5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Abuja – 2024 Edition | IIDE | Portal Map

5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Abuja – 2024 Edition | IIDE | Portal Map

Are you looking for the best digital marketing courses in Abuja? Looks like your search is about to end! We have listed the 5 best digital marketing institutes in Abuja with all the necessary course details you need to know while choosing a course. Over 56% of businesses are investing in digital marketers to carry out digital marketing operations to maximize sales and according to leading experts in the field, 92% of digital marketers use video marketing in their campaign strategies. That’s because 69% of the public prefers learning about a product or service through the use of video. This has been shown to yield higher results compared to traditional forms of advertising. Video marketing is just one such digital marketing trend from many others which are gaining popularity. Quick Links hide Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Course  Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Course To choose the right digital marketing courses in Abuja for you, it’s essential to have answers to the following questions: Does the course have module-specific professors with experience? And if so, which brands have they worked for? Are there any networking opportunities with them? What modules are covered in the course? Is the syllabus AI integrated? Are case studies included in the curriculum to equip you with analytical skills? Does the institute provide 1-on-1 mentoring? Do they offer offline classes? Are there any mandatory internships for practical learning? Does the institute offer placement assistance? You must have noticed that the course fee is not a part of the list of important questions. This is because education should be thought of as an investment, not an expense. Eventually, the benefits of a good education far outweigh the costs, making it a valuable investment in your future. Now that you have all the information handy, let’s dive deeper into the list of the top digital marketing courses in Abuja . Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses In Abuja: Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses In Abuja: Here’s an overview of the top 5 digital marketing courses in Abuja, their duration, and their fee structure. INSTITUTES Duration Fees IIDE – The Digital School 4 Months USD 1,500 BiZmarrow Technologies 6 Months NGN 220,000 Windave Digital Skills Academy – – Olivet Cloud – – Simplilearn 1 Year – 1. IIDE – The Digital School 1. IIDE – The Digital School IIDE is a leading digital marketing institute that offers various Online Digital Marketing Courses in India . Since its inception in 2016, IIDE has trained more than 2,35,000 learners in digital marketing, giving them an opportunity to make a high paying digital marketing career in this competitive industry. Not just college students & fresh graduates, in fact IIDE courses are also highly preferred by working professionals and small business owners who are either looking to upskill or switch their career to digital marketing. So, why do we rank IIDE #1 on the list? Of all the reasons why IIDE stands out, one of the major reasons is the recognition they have earned by the World Education Congress as well as the Indian Education Congress for the “ Best Digital Marketing Institute ” award. They also provide an Offline campus immersion option in Mumbai for their online learners via which the learners can visit the IIDE Campus and have some amount of training and assessment done offline and experience the IIDE culture first-hand. Courses Offered Courses Offered IIDE offers the following online courses in digital marketing: Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM) College Students, Freshers, Small Business Owners, Influencers Preferred by: Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy (PCDMS) Working Professionals, Agency Owners, Freelancers Preferred by: Here’s a brief comparison of both the online courses: Course Benefits Matrix ACDM PCDMS Duration 4 months 6 months Certifications Offered ✅ ✅ Ai Integrated Syllabus ✅ ✅ Placement Assistance ✅ ✅ 1-on-1 Mentoring ✅ ✅ Module Specific Professors ✅ ✅ Case Studies from Harvard Business Review ❌ ✅ Leadership & Agency Skills ❌ ✅ Project Management & Conflict Resolution ❌ ✅ Other Courses Offered by IIDE Other Courses Offered by IIDE Post Graduation in Digital Marketing Preferred by : Fresh Graduates This course is designed by experts in the field who bring years of experience to the table. It might not be recognized as a traditional MBA but offers training & placements equivalent to a master’s program in digital marketing in just 11 months. Furthermore, IIDE offers specialization in two distinct niches – Performance Marketing and Creative Strategy – as an integral part of their program. Syllabus Syllabus Courses Modules Covered Advance & Professional Course Foundation ● Brand Truth: Marketing Fundamentals ● Customer Journey: AIDA Funnel ● Presentation Skills ● Introduction to Agencies & Departments Advance & Professional Course Search Marketing ● Website Basics ● Search Engine Optimisation ● Google Ads ● E-Commerce ● Corporate Soft Skills ● Reporting & Excel Training Advance & Professional Course Social Marketing ● Social Media Organic ● Brand Reputation Management ● Social Media Paid ● Influencer Marketing ● Resume & LinkedIn Profile Building Advance & Professional Course Growth & Analytics ● Lead Generation & Nurturing ● Google Analytics ● Capstone Project ● Interview Preparation ● Mock Interviews Exclusively in Professional Course Planning & Strategy ● Media Planning ● Conversion Rate Optimization ● Customer Relationship Management ● Blogging, AdSense & Affiliate Marketing ● Freelancing Economics & Overview ● Portfolio & Personal Brand Building Exclusively in Professional Course Agency Skills ● Art of Pitching ● Client Servicing ● Campaign Planning ● Project Management ● Harvard Multimedia Case Study ● Leadership & Conflict Resolution Skills ● Masterclass: Economics of Digital Marketing Marketing Tools You’ll Master Marketing Tools