30 Ways to Grow Your SEO Skills for Free (or Close to It) | JumpFly Digital Marketing Blog

30 Ways to Grow Your SEO Skills for Free (or Close to It) | JumpFly Digital Marketing Blog

SEO continuing education presents an accessible and often no-cost pathway to knowledge for both novices and seasoned professionals in the SEO field. From timely newsletters and insightful podcasts to practical books and comprehensive courses, this curated list provides a broad spectrum of resources for everyone, from beginners to experts. It aims to open doors to further exploration and growth in the dynamic SEO space. Consider this list a starting point, inviting you to delve deeper and enhance your expertise. SEO Newsletters: Your Daily Dose of Insights In the fast-paced world of SEO, keeping current on the latest industry news is critical. Email newsletters are one of the quickest ways to receive new SEO knowledge. They are also a great jumping-off point for exploring further learning opportunities. Here are some top newsletters that offer a mix of the latest news, practical tips, and deep dives into SEO strategies: Search Engine Roundtable : Search Engine Roundtable offers a pivotal newsletter for industry news and search engine updates, led by Barry Schwartz, a distinguished figure in tech publishing and search engine expertise. Search Engine Land : Covering all things search marketing, including SEO and PPC, with an occasional sprinkling of social media and Amazon news, Search Engine Land is one of the longest-running SEO news sites. Search Engine Journal : This newsletter is a daily dose of the latest SEO updates and industry news. It has expert advice, career guidance, and comprehensive how-to guides. Marie Haynes’ Newsletter : Dr. Marie Haynes delivers an in-depth analysis of Google algorithm updates and effective SEO strategies, essential for those seeking to navigate the complexities of SEO confidently. Detailed.com : Beyond SEO basics, this newsletter offers unique research into significant players in the SEO field from Glen Allsopp. #SEOFOMO : Aleyda Solis’s SEOFOMO offers SEO experts and digital marketers a comprehensive roundup of news, tools, resources, and exclusive opportunities, ensuring you stay ahead without the fear of missing out. The SEO MBA: Tom Critchlow’s semi-frequent newsletter caters to SEO professionals, focusing on soft skills, leadership, and career development. Rather than concentrating on technical SEO content, this newsletter is designed to elevate your executive abilities. SEO Notebook : Steve Toth’s weekly newsletter delivers concise, actionable SEO tips, offering practical, hands-on tactics for swift skill enhancement and immediate application. The SEO Riddler : Sara Taher’s weekly newsletter features a detailed long-form article on a specific SEO topic, a particular challenge or puzzle, emphasizing practical execution over broad concepts. WTF is SEO? : Jessie Willms and Shelby Blackley’s Substack newsletter offers tailored insights for publishers and news outlets on mastering SEO, blending advice, interviews, and more on leveraging search in the news industry. SEO Podcasts: Tune Into Expert Advice Tune into these top SEO podcasts for insightful industry news and tips. These podcasts feature a mix of SEO experts, actionable strategies, and the latest trends, making them a rich source of knowledge. Podcasts offer the ultimate convenience for busy professionals; you can easily listen to them on the go, effortlessly fitting into your daily routine, whether you’re commuting, at the gym, or taking a break. Best SEO Podcast : Matt Bertram’s boldly named podcast serves as a one-stop source for the latest SEO trends and best practices, offering weekly expert tips and in-depth analyses on SEO plugins, content strategies, and more. The Search Engine Journal Show : This is the official podcast of Search Engine Journal, hosted by Loren Baker. It features top industry experts and authorities and comprehensively examines search marketing strategies and analysis. Search Off the Record : This podcast from Google’s Search Relations team offers insider insights into the search engine’s workings, discussing launch decisions, ongoing projects, SEO trends, and critical challenges in ranking and indexing for a deep dive into the complexities of Google Search. The SEO Mindset Podcast : Hosted by Tazmin Suleman and Sarah McDowell, this podcast offers SEO professionals actionable personal and career growth strategies, focusing on self-improvement alongside algorithm optimization. It delves into topics like developing positive habits and overcoming the fear of failure to enhance SEO career paths. SEO Pioneers : Shelley Walsh hosts this series documenting the early days of SEO through interviews with industry pioneers, offering unique stories and insightful commentary. The podcast episodes are also available as YouTube videos. The series condenses 25 years of SEO evolution through firsthand stories and experiences from industry leaders. WTSPodcast : Hosted by Isaline Muelhauser and Areej AbuAli, #WTSPodcast is a biweekly show that celebrates women and gender non-conforming individuals in the SEO industry and includes inspiring guest stories, practical career advice, and the latest updates on initiatives and events. SERPs Up Podcast : This weekly podcast offers an unconventional SEO exploration with a blend of trending discussions, expert viewpoints, and “a tinge of fun” for a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. SEO Conferences: Focus on Upleveling Your Skills Attending in-person and virtual conferences allows for direct engagement with