize conversion opportunities and boost your sales. Wishpond Plans & Pricing Free: No Free plan. Only a sales-led demo; Custom plans : Wishpond offers custom pricing. Free trial accounts and quotes are available upon consultation with one of their product specialists. Wishpond’s automation platform is for you if your business needs a tested, reliable, and proven solution and you don’t mind the added cost that comes with it. Want to craft popups that captivate and convert? Read this article and rise above the noise: 20 Newsletter Popup Design Examples That Inspire Social Media Marketing Tools Social media marketing platforms are a must for businesses looking to leverage both the organic and paid aspects of their social media campaigns at scale. Here are the ones that made our list: 1. Narrato Narrato’s AI Content Genie is a pioneering AI tool that can generate fresh social media and blog content every week on autopilot. Narrato’s Key Features AI Content Genie; AI social media post generator with several AI templates for swift content creation; AI images and CC images/GIFs library for visuals; Social media scheduler and one-click publishing to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn; Content calendars for tracking and monitoring. All it needs is a one-time input of your website URL and a few themes. The auto-generated posts can be easily edited if needed. You can also generate custom social posts on demand. The platform also has publishing automation features allowing you to publish and schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and Webflow. You can build custom integrations with any other tool or CMS you need. Apart from Content Genie, Narrato also has an AI Content Assistant with 100+ different AI templates for content creation, planning, and repurposing. Narrato Plans & Pricing Free : no free plan, 7-day free trial; Pro : starts at $36 per month with 4 user seats. More users can be added at an additional cost; Business : starts at $76 per month with 4 user seats. You can also build a custom pricing plan to meet your requirements. 2. ContentStudio ContentStudio.io is a content marketing platform that helps businesses create, manage, and publish content across multiple channels. ContentStudio’s Key Features Social media management, analytics and automation; Content curation and content marketing; Social media approval workflow; AI Writer. ContentStudio offers a variety of features, including: Content calendar for planning and scheduling content; Content creation tool for writing blog posts, articles, and other types of content; Social media management tool for scheduling and publishing posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms; Analytics tool for tracking the performance of your content. ContentStudio Plans & Pricing F ree: 14 days free trial; Starter : Ideal for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers $25/month (5 Social accounts); Pro: Tailored for growing businesses and teams $49/month (10 Social accounts); Agency: Perfect for digital marketing agencies $99/month (25 Social accounts), (Small, medium, large). ContentStudio.io is a cloud-based platform, so you can access it from any device with an internet connection. 3. Heepsy In the world of digital marketing platforms, Heepsy stands out as the ultimate influencer marketing tool. Heepsy’s Key Features Seamlessly discover and connect with influencers in your niche; Gain deep insights into your target audience for precise marketing; Simplify influencer evaluation and collaboration; Maximize marketing effectiveness with data-driven decisions; Effortlessly connect and work with influencers to boost brand exposure. Whether you’re a brand or an agency, Heepsy empowers you to seamlessly discover, evaluate, and collaborate with influencers perfectly aligned with your objectives. Bid farewell to the complexities of influencer marketing; say hello to data-driven success. Heepsy offers deep insights into your target audience, elevating your marketing precision and effectiveness. Join the ranks of savvy marketers who trust Heepsy for influencer collaborations. Heepsy Plans & Pricing Free : get proposals from creators and enjoy many other features for free; Starter : starts at $47/month, for 15K results, 50 creator analytics and 50 contacted creators monthly + other features; Plus : starts at $169/month, for 40K results, 1K creator analytics, 1K contacted creators monthly and 50 monitored posts + all Starter plan features; Advanced: starts at $269/month, for 60K results, 3K creator analytics, 3K contacted creators monthly and 250 monitored posts + all Plus plan features. Heepsy’s pricing plans vary in levels of features and results, catering to brands of all sizes and requirements. From basic core filters to advanced audience authenticity metrics, Heepsy has a plan to propel your influencer marketing efforts. 