You’ll Master A digital marketer’s day includes strategizing & executing those strategies with the help of tools. Mastering tools, both digital marketing & artificial intelligence (AI), that will fasten your progress as a digital marketer, is included in IIDE’s online digital marketing course. Some of the marketing tools IIDE learners will master are: Here’s what students have to say about IIDE: Here’s what students have to say about IIDE: Course Reviews Course Reviews IIDE boasts a remarkable rating of 4.8 on Google , backed by an impressive collection of over 1000+ reviews. The high rating is largely attributed to numerous reviews by the students that praise the mentors, placement assistance, and the course curriculum. Additionally, I also came across numerous Quora answers from IIDE alumni who spoke highly of their experiences and the quality of courses. As of now, I couldn’t find anything negative about them. However, you can dig a little more and check for yourself. Contact Details Contact Details Phone Number: +91 96199 58615 Email ID: [email protected] Website: https://iide.co/online-digital-marketing-course/ 2. Bizmarrow Technologies 2. Bizmarrow Technologies BiZmarrow Technologies is well-known for its ICT and computer training center in Gwarinpa, Abuja, Nigeria. It is one of the best computer training institutes in Abuja, Nigeria because it offers personalized instruction. In addition, they offer one of the best digital marketing courses in Abuja, Nigeria. This course will teach you how to use digital marketing tools to grow any business and will turn you into a complete digital marketer. They offer hands-on training in Digital Marketing Strategies, Digital Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization-SEO Conversion Optimization, Facebook Ads, and many other topics. Course Syllabus Course Syllabus Digital Marketing Overview Content Marketing Social media marketing Link Building Email Marketing Online Advertising ( PPC & PPV) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking factors analysis using Core Web Vitals SEO Copywriting Keyword research and Analysis Competition Analysis Web Analysis using Google Analytics Google my Business and Google plus Mobile SEO Affiliate Marketing Course Course Duration & Fees Course Duration & Fees The cost of a professionally certified course of Advanced digital marketing training which includes all the course material is NGN 220,000, for 6 months. Course Highlights Course Highlights Expert Trainers 24/7 Support Contact Details Contact Details Address: Suite SF5 Anafaraa Plaza 1st Avenue, by MIB plaza and 1212 Polo Club Gwarinpa, Abuja Nigeria Phone: 08088996437, 09096669196 Email: [email protected] Learn From India’s #1 Digital Marketing Institute AI-Based Curriculum Dive in to the future with the latest AI tools Placement at top brands and agencies 3. Windave Digital Skills Academy 3. Windave Digital Skills Academy Windave Digital Skills Academy is a digital education company headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. They offer courses or training to individuals and are always enthusiastic about providing digital skills to their students. They also train businesses by assisting them in getting their business online and provide other benefits such as generating quality leads, increasing sales, and profitability. Their mission is to assist individuals in developing the digital skills required to generate wealth and, ultimately, live a fulfilled life. Course Syllabus Course Syllabus Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Online Advertising Email Marketing WordPress Professional Graphics Design With Canva Building a Professional Online Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analytics Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course Highlights Course Highlights Learn how to engage customers and bring more customers Professional website Email marketing strategy Advanced analytics Affiliate marketing to e-book online course E-commerce Course Duration & Fees Course Duration & Fees To learn about their course fees and duration, kindly use the contact information given below. Contact Details Contact Details Phone: 09053019421 Address: Suite 202, C.W.O Glass House, Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral Area 3, Garki, Abuja. Email: [email protected] 4. Olivet Cloud 4. Olivet Cloud Olivet Cloud Institute (OCI) teaches digital marketing skills and assists students, business owners, and successful businesses in starting or growing their businesses. They provide a variety of courses and have experienced and knowledgeable professional trainers. The main reason for their success is that they provide more popular entity-specific software development and IT/Business Training than their competitors. Course Syllabus Course Syllabus Keyword Research How Google Works Search Engine Factors Search Engine Optimization (SEO) On-Page & Off-Page SEO Meta Tags, Images, Content, Video Links and How to Get Them Introduction to digital marketing How to Create a PPC Campaign Implementing Your PPC Budget Targeting Your Advertising Measuring & Managing Your Campaigns Increasing Website Traffic Using Facebook, Twitter, Video, etc Best Practice Examples & Case Studies Web analytics Social Media Marketing Overview of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, Youtube Building Brand Awareness Using Social Media Course Duration & Fees Course Duration & Fees The duration & the fee details are not available. To learn about their fees, kindly contact the institute using the contact information given below. Courses Highlights Courses Highlights Live sessions Tools based learning Hands-on experience Free workshops Contact Details Contact Details Phone: 08022288492 Address: Plot 2b, Methodist Church Street, Off, Ajanuku Street, Opebi, Ikeja E-mail: [email protected] 5. Simplilearn 5. Simplilearn Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading institutes that have helped over one million professionals, and companies across 150+ countries get trained, acquire certifications, and upskill their employees. They have award-winning online boot camps designed and updated by 