Ad Free Facebook – Digital Marketing News 3rd November 2023

Ad Free Facebook – Digital Marketing News 3rd November 2023

Ad Free Meta is hitting the EU

It’s actually happening. Meta users in the EU and EEA will now be able to opt for a paid ad-free experience. For €9.99 a month when purchased on desktop you can stop the ads. 

This sounds like fun but if too many people opt-in, it could cripple the reach of your Meta ads. You’ll only be able to reach people with personalised ads who have opted for the free version. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

When your audience talks about you in a positive way it beats the content you generate yourself. 

Instagram is testing a way that businesses will be able to encourage more of this User Generated Content (UGC). Collaborative carousel posts will prompt your followers to contribute to your carousels.

You remain in control of approving the submissions meaning you could get a host of positive images from your audience to share.

Let’s hope it makes it out of the test phase.

Threads API

APIs are important for publishers, businesses and app developers. Without this vital part of a social network that links them to third-party developers, there is no scheduling, no way to publish consistently except for being on the social network all the time.

It could be argued that no API means more authentic in-the-moment content and that’s something that Instagram boss Adam Mosseri is wrestling. The network needs more engagement and scheduled posts would offer this. But scheduled posts could also ruin the network. 

According to Mossari, they’re working on it but with some reservations. Hopefully, it will be up and running by the time we get Threads in Europe.

It’s frustrating for social media managers and businesses that the Instagram API, which allows third-party tools to handle scheduling content (and more), doesn’t give you all the features you get from posting organically.

But good news, Instagram just added new features to the API that will make some new things possible, including collaboration posting, better insights about your Reels and copyright detection.

New .ing top level domain

Remember when a website could only be a .com? Or maybe a .org or maybe a .ie? 

Now there are top-level domains, that bit after the dot, for almost everything. You can have .dad .school and many many more. But Google just announced a new one. Welcome .ing. Of course, the best ones are already snapped up. Canva has and Adobe has 

But there are many fun opportunities for verb-based domains. You can pre book a domain now (for a tonne of money) or wait to December 5th.

You can now create Instagram reminder ads in Meta Ads Manager. 

These are ads that encourage viewers to set a reminder for an event, a sale, a launch or anything from Instagram posts. You’ve been able to create ads from the Instagram app for these but now, you’ll have all the targeting and creative options that ads manager has to offer. 

You’ll also be able to run them in stories and the feed. This could be very useful with the holiday season approaching

Businesses could soon get more reviews on TikTok. 

A potential new feature spotted by social media expert Ahmed Ghana shows a prompt to review locations you feature in your videos. 

Which could be pretty cool.

#TikTok now prompts users to write reviews of places tagged in their videos

— Ahmed Ghanem (@ahmedghanem)

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