4. Statusbrew Statusbrew is a comprehensive social media management platform that simplifies agency workflow with customized solutions. Statusbrew’s Key Features Cross-network post-scheduling and analytics; Custom approval workflows; AI comment moderation; Team collaboration; Shareable social media reports. Statusbrew supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Google My Business, WhatsApp, Pinterest, YouTube and more. You can plan and manage content on multiple networks from a unified dashboard. You can also invite your clients and set up separate workspaces for each client to ensure no data laps between the two brands. With its Unified Inbox, you can manage various conversations, such as messages, comments, and mentions, across different social networks from a single interface. Statusbrew helps you maintain a positive online presence by automatically hiding, deleting, or replying to conversations based on their sentiments and tone. Statusbrew Plans & Pricing Free: No free plan, but they offer a 14-day free trial; Lite: $69/mo for 2 users and 5 social profiles; Standard: $129/mo for 5 users and 10 social profiles; Premium: $229/mo for 8 users and 15 social profiles; Enterprise: Custom pricing. Statusbrew helps your social media team be more productive by streamlining your workflow and automating routine tasks. See how Statusbrew can help you transform your social media game with a risk-free trial! SEO Tools SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools are the ones that help businesses and SEO professionals optimize and rank their websites on key search engines such as Google and Bing. These offer a range of features, such as rank tracking, keyword research, and more, to make it easy for you to manage your SEO performance from a single dashboard. Here are the SEO tools we recommend you try out: 1. Google Rank Check Google Rank Check stands out as a powerful SEO tool designed to help businesses and individuals optimize their online presence. Google Rank Check’s Key Features Gain instant insights into your website’s position in search results; Track up to 100 keywords for free; Accurate and real-time keyword ranking. This intuitive software gives you a clear picture of how your website appears in search results by giving you real-time data about Google website keyword rankings. Users may uncover important areas for improvement and maintain an advantage in the digital world with its tools for competition tracking and thorough keyword analysis. It makes tracking and improving your website’s visibility easier. Google Rank Check Plans & Pricing Free: 100 keywords + 2 domain; Starter: $14.99/mo, 250 keywords + 10 domain; Intermediate: $24.99/mo, 500 keywords + 20 domain ; Premium: $49.99/mo, 1000 keywords + unlimited domain. 2. SE Ranking SE Ranking is a robust toolkit offering advanced features to help agencies and in-house professionals build and implement effective SEO strategies. SE Ranking’s Key Features Competitive & keyword research; Rank tracker; Website audit; Backlink and on-page SEO checker; Content editor and report builder. From keyword research and competitor analysis to rank tracking, site audits, backlink monitoring, content optimization, and even local SEO, this tool allows you to perform a whole cycle of essential SEO tasks. With over 188 geo databases, 2B domain profiles, and 3.3B keyword suggestions, SE Ranking undoubtedly impresses in terms of its database size. Yet, its data quality doesn’t fall behind. Thanks to its very own crawlers and unique data processing algorithms that continually improve, you can surely trust the insights the tool offers. SE Ranking is especially suitable for small and mid-size agencies. SE Ranking’s unique data insights and premium features can significantly help you boost your website’s visibility, increase organic traffic, and outrank competitors. SE Ranking Plans & Pricing Free: 14-day free trial; Essential: $55/mo + 10 projects + 1 manager seat + 750 keywords to track daily + 100 competitive & keyword research reports per day; Pro: $109/mo + unlimited projects + 3 manager seats + 2,000 keywords to track daily + 5,000 competitive & keyword research reports per day; Business: $239/mo + unlimited projects + 5 manager seats + 5,000 keywords to track daily + 10,000 competitive & keyword research reports per day. With its flexible pricing plans and generous data limits, the platform is certainly a good value for money. 3. Respona Respona is an all-in-one email outreach tool mainly developed for link building, but perfectly fits any other type of outreach: be it for recruiting affiliates, booking podcasts, or even sales. Respona’s Key Features Email finder/verifier; Content & backlink search engine; Email automation; Analytics & tracking; Shared inbox. It brings every step of outreach (from prospecting to finding contacts to creating and personalizing your emails and tracking replies) into a single, user-friendly platform. Respona Plans & Pricing Starter: Ideal for small startups, $79/mo (billed annually); Pro: Ideal for SMBs, $399/mo (billed annually); Unlimited: Ideal for agencies, Custom pricing (billed annually). 