2000+ renowned industry and academic experts every year. They offer the course named- Digital Marketing Specialist course. This course gives you some advanced knowledge and a perspective on the eight most important digital marketing domains. Let’s take a snap at the curriculum offered by them. Course Syllabus Course Syllabus Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Marketing PPC Digital Analytics Social Media Marketing (SMM) Mobile Marketing Digital Strategies Advanced Web Analytics Advances SEO Advance Pay Per Click (PPC) Advanced Social Media (with OSCP Voucher) Course Duration & Fees Course Duration & Fees The duration of their digital marketing course is 1 Year. To learn about their fees, kindly contact the institute using the contact information given below. Course Highlights Course Highlights Access to E-learning Content for all the Courses Included in the Learning Path Access to 100+ Live Instructor-Led Online Classes for the Key Course Access to Exclusive Forums Moderated by Faculty and Industry Experts Monthly Mentoring Sessions by Faculty and Industry Experts The Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Certificate Upon Completing the Program Requirements of the Learning Path Earn Your Certificate After Completing the Course Contact Details Contact Details Phone: 1800-212-7688 Additional points to consider Additional points to consider It’s crucial to choose the right digital marketing course that aligns with your career goals and learning preferences. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of points you should consider when selecting a digital marketing course. Finding the Right Learning Mode Finding the Right Learning Mode Consider whether you prefer on-campus learning or are open to online courses. Local institutes may provide the advantage of networking opportunities, while online courses offer flexibility. Balancing Time Commitments Balancing Time Commitments Understanding the course duration and flexibility is vital, especially if you have other commitments like work or studies. Explore whether the course offers options for part-time or self-paced learning. Ensuring Credibility Ensuring Credibility Certification plays a pivotal role in validating the quality and credibility of a digital marketing course. Look for courses that are recognized by industry associations and top brands. Learning from Industry Experts Learning from Industry Experts The expertise of the faculty members can make or break your learning experience. Make sure the trainers have hands-on experience in digital marketing. You can also register for a demo class to get a hint about the teaching methodology. Get in touch with the Alumni Get in touch with the Alumni Before choosing any course, see where the institute’s alumni are, and what are they up to. For this, you can use either Instagram or Linkedin. For e.g: Search for “IIDE” or any institute on LinkedIn > Companies category > Alumni Page Here’s an exampl e 👇 You can use LinkedIn to get a good sense of the institute’s placement record. This information can be very helpful for you when choosing a course. By carefully considering these factors and using tools like LinkedIn to connect with the alumni, you can get a better idea of which course aligns with your career goals As we conclude this blog, I hope it has offered you a clearer understanding of your choices and helped you determine the course that best fits your needs. But, if you need any help, you can schedule an appointment with us to learn more about digital marketing courses. Wishing you all the best for your future and happy learning! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Q. Which is the best place to study Digital Marketing? Q. Which is the best place to study Digital Marketing? The best place to learn digital marketing is the Indian Institute of Digital Education. They offer an online advanced digital marketing course & an MBA-Level Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing. IIDE was awarded as “India’s Best Digital Learning Institute” by the Indian Education Congress and Awards 2020 and by the World Education Congress Awards 2021. The institute is also going global and raising the bar of imparting education all over. Q. What is the Fee for Digital Marketing Courses in Abuja? Q. What is the Fee for Digital Marketing Courses in Abuja? The digital marketing course fees in Abuja on average range between USD 200 to USD 7000. However, the fees vary in different institutes depending on the packages chosen and the duration of the course. IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing course is for USD 971 + Taxes. Q. What is the qualification for digital marketing? Q. What is the qualification for digital marketing? No specific qualification is required to learn digital marketing. One can learn digital marketing anytime one wants to upskill themselves. Although, a basic qualification of Class 12 passing for certification courses and a graduation degree for postgraduate courses is required. Q. Can I learn digital marketing by myself? Q. Can I learn digital marketing by myself? Yes, you can definitely learn digital marketing on your own, but the difference between theoretical and practical knowledge is quite large. Our advice; take a digital marketing course, then launch your career in it. In this way, you will not only gain experience but also get to apply what you have learned during the course. Q. Does digital marketing require coding? Q. Does digital marketing require coding? Digital Marketers do not require coding knowledge or programming skills in digital marketing. A digital marketer with coding skills can be a great resource for a business, but it’s not a necessary skill that a digital marketer needs to have. Q. Is digital marketing in demand? Q. Is digital marketing in demand? According to Linkedin, the industry is growing every year and has the greatest number of job openings. Businesses need digital marketers in fact every business needs digital marketers to attract and retain customers. So of course digital marketing is and always will be in demand.

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