5 things a Digital Marketing Apprentice can do for your Business

The UK’s SMEs are the backbone of the British economy, and they provide the majority of the jobs and tax revenue. They also provide employment for the next generation of the country’s labour force through the National Apprenticeship Scheme. SMEs offer a variety of interesting employment opportunities that enable young people to gain skills and experience, while making a contribution to the company that employs them.
When the Apprenticeship is completed, the employer has the option to keep this member of staff who is already trained and understands their organisational systems, and procedures, the young person is ready and eligible for higher education with the advantage of one years experience over their peers. This makes the Apprenticeship scheme a mutually beneficial process for both the employer and the Apprentice.
In addition to the positive impact that working for an SME can have on an Apprentice, the Apprentice can also make a contribution to the company that has employed them. Like any job it may take a little time to settle in to their new environment, however, once they are settled young people can inject new ideas and innovation especially in the area of technology.
A Digital Marketing Apprentice can help an SME to increase its social media profile in several ways; they can join a Marketing Team or implement the entire social media activity of a smaller organisation.
Here are five tasks that a Digital Marketing Apprentice can perform when working for an SME:

Execute the day-to-day Digital Marketing Campaigns

After you have taken on your Apprentice, you will have a member of staff who is solely dedicated to increasing your organisation’s social media presence. This generates a constant connection and a daily dose of information about your company that will send social media users in the direction of your social media accounts, and ultimately the organisation’s website. Over the duration of an Apprenticeship the extra volume of Internet traffic could create a huge amount of awareness, and more importantly new business opportunities.

Use a variety of Social Media Platforms

You can no longer get way with a just a Facebook, or Twitter account. Now there are a variety of social media platforms, each catering to a different type of audience, at varying times, with a host of interests and activities. The Digital Marketing Apprentice of today grew up using numerous social media platforms every day, with high quality training and guidance, they will learn to coordinate these activities to provide active coverage across your preferred social media channels.

Manage relationships with external agencies

Marketing is the functional word in Digital Marketing Apprentice. Digital Marketing is the evolution of Marketing and this qualification attracts young marketers who are interested in all aspects of the marketing role, some of which do not always take place online. This means that networking and collaboration with external organisations are activities that the Apprentice will savour and take in their stride. Working with professional fundraising organisations can be extremely beneficial for SME and the Digital Marketing Apprentice can be integral to coordinating these activities with the charities social media platforms.

Manage the Company Website

Web development is a learning pathway that your Digital Marketing Apprentice has the opportunity to choose. This training will give them all the skills they need to create and maintain the organisation’s website. In-house control of the website will enable your organisation to make instant updates allowing the organisation to be responsive and make any changes.

Boost your Google Ranking

In a country where the overwhelming majority of people use Google for their Internet searches, a # 1 ranking on Google will certainly help to build brand awareness. As part of their training your Digital Marketing Apprentice will learn several Search Engine Optimisation techniques that will enable them to create a better and more user friendly website. Your company will be able to find new customers and explore new markets with the added exposure that a full-time Digital Marketing Apprentice can generate.
Originally published at www.hunterconsultancy.co.uk .