industry professionals. From networking to participating in interactive workshops, this is the social way of keeping up with current trends, exploring new tools, and obtaining expert feedback on your work. Conferences often allow for enriching engagement with industry leaders through Q&As and thoughtful keynotes. SEO conferences run the gamut in terms of cost, but some offer free access to these collaborative experiences for professional growth and industry engagement. SMX : Search Marketing Expo, offered by the same media company that produces Search Engine Land, produces two annual, free, virtual conferences — SMX Advanced and SMX Next, as well as in-person master classes (for a fee). SEO Square : SEO Square is unique for offering free access to online, expert-led sessions on key growth areas: SEO and Content. It’s known for actionable, practical advice, providing insights and strategies for tangible business growth. B2B Marketing Expo : The B2B Marketing Expo offers two unique, free-to-attend, in-person events. These expos provide a comprehensive mix of marketing innovations from advertising to content to sales. Across two days, attendees benefit from education masterclasses for marketing professionals and networking with industry leaders, making it an invaluable experience for marketing and SEO professionals. SEO Books: Foundational Guides for Every Marketer Books? It might seem surprising to turn to traditional media for guidance in the digital age; however, books offer foundational insights and strategies that withstand the test of time. They provide in-depth knowledge and context to enhance your understanding and application of SEO principles. Elevate your SEO knowledge with these insightful reads. The Art of SEO : This book is a comprehensive guide from three SEO experts that delves into mastering SEO complexities, including advanced strategies and generative AI applications. It provides perspectives on future search trends, making it a valuable resource for beginners and a detailed reference for seasoned practitioners. The Executive SEO Playbook : Tailored for decision-makers, this book outlines SEO strategies for business growth. From the executive level to newer SEO strategists, this guide advocates for a focus on impactful activities and a unified approach, encouraging all company levels to collaborate on key SEO strategies for broader success. Product-led SEO : This guide focuses on the fundamental principles of SEO, encouraging the creation of custom best practices and the identification of potential pitfalls. This book extends the SEO goals beyond traffic, emphasizing the integration of SEO with product development to boost sales. The SEO Blueprint : Use this book to master a structured approach to SEO, focusing on essential practices such as choosing the right keywords, gaining strategic advantage from competitor analysis, and creating content that resonates with search engines, all while steering clear of common pitfalls and optimizing your site’s structure for the best results. SEO Training: Free SEO Courses & Certifications For those seeking to enhance their SEO expertise through structured learning, consider enrolling in courses and obtaining certifications that offer the latest knowledge, practical strategies, and data-backed methodologies. Browse programs that cover foundational SEO principles to advanced tactics. Opt for courses that conclude with a certification to add a recognized credential to your professional profile, demonstrating your commitment and expertise in the field. Google SEO Starter Guide : Start with Google’s own advice on SEO straight from the source, including tips on how search works, what to focus on, and which SEO advice might be based on myths. Ahrefs’ SEO Training Course : This course offers comprehensive SEO training for beginners, small business owners, and marketing team leaders focused on enhancing search engine rankings and organic traffic, delivered through an easily accessible YouTube playlist. UC Davis SEO Specialization : This Coursera course is for individuals with industry experience. While not free, it is relatively low-cost. It offers a deep dive into SEO strategies and search algorithms, enhancing website content for top search engine rankings, practical digital marketing skills, audience targeting, and aligning SEO with business objectives, culminating in a Capstone Project to apply acquired skills. Semrush On-Page and Technical SEO Course : This course is designed to test your SEO knowledge and deepen your understanding through tailored lessons on using Semrush for technical and on-page SEO, improving site visibility, and crafting strategies for enhanced rankings and user experience. Google Analytics Certification : The Google Analytics Certification equips you with expertise in leveraging Google Analytics 4 for performance reporting. Learn how to configure settings for optimal data collection, utilize advanced reporting tools, and identify crucial metrics to effectively evaluate and refine your marketing strategies. HubSpot SEO Certification Course : HubSpot Academy’s free SEO Certification Course, ideal for all levels of SEO expertise, provides the tools needed to enhance online visibility and effectively track performance with HubSpot and Google Analytics. In SEO, leveraging all the resources you can — from insightful podcasts to comprehensive training and certifications — can keep you ahead of the curve. These tools and resources can enrich your expertise and encourage growth, collaboration, and innovation in this ever-changing field.

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