Absolut Vodka Shows People Are ‘Born To Mix’ In Its Largest Campaign In A Decade – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Bloody Mary, Cosmo, and Espresso Martini are among a few drinks personified in Absolut Vodka’s newest and largest campaign in a decade. The world has been stagnant for the last two years with all forms of social interaction being shut down. Yet still, in this time, social movements continue to grow and change our society. Absolut Vodka mixes these sentiments in its newest campaign entitled The World of Absolut Cocktails. Born to Mix.

As life begins to resume, we must adjust to a new world that has evolved over the last couple of years. The pandemic has been a catalyst for change in many ways. The way we mix in society is different now. Social norms have altered as we begin to embrace our individuality. Just as these drinks are wildly different, something inside unifies them all. Absolut looks to embrace the new norms and promote safe environments for people to come together once again.

The versatility of Absolut Vodka is echoed through the advertisement as we follow a multitude of different drinks on a night out. We witness how mixing together, despite differences, can make for a fun time.  

The 30-second version of the ad was narrated by actor Rami Malek and his monologue set the tone for the campaign as he talked of a world that was “exclusive and inclusive” and is stronger when we, as individuals, come together to mingle. As the year goes on, we will also be introduced to new characters as the campaign spreads out globally.

Absolut has always been at the forefront of marketing, finding new and creative ways to capture its audience. This latest installment celebrates the idea of individuality and uniqueness. The campaign would be most welcome by a generation of consumers striving to be themselves and prosper in a world bent on shutting originality down.  



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