4 Ways Digital Marketing Helps You Blog A Book – How to Blog a Book

If you want to gain more traffic to your blog and blogged book, you must employ digital marketing tactics. In this guest post, Murris Johnson IV (@NomvoSocial), who has worked in the online marketing industry for over a decade, offers a solid review of your digital marketing options and explains why they are important.

When it comes to bringing in a bigger audience for your blog, it makes sense that you might use advertising. Especially when you have digital content—like blog posts, digital marketing provides a prime way to use advertising to its fullest effect. The strategies for doing so are not too difficult, either, especially when your primary goal is to ensure your site is visible to search engines organically and with paid marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO remains an important consideration for dealings on the internet, since search engines are the way most browsers of the internet find anything. Basic strategy includes organic use of keywords within the title and content body, including alt tags in all graphics including flash, picking strategic tags, and ensuring the website itself is optimized by relying heavily on HTML (since fancier workings may not be visible to search engines), and the site is mobile friendly. The goal is to make the blog as visible as possible so that it can rank high on searches. And speaking of visibility…

Paid Ads Work As Advertised

The difficult part of advertisements is in crafting something effective. Succinct, to the point, and clear is the triad of perfection for an internet ad, but it needs to be eye-catching as well. Deciding where to put an ad is the easy part. Consider what sites have a lot of traffic that would include people of your target audience; depending on the subject of your book that you’ll be blogging. Social media platforms are a good idea as there are so many users and ad algorithms that are designed to target the right audience. Speaking of social media…

Keep a Presence on Social Media

Since social media is one of the prime places to develop visibility and to engage your audience, failing to utilize it cutts off ways readers might find your blog. Some blog readers might only notice there’s a new post if an update on Facebook or Twitter tells them about it. Maintaining multiple platforms allows better control of the online reputation of the blog as well, and more ways to monitor said reputation. Creating a bigger presence allow you to pin interesting related topics or tweet back and forth – engagement draws people in. In fact, it’s also a good idea to bring the engagement one step further.

Posting on Related Forums and Blogs

Visiting similar, more popular blogs is a good idea for getting a glimpse of a successful blog structure or other techniques, like encouraging engagement on the blog. But actually commenting on the blog, and saying something meaningful that could start an actual conversation, provides a great way to bring visitors back. Your comment shouldn’t be specifically self-promoting, but any intelligent conversation you can generate is attractive. Likewise, finding relevant forums and starting intelligent conversations there with some way to link back to the blog – whether through a signature or listing a personal website on the forum profile (or both!) – is equally strategic. It builds reputation and authority, which can result in having people flock to those whom they find interesting or entertaining to read.

With the above reminders stated, these are just a few of the ways that digital marketing can greatly help with letting the world know that you’ve blogged a book.

About the Author

Murris Johnson IV is dedicated to providing as much helpful information on the subject of digital marketing. He had a successful full-time career in this industry since 2003. In over a decade working online, he’s learned that there is no other form of marketing that can put what people are looking for in front of them exactly when they’re looking for it. Visit him at Nomvo.com.

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