4 Best Digital Marketing Certification You Should Obtain

Marketing Industry is one of the booming industries across the globe. Professionals in the marketing field are the backbone of the public relations of the firm. 

Though the marketing industry is quite top-notch, its very-well settled. If you are looking for the best marketing profile to boost your career, its better you get the best benefits from the top digital marketing certifications available these days. 
We are providing the list of the best digital marketing courses beneath. Do check them as a reference as soon as possible.

Google Ads has its own brand value in the market, which hard to beat with the new digital marketing institutes. Marketing agencies will shortlist your profile with ease if you have a branded certification that holds value globally. Moreover, hiring best digital marketing professionals would help any organization increase their return on investments.
The digital marketing certificate by Google Ads is an affirmation of your knowledgeable skills about the operationalities of Google Ads. Concepts like campaign setup, management, measurement, keyword optimization and much more are tested to prove that you are eligible to have the renowned certification.
Also, if you wish to achieve a Google digital unlocked certification by Google Ads, you have to be successful in the Google Ads Fundamentals exam and another assessment exam related to the advertisement. Moreover, you have to score above 80% to pass. So, this wouldn’t be an easy assessment.
And the due notice to be paid on the validity of the certifications which are of use till the time the specialized digital the product you have chosen is operational.
Digital Marketing course fees: FREE

Powered by Nanodegree, this digital market course on Udacity is an ideal choice for fresh graduates. This course glorifies the knowledge of digital marketing from scratch with the aim to make the student professionals at the end of the course.
Some of the hot topics included in this course are Social Media, SEO, Display Advertisement, Experiencing the working of Google Analytics, and much more.

Moreover, you can apply for an individual study program under the same course where you can learn the same modules on your pace. The cost obviously will vary and the duration too.
The cost of the Nanodegree course is $999 or Rs. 69,500 while the independent digital marketing course fees amounts to $599 or Rs. 41, 672.

The duration of this course is equal to allotting 10 weeks of study per week and in toto, you can then complete the same in three months effectively. 

Also, you can upgrade from the self-study plan to Nanodegree at any given point of the time during your course.

It emphasizes majorly on Search EngineOptimization (SEO), which is one of the most revered and demanded field in the digital marketing course online by the applicants. 
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It is a holistic course for the students who already have minimal knowledge of behind-the-scenes about SEO and its significance for running successful businesses on virtual platforms.
The contents included in the course are namely the introduction to SEO even if you still have ample knowledge about the fundamentals, advanced techniques, and processes to run successful campaigns through SEO, best knowledge of the content marketing, as well as, the in-depth knowledge about Web Analytics for advanced users and students.
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This digital marketing course is structured around $999 or Rs. 69,500 which encompasses live videos by the instructors. The classes are held online once your account is made and you will get around 15 hours of such videos.

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Also, the users will get an iPad Mini for easy and comfortable learning wherever you go. Moreover, there is no limit to the hours you will take to learn the course as it’s a self-paced learning program.

To be more specific, HubSpot provides the inbound digital marketing course as a specialized field if you are a student who wants to learn the processes of drawing valuable insights and run inbound marketing experiments with your intelligence and creativity.
This course extensively has covered seven modules like creating buyer personas and getting to know the trajectory of a buyer. Such modules focus clearly on the mindset of a targeted buyer. 
Questions like how and why a customer is likely to make a purchase can be explored and worked after successfully learning these modules with sincerity.
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You can get this course from the digital marketing institute of HubSpot, that is, its online academy. Enrollment of this course is fairly easy because the course is free with no hidden charges to be levied on you. 
You will be pleased to receive a digital marketing certificate for this course where you can learn how to pursue your customer while thinking like them at the same time.
Finally, you must check the brochure of different digital marketing institutes online and make a check-list on what you want to learn; at what cost and the time duration. We will be waiting for you to drop your comments below.

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