4. Netpeak Netpeak Software presents a suite of robust SEO solutions. Netpeak’s Key Features Netpeak Spider: Website crawling; On-page SEO audit; Duplicate content detection; Internal link structure analysis; Customizable reports. Netpeak Checker: In-depth SEO analysis; Backlink analysis; SERP scraping; Competitor analysis. Netpeak Checker delves into SEO audits, backlink analysis, and SERP scraping, empowering data-driven decisions. Meanwhile, Netpeak Spider excels in comprehensive website crawling, on-page SEO audits, and generating customizable reports. Ideal for optimizing internal linking and detecting duplicate content. These tools collectively equip businesses with powerful insights, making Netpeak Software an essential ally in the pursuit of enhanced online visibility and SEO excellence. Netpeak Plans & Pricing Free Version: Available, with limited features; Annual Plans: Netpeak Checker: Starting from $8/month Netpeak Spider: Starting from $7/month; Lifetime Plans: Netpeak Checker: Starting from $192 Netpeak Spider: Starting from $168. Graphic Creation Tools ​​Whether you are looking for a logo for your new brand or creating a new ad creative to grow an existing business, graphic design tools are a must to help you create visually appealing content that ultimately sells. Here are the top graphic design platforms that made it to our list: 1. Envato Elements Envato Elements is the one-stop-shop for creative digital assets. With a library of over 17 million assets, design teams will find everything they need to take their projects to the next level in no time. Envato Elements’s Key Features 100K+ video templates, 290K+ graphic templates, 120K+ presentation templates; 9.9M+ royalty-free photos, 5.6M+ stock videos; 168K+ royalty-free music tracks, 652K+ sound effects; 48K+ fonts, 182K+ graphics, 240K+ 3D illustrations; 7K+ WordPress templates, 1K+ CMS templates; Envato Elements has initiated the incorporation of various advanced AI functionalities to enhance the customer experience. One such innovation is the AI-enhanced search tool within Envato Elements, which expedites creators’ workflow by swiftly finding relevant items across diverse content categories, furnishing them with more customized assets to elevate their projects. Additionally, a forthcoming feature called Vector Search will utilize image-analysis technology to enhance the precision of search results within the Elements library, thus optimizing the browsing experience for customers. Finally, Envato offers a free extension for Premiere Pro, allowing video creators seamless access sound effects, stock videos, and royalty-free music directly from the Envato Elements library without the need to exit Premiere Pro. Envato Elements Plans & Pricing Individual plan: starting from $16.50; Students and faculty: starting from $11.50; Teams: starting from $10.50 per member; Enterprise: customized plans. 2. Creatopy With Creatopy, businesses can automate the creation of high-impact visual content for display ads, social media, and video advertising. Creatopy’s Key Features Drag and drop editor; Extensive templates library; Advanced animation; Image resizer; Stock images & audio. With Creatopy’s drag-and-drop visual editor, anyone can create jaw-dropping picture and video designs without advanced design skills. Choose from Creatopy’s vast templates library to create designs quickly and with just a few clicks. Create powerful animated ads by adding motion to your visuals with the help of a number of advanced controls and presets. Multiple ad sizes can be generated automatically, streamlining the process for campaigns requiring various formats. Furthermore, powerful collaboration capabilities allow your teams to work together in real-time, exchange feedback, and streamline approval processes. Creatopy Plans & Pricing Free : No free plan, only 15-day free trials; Basic : $24/mo and includes 1 editor, 3 brand kits, unlimited creatives; Pro : $36/mo and includes 1 editor, unlimited brand kits, unlimited creatives, automatic smart resizer; Plus : $141/mo and includes 3 editors, everything in Pro plus branded share links, advanced animations, Single Sign On (SSO). If your primary requirement is to be able to design ad creatives for a variety of ad and social media platforms quickly and without having to undergo complex learning curves, Creatopy could help you out more than you think. 3. Venngage Venngage is a user-friendly online tool for creating visually stunning infographics, presentations, and reports. Venngage’s Key Features Create infographics; Poster maker; Newsletter maker. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of customizable templates, icons, and illustrations, Venngage makes it easy for anyone to design professional-looking graphics in minutes. Venngage Plans & Pricing Free plan : 5 designs + share publicly + diverse icons and widgets + 6 image uploads; Premium: $10 /month/user, unlimited designs + PNG & Hi Res PNG exporting + share privately + email & chat support + premium icons and widgets + 50 image uploads; Business: $24/month for all premium features + team size of 1-10 members + PDF and PowerPoint exporting + share designs with team + organize with folders + priority email, phone & chat support + 500 image uploads. In short, if you’re looking for a graphic design solution to help you communicate your ideas and data visually, ranging newsletters to educational infographics, Venngage is a perfect fit for you. Landing Page and Lead Capture Tools Having the right landing page and lead capture tools is very important for your business if you are trying to convert every possible visitor into a lead and most leads into customers. Below are some of the top digital marketing tools that can do this job for you: 1. POWR POWR is a leading global solution of affordable, easy-to-use, customizable website apps designed to help businesses of all sizes grow online. POWR’s Key Features Library of 1000+ pre-built templates All no-code Works with all popular site builders Patented Live Editor 24/7 email support They offer more than 60 different tools that integrate with 70+ platforms such as Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Joomla, and more, or can be added directly to an HTML website. No coding is required. Ever. Their apps are trusted on over 12 million websites worldwide to collect more leads and boost your conversions. Notable customers include but are not limited to SpaceX, Stanford University, Allbirds, Acer, and Staples. POWR Plans & Pricing Free: No limit on the number of apps you can make or pageviews you get. Upgraded plans unlock more functionality, not usability; Starter: Starts at $5.49/mo. Remove POWR branding and access more advanced features like integrations and special effects; Pro: Starts at $13.49/mo. Most popular plan. All features and integrations are unlocked; Business: $89.99/mo. Unlimited everything on all 60+ apps. 2. Trustmary Boost your website’s effectiveness with fresh and authentic customer reviews using Trustmary. Trustmary’s Key Features Display customer reviews with review widgets; Capture leads with forms, pop-ups, and other widgets supercharged with reviews; Collect more reviews from customers. Social proof is one of the most important factors that make or break a great website. Reviews help you convert more customers on your landing pages. Trustmary makes it easy to showcase reviews on your landing pages and keep fresh reviews coming in on autopilot. Display authentic customer reviews with review widgets to build trust and credibility for your business. Capture leads with pop-ups, forms, and other website widgets loaded with customer reviews. Trustmary Plans & Pricing Trustmary Solo : taste of all key features for free; Display Starter: Showcase reviews for $16/month (when paid yearly); Display Business: More views for $49/month; Display Scale: Enough views for a bigger website $107/month; Collect Started: Get more reviews for $24/month; Collect Business: More reviews for $65/month; Collect Scale: Large-scale review collection for $132/month; Full Suite: All features and personal assistance starting from $132/month. 3. Pixpa Use Pixpa to effortlessly build and manage your online portfolio. Pixpa’s Key Features Intuitive drag-and-drop builder; Customizable templates; Responsive design; SEO optimization tools. Its intuitive website builder enables you to create customized landing pages that stand out. Integrated lead capture forms are designed to help you effortlessly grow your audience. Benefit from SEO tools that enhance your site’s visibility in search results, and ensure your portfolio looks perfect on any device with responsive design. With Pixpa, you also gain access to analytics to track your site’s performance, making it simple to engage with visitors and showcase your work efficiently. Pixpa Plans & Pricing Free : Pixpa offers a 15-day free trial; Basic: $3/month, billed every two years. Essentials to create your personal website; Creator: $5.63/month, billed every two years. Step up with a stunning portfolio website & store; Professional (Most Popular): $7.50/month, billed every two years. Everything you need to showcase, sell & share like a pro; Advanced: $9.38/month, billed every two years. Grow your business with powerful marketing & commerce tools. 4. Cloudways Autonomous Cloudways Autonomous provides a fully managed hosting experience with state-of-the-art load balancers. It is a highly available platform for WordPress. Cloudways’s Key Features Fully managed hosting product; Efficient WordPress load balancers; Autoscaling. Cloudways is an deal solution for high-traffic websites to meet their hosting and server requirements. It provides immaculate autoscaling whenever there are traffic spikes resulting in a hassle-free experience on the part of the user. Cloudways Plans & Pricing 3-day free trial; Starter Package is from $35/month. It includes 15GB disk space, 30K unique visits and 100GB bandwidth. Analytics Tools Analysis tools are the ones that help you measure and improve the effectiveness of your online digital marketing tools, campaigns, and strategies. When you have an in-depth understanding of everything from audience insights to conversion tracking, your business can