3 Reasons Fixed-Price E-Commerce Shipment Means Faster Profit for Transporters on uShip

uShip just recently announced a brand-new fixed-price, at home, white glove delivery service that assists online sellers much better serve purchasers of their big, large inventory.As a family

items transporter, it’s important to understand the significance of this news and how you can utilize it to fill your truck and make more money.Whether you are

own a fleet of 26-foot box trucks, drive a Mercedes sprinter van, or get the job done through your pickup/gooseneck fifth wheel trailer, this chance has your name written all over it.After many months and 12,000 shipments of pilot screening this service, we’re now officially rolling it out to more online sellers, so search for an even greater number of items in requirement of transportation. Here are three key reasons that this effort means much faster revenue for you: Repaired Rate Shipment. The majority of transporters are accustomed to estimating competitively to win service on uShip. While that willcontinue uShip, deliveries in this new e-commerce delivery model are fixed-price format. This takes full advantage of scheduling speed because time is of the essence for online purchasers and sellers. For transporters like you, this means no quoting/bidding and no waiting, just fast scheduling and predictable rates so you can keep your wheels turning.Massive Market. A huge quantity of large-scale items, things like furnishings, antiques, mattresses, treadmills and more, are purchased online

  • today. In reality, it is among the fastest growing sections of the$450 billion U.S. e-commerce market. Now, thanks to uShip, you’re able to use this booming market that’s traditionally been the domain of big fleets or 3PLs. High Service Bar. Just like uShip’s feedback scoring system, sellers’track records are their lifeblood since they deal with extreme competitors from the similarity Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and thousands of other e-commerce merchants. They have no other choice than to fulfill AND exceed their purchasers ‘expectations– this includes perfect delivery. That’s why our online seller partners can set the bar to determine which transporters are qualified to carry their deliveries. Each partner’s qualifications differ, so be sure you represent yourself well through your profile and in-person on tasks, get your devices serviced and prepared to roll, and prevent cancellations if possible.”Online sellers are scrambling for a turnkey logistics solution for bulky items, something Amazon, UPS and FedEx currently struggle to offer,”states Mike Williams
  • , CEO of uShip.”When an e-commerce seller partners with uShip, they get white glove service, foreseeable shipment expenses, and shortened transit times thanks to the across the country network of feedback-rated transporters who build their organisation through our site. “To discover if you can benefit from this brand-new service opportunity, take a look at this article that even more discusses exactly what’s required.The post 3 Reasons Why Fixed-Price E-Commerce Delivery Way Faster Profit for Transporters on uShip appeared first on The uShip Blog site.

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