5 Must Digital Marketing Strategies To Follow In 2019!

Are you tired of not seeing desired results from your digital marketing strategies?  Do you want to increase your website traffic and metrics of your brand website? Are you looking to convert your digital marketing efforts into a high performance ROI driven strategy?

If you have been asking yourself the above questions, you have come to the right article. Millions of brand owners out there are frustrated because of failed digital strategies. They have tried to follow the basics as suggested by their digital agencies, only to find no traffic, no leads, and no sales.

In this article, I’m going to help brand owners transform their websites into high performing assets, which guarantee-

  • High volumes of website traffic
  • Great queries, sales and revenue generation
  • Establish credibility and reputation in the industry
  • Engage present customers and win new clients
  • Contribute massively to personal branding

5 Must Digital Marketing Strategies to follow- The List

1.      Guest Posting-

A few digital marketing strategies are referred to as 360-degree strategies in digital marketing circles. These strategies are holistic, complete and offer a range of benefits and advantages. The best guest posting services can help you-

  1. Get high quality backlinks for your brand website
  2. Redirect significant volume of website traffic from industry related authority websites
  • Build your credibility and reputation over time
  1. Connect and network with industry leaders and influencers in your niche
  2. Improve website metrics and climb the search rankings

By doing guest posting, brands can benefit significantly. However, it is important to work with experts and professionals who have been running guest posting campaigns for a long period. This will help you get maximum returns from your campaigns.

2.      Blogger Outreach-

Have you ever wondered how you can run high performance lead generation campaigns through blogger outreach? Yes, it is possible to run such campaigns by pursuing a robust and high ROI blogger outreach strategy.

By reaching out to and establishing relationships with some of the most authoritative voices in the industry, you will be opening your brand for infinite success. In addition to getting high quality links, you will also see a significant spike in your website traffic. The best part about this traffic is that it is already targeted and filtered.

Long-term relationships with bloggers is essential if you are looking to maximise investments and ROIs. Requesting bloggers to share your sponsored content on their social media platforms, and email newsletter, can help your brand significantly.

3.      Quora Marketing-

If you want your brand to stand out, you will need to follow strategies, which are novel and innovative. With more than 100 million active users, Quora is one of the most effective Q and A platforms in the world. What sets Quora apart, is that you will find audiences who are already looking for solutions to problems.

If you are smart, you will try to blend Quora into a successful Blog oriented Inbound Marketing strategy. Too much of pushing links in Quora answers will collapse your answer. Quora moderation is very strict when it comes to putting artificial links. This is why putting blog links in your Quora answers is a great way to pursue.

Please bear in mind, that if you want to be successful on Quora and Inbound Marketing, your content will have to be of a high quality. To achieve this successfully, you will need to work closely with your content writer and your SEO team.

4.      Explore Direct Sales on Social Media Platforms-

No matter which industry you are a part of, you can explore direct sales from social media. Creative agencies will tell you that this is impossible. That social media is all about engagement and storytelling. While they are not completely wrong, they are also not fully right.

Social media platforms are evolving to help connect users and brands in much more meaningful ways. This means that Instagram and Pinterest marketing (the hottest platforms right now), are integrating shop functions on creative posts.

Users can directly click on the link and get redirected to your e-commerce store. If you do not have an e-commerce store, you can become a reseller on platforms like Amazon, E-Bay and others. Being one of the most dynamic digital domains, social media is becoming a performance driven sales generating medium.

5.      Integrate Chatbots and Reputation Management Software-

In 2019, brands and agencies are looking at new ways of engaging users and building relationships. Chatbots and Messenger bots are emerging as critical components of reaching out to users. Many people who come to your website do not want to fill in a form. Chatbots offer pre-recorder messages that encourage users to fill in their queries.

The point of initial contact, often considered as the most important one in digital marketing, is done through Chatbots and messenger software. In addition, the biggest brands are experimenting with reputation management software. These help identify any negative mentions about the brand in different digital domains.

Brands are engaging with consumers and trying to find optimum solutions in the quickest possible periods. If you are looking to take your digital marketing into the future, please integrate messengers and reputation management software in your brand website.


There are nearly 2 billion websites as of January 2019. The figure is expected to increase two fold in the next couple of years. As more and more brands explore digital for newer avenues, it is important for you to rise above the competition. Following the above strategies will help you reach your digital goals in the quickest possible manner.

If you wish to add value to the article, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below.

Author | Emily Forbes |

An Entrepreneur, Mother & A passionate tech writer in the technology industry!

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