Abandoned McDonald’s Stuck In The 1980s Astounds With Its Nostalgic Fixtures – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

From its menus to its advertising, service, and even its prices, McDonald’s isn’t shy to innovate or change. So you can imagine people’s surprise as they stumbled upon an abandoned restaurant filled with branding and furniture that belong
in the past.

Urban explorer @triangleofmass, who generally focuses on exploring abandoned or untouched places in the US, brought the nostalgic gem to the world’s attention with a now-viral TikTok video of a McDonald’s with tables, chairs, and equipment from the 1980s, including security cameras, drink machines, and cooking machinery. Not to mention, the pink and blue tables and chairs from the 80s that were likely suppressed in the recollections of many.

The restaurant also contains remnants of the early 2000s, like to-go packaging, Newsweek reports. The uploader of the clip purports that the outlet closed down in 2007.

He has also released a YouTube video documenting more corners of the fast-food joint, revealing the outlet’s abandoned drive-thru, peeling paint, and kitchen.

Like many, the TikToker was astounded to find how well-preserved the place was. “There wasn’t much mold and/or dust all locked inside ’cause… no sunlight [gets] in there,” he tells Newsweek.

He adds, “I honestly thought it was kinda crazy and it had such a retro vibe to it.”

The urban explorer got to know of the long-forgotten branch with the help of local content creator ADHD Urbex, who lives near the McDonald’s.

The location is based in Oregon, but the user wants to keep its exact address a secret for fear of the relics being vandalized. So, for now, relish in this yummy blast to the past.

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