achieve better results. These are the top analytics tools you should know about and try: 1. Whatagraph Whatagraph helps you easily connect your scattered data, making it easy to track performance, measure ROI, and present results. Whatagraph’s Key Features 45+ native integrations + custom API; No-code data transformation; Intuitive visualization builder; Report and dashboard templates; No-code data transfer to BigQuery. You can easily blend, unify, aggregate, and group data with transformation instantly available for visualization. Create stunning and insightful data visualizations in a few clicks: tell the story with your data in a way stakeholders can easily understand. Save anything you create as a template and eliminate repetitive manual tasks in your work with marketing data. Whatagraph Plans & Pricing Essential: Starts from $249 for 5 users and 20 source credits*, all integrations, templates, transfers to BigQuery and pre-made transformations; Advanced: Starts from $499 for 10 users and 40 source credits*, custom report branding, custom transformations, and a customer success manager; Custom: for 20 users and 120+ source credits*, personalized onboarding, and assistance with data migration. (*Source credits can be used for connecting data, creating transfers or source blends.) 2. Coupler Coupler.io turns complex data into simple reports. Coupler Key Features One-stop shop for business data analysis; Variety of seamless data integrations; Data transformation module; Ready-to-use dashboard and reporting templates; Custom reporting solutions. Export and consolidate data from various applications and access analysis-ready data to build insightful dashboards, including marketing reporting dashboards. Coupler.io offers numerous integrations for collecting and blending data from your preferred apps, enabling loading into data warehouses, spreadsheets, or BI tools. Manage and analyze your data efficiently in one unified place, creating custom reports with fresh, reliable data to drive informed decision-making and business growth. Coupler Plans & Pricing Free: Get started with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required; Starter: $49per month, for entrepreneurs and smaller teams who are starting out with no-code data export on a custom schedule; Squad: $99per month, for bigger teams, who need advanced functionality to manage multiple integrations and automations; Business: $249per month, for companies with multiple teams who need to collaborate on near real-time data coming from different sources; Enterprise: Get an offer, tailor Coupler.io to meet your specific requirements. This plan is suitable for large teams and enterprises with a significant volume of data and a wide range of complex business cases. 3. SendView SendView is a competitor email tracking tool that helps marketers monitor other companies’ email tactics. SendView’s Key Features See which ESPs companies are using; Automatic alerts when marketing tactics change; Spam score insights and tracking; Trend reports for 15 key email strategies; Monthly email reports for your team. Instead of signing up for competitor emails with your personal address, SendView creates unique tracking addresses to use instead. Every email sent to these addresses is analyzed by the system to identify key email behaviors and technology used by each sender. SendView Plans & Pricing Free: all plans include a 10-day free trial; Standard : $69/month to track up to 10 competitors; Pro : $99/month to track up to 25 competitors; Ultimate : $169/month to track up to 50 competitors. SendView also includes whitelabeling tools so marketing agencies can offer branded competitor email monitoring to their clients. Conclusion — Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Biz The landscape of digital marketing tools in 2024 is diverse, catering to a wide range of needs, from analytics to project management and from SEO to email marketing. The list above doesn’t cover everything — there are more digital marketing tools out there that we haven’t mentioned. But here’s the key: Take a moment to figure out what your business really needs. Then, when you’re checking out tools, consider your budget too. It’s the crucial next step in finding the right fit. By navigating the world of these powerful digital marketing tools more effectively, optimizing your online presence, and ultimately connecting meaningfully with your prospects and customers, you can maximize your success. Craving for more? Here you will find some extra digital marketing tools for your desires: Comparing 8 All-in-One Marketing Platforms: Find the Best 9 Best SMS Marketing Platforms & Text Software in 2023 7 Best Customer Engagement Platforms (Free & Paid) Author bio Santosh Balakrishnan is a full-time Copywriter and Growth Marketer who loves writing about all things digital marketing. Whether he’s crafting the perfect email campaign or deep in meditation visualizing world peace, you know he’s got his eye on the prize – and it’s always growth.

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