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TikTok Ads for B2C

TikTok is a rapidly growing platform in Asia and has high market penetration in countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. TikTok is not available in some countries in Asia though such as Hong Kong.

Currently, TikTok’s advertising reach in Southeast Asia is around 227 million users, many of which are aged between 18 and 30. So if you are looking to target customers in this age range TikTok is a very suitable platform to use particularly if you are promoting products and services in industry like Beauty, Clothing, Fintech, Gaming and Travel.

TikTok has started to provide in-app live streaming which is very powerful for retailers who wish to promote their products. In Asia live streaming is available in Indonesia at the time of writing but is expected to expand to be available in other countries in Asia soon.

On TikTok you can create a Business Account that is a public facing profile where you can add key information about your business. You can also build an eCommerce experience within your TikTok business account where you can sync your product catalogue similar to how you can do this on Facebook and Instagram.

In terms of terms of Ad types available on TikTok, In-feed Ads are the main ad-types that are most suitable to businesses with smaller budgets and there are also other ad types like Top View, Hashtag Challenges and Branded Effect Ads that are aimed at companies who want to generate more brand awareness but these are often more expensive ad types.

TikTok Ads provide target audience options for different demographics similar to Facebook and Instagram and also have similar ad objective categories that ad types are within being, Engagement, Consideration and Action. These different ad categories enable you to include different call to action layouts in your ad creatives, some of which are very interactive which is a key mantra of TikTok’s.

To run a basic In-Feed campaign on TikTok you will need approximately 2,000 USD per month in ad budget to run an effective campaign.

A key consideration if you are thinking about running TikTok ad campaigns is that you need to think about how you are going to produce short video creatives for your ads. Whilst TikTok offers images to be used as ad creatives, videos ads have far more engagement due to the nature of the platform predominantly being video driven. 

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