5 Digital Marketing Fundamentals From eHarmony, Think & Urban Airship

eHarmony, Guess and Urban Airship led the conversations at our Los Angeles Digital Engagement Forum on Thursday, on topics varying from leveraging information to boosting loyalty to utilizing information to drive your engagement method. Here are a few of the key takeaways:1)

Take Advantage Of Unique App Functions to Drive Much Deeper Engagement & & Commitment

Think has 5 apps in their portfolio at this time. They utilize the apps to drive customer engagement and loyalty– in addition to discover more about their most valuable clients, said Haseeb Tariq, Mobile Marketing at Guess.Understanding the function your app can uniquely play in your overall consumer engagement strategy is key to getting the most out of it, said Tariq. Throughout app onboarding, Guess asks their consumers specific questions like”who are you shopping for “to much better customize and comprehend that consumer– and apply that understanding to interactions on other channels. They likewise use an app-only service: linking with a Think stylist who offers customized recommendations and recommendations.The app is likewise an effective avenue to growing their loyalty program:

consumers who have taken the additional action of downloading an app are prime prospects for a deeper brand name relationship.2 )Be careful of Tunnel Vision: Planning To Other Industries for Ideas If merchants are only taking a look at other sellers for marketing program concepts, they’re missing out on a big opportunity, stated Tariq. If app engagement is your goal(andit need to be, considered that app churn rates can be brutal) be sure you are routinely taking a long appearance at other apps that share that goal– especiallyworth doing theinformation analysis in the very first location? If your discover that just 1%of your consumers are going to beable to use a particular function or item, will you be prepared to stop using it? Putting data to work for your team is crucial– therefore is looking at data through the lens of actionability.4)Trade What’s Sort of Reliable for What’s The majority of Reliable In the exact same vein, Mandel suggests brands look thoroughly at the opportunity expense of specific consumer engagement methods. Clearly brand names cannot swamp consumers with every message they might send all the time. If a marketing method you’re utilizing isn’t really driving worth for you and your consumers, you have actually got to

be prepared to turn it off in exchange for something that’s better. Doing that is a key part of ensuring you’re handling your consumer engagement strategy holistically– and wanting to experiment and change your technique based on consumer feedback and data. 5 )Predictive Device Learning Tools+Automation =Powerful Combination for Better Results Artificial intelligence is a wonderful tool for digital online marketers, said< a href= https://www.urbanairship.com/blog/author/lisa-orr > Lisa Orr, information scientist with Urban Airship. And it’s even more effective when you combine it with marketing automation tools. Using Urban Airship’s predictive churn solution, online marketers are setting off automated messaging when a user’s churn danger intensifies.

One seller has set an automation that sends a too-good-to-pass-up deal to a user who has moved from medium to high threat of churn, and is seeing significant uplift in client engagement and retention.

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