6 Basic SEO Tips From Digital Marketing Expert

#1 Improving Voice Search: What Is Voice Search Optimization And How Impactful It Is?¶

We have observed that for so many years, the search engine has evolved a lot. Earlier, you would type the queries in the search box, and then Google would provide you a list of results. But now technologies have improved, the way people search have improved and the technologies behind it have improved. The searching techniques have been optimized to the greatest level now. Nowadays, you can see voice search being optimized to help people get the information that is looking for. Voice search has already affected 2021 and it will continue to do so in the year 2022. So being a digital marketer, if you have not yet used voice search, then it is the right time to get it done. According to statistics, the USA population and the Chinese population have already relied on voice search techniques. Within a short span of time, it will be reaching other developed and developing countries as well. You need to follow these steps in order to integrate and optimize your voice search. It is one of the most important SEO tips for digital marketers.

Voice search is dedicated to imparting a great user experience. Thus, you must not ignore the trend of voice search in digital marketing and take the aforementioned measures to improve the voice search experience.

These are the points that you must keep in mind.

#2 Mobile Optimization – This Will Never Go Out Of The Basic SEO Tips¶

Mobile Optimization – Is It Still Relevant?¶

For a decade, people have been using their smartphones for various activities. Smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives. If you want your website to top the SERP, then you must provide a good user experience to your target audience. When the audience is happy with your content and services, they will definitely visit you for the second time. So having a responsive site is a must. If you check out the analysis performed by SEMRUSH, you would notice the important things predicted by them. Almost 75% of the world population will be accessing the website through mobile/smartphones. Moreover, Google keeps bringing new changes in the Mobile-friendly algorithm updates. Keep updated with these changes as they will have a huge impact on the ranking of your website.

#3 Do You Know About The EAT Principle of Google?¶

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These three things are quite essential while getting your website online and publishing content on it. Everyone would come and suggest you have quality content on the website. But what do you mean by quality content? What are the characteristics of quality content? Quality content is quite essential to improve the website ranking. The listed below are the features of quality content:

Simply explained, if your content follows the EAt guidelines, then it is easier for you to rank in Google SERP. Google keeps evolving the algorithm for EAT, so keep yourself updated before you get into any such thing. For instance, you might know about Google Panda. This algorithm of Google is completely designed for checking the authenticity of the content and how well you will be ranking your website based on it. You will be able to eliminate all the websites that make use of the duplicate content and not index them in Google.

Yet another example that judges the quality of content is RankBrain. RankBrain is the Google algorithm that is designed with the support of AI. It finds its application in searching relevant websites based on Google’s algorithm.

The bots or spiders of Google Panda and RankBrain scan all the websites and classify them into perfect categories. High-quality content websites will always give more preference than low-quality content.

Featured Snippets are displayed at the top of the Google SERP. Google bots will choose a third-party website to display the featured snippet. As explained by Ahrefs, if your website is having relevant content and a high ranking, it will be shown on Google SERP. As a digital marketer, you must know about these points to optimize the featured snippet.

While writing content for your website, you must look for formulating questions out of it and then provide answers to those questions. It will help your content to be fetched in featured snippets.

Most of us do not provide any importance to image optimization. But it is quite essential if you want your website to rank higher in the Google SERP. If you check or audit your website in SEMRUSH, you’ll get to know that image optimization is a significant and essential factor that helps in ranking your website. While optimizing the images on the website, ensure that you are not reducing their quality. Apart from that, you should make use of the images that are relevant to the content and do not have any copyright issues. Moreover, to improve the visibility of the website brand name, you can include the images in the sitemap. It will be easier for the search engine bots to crawl and get all the details of it.

The images you use for the content/blog must have a caption and an alt tag. The alt tags are essential for the Google spiders to crawl and index the images. If you use well-optimized images on your website, it will enhance the ranking of your web page and user engagement on the website.

You can use various tools like tiny-png or reduce-image websites to optimize the size of the images and then use them in the website. If your website is designed in WordPress, then you would be numerous plugins for image optimization. It will help you to optimize images to a specific limit.

You might have heard of semantically related keywords that should be used in the website to make it rank higher in Google and other search engines. But do you know what is it? What do you mean by semantically related keywords? These are the type of keywords that basically the interpretation of a word. Although, you use relevant keywords in your website content the use of semantic keywords will have a greater impact on the ranking. How can you formulate LSI keywords for your website? How to use semantically related keywords? Want to know how to select the right Semantic keywords?

You can make use of the comprehensive keyword tool offered by SEMRUSH to generate LSI keywords for your website. If not, Google’s Adwords (Keyword Planner) is also a great tool for getting high-ranking and relevant keywords.

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