3 Digital Marketing Tactics to be Learnt From Miley Cyrus – iQuanti Digital Marketing Company

3 Digital Marketing Tactics to be Learnt From Miley Cyrus - iQuanti Digital Marketing Company

Miley Cyrus has been in news lately. VMA awards aside, her “Wrecking Ball” video garnered record 19.3 MM views worldwide on the first day. With the social media abuzz with speculations on what “Bangerz” means, her new album seems set for a “radiant swag” opening too. Looking at some of things that Ms. Cyrus has been doing, one realizes that good web marketers have been following the same playbook. Here are some tactics: 1. Changing your tactics with time Miley made a name for herself as a squeaky clean Disney idol “Hannah Montana”. As she had to appeal to a more adult audience, she’s changing to her tactics to meet her objectives. Good SEO folks understand that. Shifting from doing on-page SEO and link building years ago to a much broader focus on content marketing and social signals, Search professionals and web marketers should evolve their tactics with changing environment to drive strong results. 2. Creating breakthrough content Lets’ face it. Celebs have done a lot of crazy things. It is a pretty tough barrier when you have the likes of Madonna and Britney ahead of you to stand out of the clutter and get people to notice you. These days, we are talking about Miley, aren’t we? Miley has created content that has pushed the envelope and has people viewing it. Similarly, web marketers need to work to create breakthrough content that can separate itself from rest of the clutter to garner shares and views. 3. Sometimes you just use a wrecking ball Ms. Cyrus was apparently in a relationship that needed a wrecking ball. One VMA performance later, the job was done and Miley is single again. She sang “Wrecking Ball”, tears streaming down and the digital world lit up with downloads. Similarly web marketers need to realize that sometimes the website just needs a wrecking ball. It has so many band aids that every project is just another band aid. They should use a complete redesign opportunity to fix everything wrong with the site and make it successful. But there is a difference. As a digital marketer at iQuanti sm quipped, “Good digital marketing is about lot of tweaking while Miley’s game is twerking!” Thank heavens for small mercies. Is there more that marketers can learn from Miley? Share your thoughts with us! Please subscribe to this blog for more interesting updates and follow us @iQuanti sm .

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